So I bought the Denpa Onna Blu-rays...

... and that got me wondering, how many of you my lovely figure loving readers do you actively buy anime?

After all, for a great deal figures they are based on anime shows, or other mediums such as manga or light novels that were adapted to anime.

In my case, I actually do not buy that many official anime releases, mostly because of all other things I do buy such as games and figures which together with my other financial obligations don't leave a lot of money for anime. I end up buying a handful at best every year, when I do is the shows that I really, really enjoyed and would like to revisit. I like the idea of being able to rewatch them on my nice fancy TV which is considerably bigger and has a better picture than my monitor in gorgeous Blu-ray quality.

At least for American releases, I do not mind waiting a bit after the show has come out. After all I already watched them and the reason I want to buy them is because I liked them, I don't think I could simply buy shows blindly. The prices that I can get through Amazon and Rightstuf are low enough that is not a bank breaking investment like in Japan and those two outlets tend to have discounts and sales throughout the year. I don't mind paying a bit higher as with Denpa Onna where I can get nice extras such as both Blu-ray and DVD discs, nicely designed packaging and this book that has episode commentaries, staff interviews and character design drawings.

Plus, besides buying merchandise such as figures this is another nice way to support the industry, indirectly as it might be. Although I do worry how profitable this endeavour might be, I once read an article giving sales numbers which were much, much lower than I would have ever imagined for the American domestic anime market.

I wanna hear about you, do you buy anime? Is it domestic releases or do you go straight for Japanese releases? Do you watch a show because of figures you bought or vice versa, do you buy figures because you watched the show?

PLUM's Touwa Erio - She is falling out of her clothes!!!

Hello, who is up for a look at the walking mountain of moe that is Erio?

This lovely Erio comes from PLUM, a manufacturer that I can't say I have more experience with.

I must say it was a hard choice, having to pick between Koto's and PLUM's Erio since they both came out on the same month.

In the end I chose this one since I could wait on Koto's version and get it from a local shop here in the US. Although now there is Ques Q charming take on her as well, I might just end up with three Erio figures by the end of the year.

This figure was based on an official illustration from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.

Not exactly a 1 to 1 conversion, there are some slight difference with the positioning of some things.

Now, let's go over why this figure is so nice.

First of, Erio has a really pretty face, nice clear bright blue eyes, with an adorable expression.

Given the right angle, that same expression can become sexy and alluring!

Erio showcases her round and plump tushie quite nicely which is covered by her cute pink string panties. String panties are at least 50% cuter and/or sexier than regular panties.

Which seem to be a size too small as they reveal quite a bit of "butt cleavage"...

Erio has always had the pretty long legs going on for her. For those people who somehow keep arriving to the blog looking for sexy long legs, here you go.

Ever since exilhero's Append Miku post, the blog has been getting a few people searching for foot fetish stuff. Good thing that Erio is right up that alley if you ask me.

Although here you can see some of the rough edges the figure has, the toe nails are very badly painted.

Erio always seems to be falling out of her clothes, given the right angles this figure can give you a nice peak.

Alas, every thing that should be covered is, oh Erio you are such a tease <3!

I always loved Erio's long sparkly hair, quite a everyone goes for the matte look instead like PLUM did. Although Ques Q's Erio went with translucent hair, wonder how that will turn out.

PLUM did a good enough job with the different strands, so happy it is not just some big clump. The shading on the hair is not bad either, looks decent. although there is some very noticeable seam lines.

The hair has some literal rough edges as can be seen in the bangs and the back of Erio's hair.

I apparently like Erio quite literally from head to toe, who can't say no to such cuteness?

I'm also quite fond of her personality and character, I find her very charming. This reminds me of something exilehero said once, I apparently have a thing for socially inept girls like Erio.

Must not forget to mention, Erio comes with a simple pink glossy base.

Erio does not actually attach in any way to the base, so she pretty much relies on balance to stay in place. Reminds me of my old Shana actually, she had a base like this.

Besides the hair the figure does have other rough bits such as the ribbon that has this PVC string thins coming out of it.

Erio also got some black spots on her knees and foot that rests on the floor.

I'm not entirely sure but it seems they were made by simply setting the figure down.

Over all I'm quite pleased with this figure, it captures Erio's distinctive features and followed the source material well enough.

This figure is listed as the only work so far by the sculptor on MFC. I have no idea if he or she has worked on other things before but the sculpture itself is well made.

All the rough bits are more along the lines of the manufacturing side, so for that I will blame PLUM.

As my first experience with them it is not wholly negative, for such a big scale like 1/6 I would expect more.

Overall I'm willing to buy more figures from PLUM given they do another character I like in a nice alluring pose like they did with Erio.

As always, hope you enjoyed looking at this figure.

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