Miettechan and ExileHero's blog. Anime figure photos and reviews! Touhou and Video games too!

It was a good run but it's time to break up!

Well, pretty simple me and exilhero are breaking up.

It's back to Otagamer, singular, only one person.

Heck the address for the blog is miettechan.com anyways.

Apparently exihero thinks I'm a prude, sorry for being a person with morals.

I had enough of his whining. I mean, every single time, every single post, for months to no end.  Wanna go post all that fetishistic, perverted crap?

Simple, let you do a better blog prick!

I bet if he made a blog it would be trash.

See, crap just like I thought.

Using the default theme? So lame right? I mean, just look at the theme in this blog! So much prettier!


So, anyone want to partner up?






Edit: Also, yeah, bad April Fool's joke and etc. Move along, move along. By the way, did anyone noticed the header while it was up? :P