Work space upgrade! A new mouse pad crawling into my desk!

Nyarko Mouse Pad

Hello guys!

Today I wanna give you a quick look at my current work space at home.

Last winter I moved out into my own place so it gave me a chance to have a clean start with a lot of things, one of which was my desk. One of the biggest problems I had at home was lack of space. I collect figures as you all know but I am also and avid gamer and have hundreds of games in my collection and along with the dozens and dozens of figures made things a bit crowded.

That's one the reasons I never bought anime merchandise. It's not that I didn't like memorabilia from the shows that I watched, it's not that I didn't like having posters in my wall I just didn't have the space.

Now though, I have all the space in the world.

Nyarko Mouse Pad

With that said, I figured I would start with something actually practical.

Before, I had a glass desk that has now been replaced with a normal wooden desk. I was afraid the paint would start to strip away from my use of the mouse so I decided I would buy a mouse pad to prevent it.  What better start to buy some anime merchandise than to get one of the staples of otakudom, the boob mouse pad.

I had been mildly interested before but never found one that I liked enough. When I saw Nyarko though, I knew this was the one, this would be my mouse pad. After a couple of months of waiting for its release I finally have it in my possession.

I gotta say I am impressed, it is soft yet firm, it provides the perfect amount cushion... it actually does remind me a lot of real breasts... just a bit less warm.

Haruhi teaches Kirino a lesson

Today we're looking at Kirino and Haruhi. Is the title misleading? I almost feel like Sankaku Complex for naming it with such a tricky tittle. But I digress. My last post was supposed to be about Haruhi but it ended up being more about Yotsuba. So this time I wanted to focus a little more on the movie version Haruhi Figma I got. Anyway Enough talk.

Haruhi out of nowhere!

Kirino getting caught up in Haruhi's flow.

Kirino a little unsure of herself.

This is getting good.

Kirino, you're saying no but you're not being very assertive here.

Darn, now we'll never know what happened!

Tsun tsun~

Haruhi is acting like some big shot producer.

Haruhi's all like, "Deal with it, kid". What's with her and the word kid anyway? Also, feel free to just skim through Kirino's rant.

Ouch! That's harsh even for Haruhi.

Such a cliched line. But I like it.

And that's that. Hope you liked it. If you're wondering about the backgrounds, it was a run of the mill day where me and Miette took Figmas around and took pictures. Miette did most of the shooting, since he has the ridiculousness that is the magic camera. The idiotic story is by me. See you next time!

My Workspace

I finally decided to post this, for some odd reason I wasn't feeling like doing so.

Nothing much to say other than Nanoha and Kos-Mos are two of my top 3 favorite girls right now Reimu being the last.

Actually, one thing, the laptop under the DSi is a tablet PC after having owned a netbook and selling it I saw no reason to replace it until this nice little tablet was announced.

I used to have all my figures all over the place until I got my self my "Wall-o-Figures". Now all I have to do is look up from my seat and I get to see all these beauties.

You can take a nice proper look at the whole thing with this picture.

Ah! My lovely chair, I used to continuously buy cheap desk chairs that ended breaking all the time. I finally I bought myself a proper desk chair, so comfy and most importantly to me it reclines.

I actually wanted a picture of me smiling, even more so since the pictures I seen of most comrades they almost seem angry or something. Alas, my friends suggested I used this picture since they seemed pretty adamant at that I decided to do so.

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