Max Factory Tharja

It's been a long time since I played Fire Emblem: Awakening but I did sink over a hundred hours into it, so it is still very memorable to me.

In this turned based, tactical RPG, there exists a system in which units get closer to each other if they fight together; eventually leading to marriage. There also exists a custom character that is supposed to represent yourself in the game. So I did what any sensible person would do and married the creepy stalker. In reality the choice was really hard because Awakening has many beautiful girls, all  which are really sweet in their own ways. Anyway I chose correctly because my in-game wife would eventually get a figure and here it is:

I was supposed to take photos that were closer to a review but I was having too much fun and just took what I wanted.

It may seem I went for Tharja for her looks alone but she's actually really nice and a bit shy in the game, if you ignore the whole dark magic hexes and stalking. No wait that's kinda neat too. She also has a really nice laugh "Fufufu".

You don't really notice at first glance but Tharja has quite a bust. In the game you don't notice either since she's always holding a big grimoire close to her chest. It's not till they mention her "boing-y" parts in a side skit that you realize her assets.

The right hand sucks. She has sausage fingers and the ring that is supposed to go on her finger just kinda hovers on her knuckle.

This figure's all about legs.

10/10 would marry again. (except for the knuckle)

All these poses have left me wanting to see more of her so I'm off look for pictures at gelbooru.

See ya~