New camera get! - Olympus OMD EM-5

Olympus OMD E-M5 Hello peeps, how are you enjoying your first days of spring?

If you look at the title of this post, you can probably guess how I will enjoy mine.

One of the reasons I stopped blogging for a while was my good ol' Nikon D3000. Lovely camera but I became increasingly dissatisfied with it last year. The Nikon D3000 is the entry of entry level cameras from Nikon which I bought back in 2009. As such it lacks quite a bit of features found in other more contemporary cameras.

Olympus OMD E-M5

Things like live view for example, which would cause some problems once in a while as I would need to contort my body in ways I would rather not to take low or high angle photos.

The newly lovely OMD E-M5 thankfully includes both the option of live view as well a viewfinder giving me the best of both worlds. Although I got to say getting used to an electronic viewfinder is taking me a bit of time.

Other things include better low light and high ISO performance which is great for me. Both of those made my D3000 useless in low light conditions such as inside a restaurant making it very hard to take a nice low noise picture without a tripod. One of the reasons I would much rather use my cute little Lumix LX7. Plus the M5 has a fancy 5-axis stabilization system making taking hand held shots at slow speeds more than feasible neglecting the need for a tripod most of the time.

Olympus OMD E-M5

Another reason I would constantly choose my LX7 was it's size, it really is so cute and tiny, perfect for taking out and about. Sometimes though I wish I could carry my DSLR with me but it's size made it impractical or cumbersome. While not as small the M5 is quite portable even more so with one of the pancake lens available for micro 4/3rds.

Speaking of lenses, I got the M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f2.8 macro. Such a nice lens, it has an equivalent focal length of 120mm, something I find super nice is I don't have to get super close to my figures as I had to with Nikon's 40mm micro that I use. I plan to buy the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 which is a 35mm equivalent lens as my multi purpose prime lens.

Now, why this camera out of all those out there? Allow me to show the reason with this dramatization of a conversation with Fab from Wieselhead.





That's why... I also think it looks pretty.

It's loot time!!!

Alright, lets play a game, can you guess which item cost me the most money? Also, I apologize for the pictures, I put zero effort into them.

I can't believe I got Rei in my hands so long since she was supposed to be released.

Do people still hate Kirino? I heard the last episode made people's opinion of her go up.

Got my Misaka-imouto, number 3345. It seems the coveted MISAKA 10032 was raffled, I find that lame. It would have been more fun if she was shipped with the rest. As for me I wanted MISAKA 9982,  she made a bigger impact than any other Sister. Railgun manga is awesome.

Got a couple of Gift's plushies. Pretty neat they have an internal skeleton of sorts so you can pose them to some extend.

On the console gaming side I got Goldeneye for the Wii. Being curious about it so I bought it when it went on sale.

Also bought Modern Warfare 2, I had denounced this game last year after the rampant cheating and hacking, that seems fixed for now. Plus the main reason I got interested in this game in the fact I can use the same weaponry as the Sisters, namely, the F2000.

On the handheld side got myself Dead or Alive for the 3DS. Nice game if you are a fan or want to see what the series is all about.

Got BlazBlue CS:II, mostly for the extra content since re-balancing aside it's essentially the same as CS on the consoles.

DQ9, lots of people praised this game last year, when it was on sale went and picked it up.

Radiant Historia, collaboration between Tri Ace and Atlus? I'm in. Pretty cool time traveling and battle mechanics.

Got Phantom Brave, a port of a port, released as a budget title by NISA. Has extra content not available on the previous versions, neither of which I own.

Bought Knights in the Nightmare again. Extra content, free game and ridiculous low price was enough to make me buy it twice. Too bad I already own the game I get for free.

I got the first K-On! volume. Boy did KyoAni take some artistic liberties, a testament of their skill I would say.

I was worried about Negima with Del Rey closing doors and Kodansha Comics taking over. Other than a logo change it seems all is up the quality Del Rey was pumping out.

Finally got my hands on a blu ray copy of Summer Wars, been wanting one since I originally saw it. I love this movie, always reminds me a lot of family.

Also got the original Alien movie on blu ray, which was actually a mistake. I wanted Aliens but picked up the wrong movie at the store. I blame the cover it's essentially the same just showing the Alien warrior from Aliens instead of the original.

That's my loot for now, just realized though that I forgot to include my LX5 and Flame Haze Shana from Max Factory.

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orz I think I went a little over board this time...

... I failed horribly at not spending money. Then again it has been a couple of months since my last loot so stuff did pile up.

On the figure side I got a couple of Touhou girls.

Hopefully you still remember Aya's lovely intro with that "special report" of hers. Speaking of which that sequel I had planed is way over due by now.

After hoping to buy her for almost a year I'm overjoyed to finally own Marisa and look forward to taking several pictures featuring her like last time.

Did I mention I'm a pretty big Precure fan? While the original pair is what got me into the franchise and love those two, it's Heartcatch Precure that became my favorite show.

Heartcatch is what you get when someone goes all out when making a Precure show. I mean just look at the transformation sequence, so awesome.

That 100th post I was planning was gonna feature them but alas, a shipping delay threw that out the window. Not bother, I will just make that post in the near future.

There was a sale recently with everybody's "favorite" game retailer and picked up a few titles I wanted for a while for cheap.

Picked up a couple of NISA published RPGS.

I picked up Neptunia based solely in it's premise and pretty characters.

An anthropomorphizing of the current console wars, quirky RPG genre savvy characters, moesome girls, and a boat load of gaming references. Sadly enough this game wont blow anyone away, enjoyable for me but it does have it's share of problems.

Also picked Ar tonelico 3, I heard positive opinions about the series so I thought to give it a try.

Picked Ar tonelico 2, while not necessary I did read playing the previous Ar tonelico games would increase my enjoyment of the third. Still need to get a hold of the first.

Finally managed to find a copy of Yakuza 2, I look forward to playing it so I can finally play Yakuza 3 and 4.

Bought Breakdown an FPS, by Namco, for the original Xbox. There was probably a really interesting reason why I wanted to buy this, that reason escapes me right now.

Lastly, bought Trauma Center Second Opinion, a remake of the original on the DS. I'm hoping the Wii version has a toned difficulty as I was never able to finish the original.

On the hand held side it's all DS titles.

Bought Pokemon White, I wonder why thought. I just don't have the same drive as a kid to finish a Pokemon game anymore. Just Diamond took me four years and over 80 game play hours. Who knows how long Soul Silver will and when will I get to White.

Picked up Atelier Annie pretty much on a comment made by Radiant about it. Starfy a Kirby like platformer I been curious about for a while too.

After Persona 3 and 4 made me an Atlus fan I been wanting to play their more typical RPG experience of which Strange Journey is a perfect example. The game comes bundled in with a soundtrack CD which is pretty nice.

Got myself Sigma Star Saga from the good folks at Wayforward. A unique mix of an RPG and a shmup.

Now that I finally got a job, one of the things that I want to do is to get rid of my fansubs and replace them by their licensed releases where applicable.

To start off I went with the always awesome FLCL, the blu ray looks great.

The best for last, I splurged and bought a 3DS. If you own one and want to do a friend code exchange I would be more than happy.

I would be feeling pretty miserable at the amount of money I spend in a couple of months if it wasn't for the promise of a stable income. Yes, good thing for employment.

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New year, new loot

Not a bad loot to start off this year with. To start off on the figure side I got straight front the front lines in the war against pants Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches.

From the epilogue of chapter of Persona 3: FES comes Metis, Aigis' little sister. I talked about the Persona franchise a bit last year.

Finally there is the well known Asuka in her lovely test type plug suit. While not a big fan of Evangelion I still liked both Asuka and Rei, specially Asuka after her display in the movies with the finale.

Also picked up the figma version of Biri Biri that just so happens comes with a game as an extra. From what I seen the game is a decent fighting game.

On the gaming side I picked up Killer 7 from the eccentric Suda 51, the man responsible of the recent No More Heroes games on the Wii.

I picked up Nier an action RPG that was released last year that has become a cult hit. I been hearing good feedback about the game from various sources so I thought to pick it up when I saw it on sale for a mere $15.

Ghost Trick is a game I had been looking forward for a while, after all it comes from the people responsible for the popular Ace Attorney series. Interesting game play mechanics, full of style and clever dialogue just as the afformentioned Ace Attorney games and I was sold on it.

I talked about the Valkyria Chronicle pins I got as a prize from Radiant already.

The last item is a mouse pad featuring Biri Biri and Kuroko, I must say though, I'm a bit disappointed. This mouse pad is way smaller than I thought it would be and also way thinner than I thought it would be. 1mm, that's how thick it is. Doesn't feel like a mouse pad at all.

There you have it, the first loot to start off 2011's loots.

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Last day of the year, last loot of the year!

I so totally wish Santa had brought me all of this instead of buying it myself. =_=' Lets see the last loot I posted was back in October about two months ago.

First up is some BRS stuff.

To be honest I was actually gonna cancel both these; however, I took too long with the scaled Dead Master and she came in stock. Still, it is a nice looking figure so I don't regret it in the end.

As for the BRS blu-ray I was going to until fellow Twitter comrade Mr. Optic posted a picture of the awesome looking packaging and contents. After all it comes with the blu-ray, dvd, a full storyboad book, an art book, something or other code for the PSP game and the petit nendos. Plus, it's cheaper than your average Japanese anime blu-ray.

On the figure side I also got these couple of S.H.Figuarts, the original Pretty Cure duo.

I talked about Precure not too long ago too.

Got the fourth Haruhi novel, the ever so popular Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. So far this is the novel I liked the most, I attribute that to being the first novel that contained material I hadn't watched in the anime before.

By the way, the movie was a really awesome adaptation of the novel.

Not enough people have been talking about Bakuman, not even with the anime currently airing. I heavily suggest you should check it out, Bakuman is my favorite Shonen Jump series.

Got Negima volume 28, it saddens me Del Rey wont be publishing it anymore but er... Kadokawa's American branch will? Is that right? I hope the new volumes will have the same care that Del Rey puts into their releases, I hope it has the same design too. I will have to wait until April to see how that works out.

If you are not reading Yotsuba yet what are you waiting for, remember same author as Azumanga, also probably the most fulfilling slice of life manga I ever read.

I was planning on getting all these games on Black Friday but only bought one. I got my self the first Uncharted. I got sick and tired of everyone saying how mind blowing awesome Uncharted 2 was last year. So in order to see why I bought the first game planning to pick up the second after I finish it.

Also picked up Gradius V on the PS2, can't say I am fan of the franchise though. I picked this one up since Treasure was involved in it's development and I am a big Treasure fan.

On the Nintendo side I picked up Metroid Other M, shaky storytelling aside mostly everyone liked the gameplay part of it. Once it was on sale on Amazon picked myself a copy.

Picked up the Super Mario Allstars collection for the Wii. Talked a bit about its contents too. A nice item to pick up for all Mario fans.

Finally there is Golden Sun Dark Dawn, I was one of those people waiting seven years for it. The original two Golden Sun on the GBA were my gateway drugs into RPGs, the genre that dominates my game collection nowadays.

That's it for this year.

Happy New Year's, hope to continue blogging for the next year and hope many of you will come back too.

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