War Machine's big guns...?

Go, War Machine time to show how bad ass you are.

Also finally a chance to use the War Machine Revoltech I got like half a year ago.

I sure hope you watched Ironman 2 otherwise War Machine's dialogue might seem a bit odd for you. It was ordinarily another character who says it though, so think of War Machine just repeating that stuff.

It's also a chance to use my MISAKA-imouto figma. She is one of my favorites, really nice figma. I also would like to use her a lot considering how much money I paid for her on Mandrake. Let's just say it was more than a figma should ever cost.

I don't really know, isn't it how it's used or something like that?

I also made lots of glowy effects for this so I hope you guys like them.

Finally, a chance to use Kos-Mos as well. I'm sure everyone at some point thought, it would be cool if this one character got turned into a figma, Kos-Mos was that character for me. I was thrilled to bits about it, ever more after Bandai's rather sad attempt at a Kos-Mos action figure.

Kos-Mos sure is a pretty figma, then again that might be biased coming from me.

Oh! She was interesting when she first came out since she had a rather unique really nicely sculpted behind.

I really like MISAKA-imouto, she is really nice and fun. That silly grin of her can be used for many exploitable situations in my opinion.

Here you can see War Machine in all his glory.

I must say though, I don't like this Revoltech that much. The left side is a mess, the leg and arm always fall off, the joints do not go into the body as much as the right side. This causes the left side to be longer than the right making him a bit lopsided.

This little story sure let me use figmas I rarely play with like Miyafuji here.

Unlike last time, this time around it wasn't such a pain to put the striker units in her legs.

Yes, all that nonsense jargon sounding words are real.

exilhero looked it up, it's on the wiki, so it must be true!

I am a Homura-holic so I really, really want to use her for more pictures in the future.

Anyways, who better to show War Machine what real "big guns" are like than the one magical girl army known as Akemi Homura.


You will only really get this last picture if you played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare games before.

For your reference here is a video on the mission in CoD4 where you get to use one. One of the most memorable missions from the game in my opinion.

Alrighty then, hopefully you cracked a smile, or face palm or had some reaction.


A day out

A group of familiar faces, performing a familiar scene.


I always wondered, how does Biri Biri manage to not get hurt when she kicks the vending machine. I mean that has to hurt right?

Due to the recent string of vending machine vandalism the owners hired the Imouto security agency.

Ah slip, I sure hope there is nothing above.

You know it took me some effort to get over the no pants thing on Strike Witches.

"This!" Requires a serious expression apparently.

Alright who didn't see this coming? I mean, it is Miyafuji after all.

Hmm... I wonder if Mikuru is even conscious.

Today is April 1st isn't?

Or the 2nd for some of you anyways. If you were expecting an April fool's post too bad, I'm too lazy to actually come up with one.

Instead I will just do a lazy post with a single picture of Miyafuji sizing up Asuka.

On another note, I'm quite saddened. I had to put away brand new boxed figures into storage in my closet. I really want to display them all, it's not cool having no space.

One more thing of note, not too long I added another item to the menu up on top. A page containing all of my lovely figure stories which amount to a grand total of two. Got several ideas that I want to make in the near future. One of which is for a really special post next time.

New year, new loot

Not a bad loot to start off this year with. To start off on the figure side I got straight front the front lines in the war against pants Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches.

From the epilogue of chapter of Persona 3: FES comes Metis, Aigis' little sister. I talked about the Persona franchise a bit last year.

Finally there is the well known Asuka in her lovely test type plug suit. While not a big fan of Evangelion I still liked both Asuka and Rei, specially Asuka after her display in the movies with the finale.

Also picked up the figma version of Biri Biri that just so happens comes with a game as an extra. From what I seen the game is a decent fighting game.

On the gaming side I picked up Killer 7 from the eccentric Suda 51, the man responsible of the recent No More Heroes games on the Wii.

I picked up Nier an action RPG that was released last year that has become a cult hit. I been hearing good feedback about the game from various sources so I thought to pick it up when I saw it on sale for a mere $15.

Ghost Trick is a game I had been looking forward for a while, after all it comes from the people responsible for the popular Ace Attorney series. Interesting game play mechanics, full of style and clever dialogue just as the afformentioned Ace Attorney games and I was sold on it.

I talked about the Valkyria Chronicle pins I got as a prize from Radiant already.

The last item is a mouse pad featuring Biri Biri and Kuroko, I must say though, I'm a bit disappointed. This mouse pad is way smaller than I thought it would be and also way thinner than I thought it would be. 1mm, that's how thick it is. Doesn't feel like a mouse pad at all.

There you have it, the first loot to start off 2011's loots.

Twitter : )

This time it is short and sweet...

... and not just by one figure like before, but actually shorter.

The last list.

None of the figures I had pre-ordered for November got released in Novemeber with the exception of the scaled Dead Master. Instead they got pushed December, because of that though I ended reconsidering my pre-orders.


Metis is still my list, I like her design and having finished P3P earlier this year left me in a good Persona mood. Metis will be a nice complement to that, although P3P doesn't actually include the epilogue where she is featured.

Miyafuji also got delayed to December, still plan on getting her for sure. I do hope this means a new line of figmas with the 501st girls.


The lovely Asuka got delayed as well, at least now she will come together with Rei. By the way I saw the Mari figma, the cockpit really is an awesome accessory.

I should get both Eva girls together assuming Rei doesn't get delayed. Although seeing as the figmas coming out before Rei got a delay I wouldn't be surprised if she did too.

I complained about it before but do I wish the Index/Railgun figmas were not limited editions. Biri Biri here is secured and will have the honor of being the second most expensive figma I bought.

Sigh... I wonder how MISAKA and Kuroko will rank in that.

While I still haven't pre-ordered Aya I should hurry up, January is around the corner. I been thinking about getting her for a while, I probably should just pre-order her before it ends being more troublesome to buy her.

By the way, the main reason I haven't done so yet is because I plan to get her from Otacute but I still haven't forgotten their debacle with Sakuya.


Come hell or high water there is nothing that will make me drop Kos-Mos from this list. After all a Kos-Mos figma is a dream come true for me.

By the way...

I still haven't gotten Marisa. I gave up and cancelled my Play-Asia order of her. I did not take kindly to waiting seven months for them to get her in stock.

I seen her a few times on Mandrake but the prices are just a bit higher than what I want to pay for her. It seems though as I wont have much say in the matter as the prices have been constant. I will probably just buy the next unopened Marisa I come across Mandrake.

That's that, nothing more say other than Merry Chirstmas or happy whatever it is you celebrate or don't.