Kirito and the Black Swordsman




























Alright, I can finally scratch this off my figure photos todo list.

I actually been sitting on this idea for a while but I figured I would wait for the airing Sword Art Online II to capitalize on the interest in these characters again. Although that's moot point when few people actually visit my blog though.

I have to say, Asuna makes a for a very nice figma, it's in my opinion one of the nicer ones. This might have to do with me really liking her Aincrad design. Speaking of which I think I liked her a lot more in that arc when she wasn't useless and actually one of the most capable fighters in the show.

Also, Berserker armor Guts is so darn awesome, I liked my regular Guts figma but this Berserker armor version is even cooler than that.

With this done, I will go away and reevaluate how I spend way too much time doing silly things like this.

Until next time peeps!

Project Snap_Fig - It's go go time!

Greetings peeps how have you been?

Today I just wanted to give a quick heads up.

A while back I made a post regarding Sakura Doujin's Project Snap_Fig. The idea behind that project was to produce a photo book filled with some nice figure photography and most interestingly also provide some in depth look at how these pictures are taken. This not only includes things like camera settings but also some nice behind the scenes look at what went into producing these pictures.

So, why bring this up again?

That's simple, they have launched their crowd funding campaign in order to make this book a reality. You can head over to Indiegogo to see the crowd funding page and read all about the different tiers of contributions and all the rewards you can get.

As you can see in the sample pictures of the book, my photos of the lovely Misaka's got chosen from my submissions. Furthermore, since this is an Indiegogo campaign even if their goal is not met and you provide a pledge you won't end up empty handed. So if you ever wanted to know how photos like that are produced or you simply want a nice photo book or some of the other perks why not give them a few bucks.

Work space upgrade! A new mouse pad crawling into my desk!

Nyarko Mouse Pad

Hello guys!

Today I wanna give you a quick look at my current work space at home.

Last winter I moved out into my own place so it gave me a chance to have a clean start with a lot of things, one of which was my desk. One of the biggest problems I had at home was lack of space. I collect figures as you all know but I am also and avid gamer and have hundreds of games in my collection and along with the dozens and dozens of figures made things a bit crowded.

That's one the reasons I never bought anime merchandise. It's not that I didn't like memorabilia from the shows that I watched, it's not that I didn't like having posters in my wall I just didn't have the space.

Now though, I have all the space in the world.

Nyarko Mouse Pad

With that said, I figured I would start with something actually practical.

Before, I had a glass desk that has now been replaced with a normal wooden desk. I was afraid the paint would start to strip away from my use of the mouse so I decided I would buy a mouse pad to prevent it.  What better start to buy some anime merchandise than to get one of the staples of otakudom, the boob mouse pad.

I had been mildly interested before but never found one that I liked enough. When I saw Nyarko though, I knew this was the one, this would be my mouse pad. After a couple of months of waiting for its release I finally have it in my possession.

I gotta say I am impressed, it is soft yet firm, it provides the perfect amount cushion... it actually does remind me a lot of real breasts... just a bit less warm.