New camera get! - Olympus OMD EM-5

Olympus OMD E-M5 Hello peeps, how are you enjoying your first days of spring?

If you look at the title of this post, you can probably guess how I will enjoy mine.

One of the reasons I stopped blogging for a while was my good ol' Nikon D3000. Lovely camera but I became increasingly dissatisfied with it last year. The Nikon D3000 is the entry of entry level cameras from Nikon which I bought back in 2009. As such it lacks quite a bit of features found in other more contemporary cameras.

Olympus OMD E-M5

Things like live view for example, which would cause some problems once in a while as I would need to contort my body in ways I would rather not to take low or high angle photos.

The newly lovely OMD E-M5 thankfully includes both the option of live view as well a viewfinder giving me the best of both worlds. Although I got to say getting used to an electronic viewfinder is taking me a bit of time.

Other things include better low light and high ISO performance which is great for me. Both of those made my D3000 useless in low light conditions such as inside a restaurant making it very hard to take a nice low noise picture without a tripod. One of the reasons I would much rather use my cute little Lumix LX7. Plus the M5 has a fancy 5-axis stabilization system making taking hand held shots at slow speeds more than feasible neglecting the need for a tripod most of the time.

Olympus OMD E-M5

Another reason I would constantly choose my LX7 was it's size, it really is so cute and tiny, perfect for taking out and about. Sometimes though I wish I could carry my DSLR with me but it's size made it impractical or cumbersome. While not as small the M5 is quite portable even more so with one of the pancake lens available for micro 4/3rds.

Speaking of lenses, I got the M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f2.8 macro. Such a nice lens, it has an equivalent focal length of 120mm, something I find super nice is I don't have to get super close to my figures as I had to with Nikon's 40mm micro that I use. I plan to buy the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f1.8 which is a 35mm equivalent lens as my multi purpose prime lens.

Now, why this camera out of all those out there? Allow me to show the reason with this dramatization of a conversation with Fab from Wieselhead.





That's why... I also think it looks pretty.

I got a new toy, yay!

Just a quickie today.

So I upgraded my venerable Lumix LX5 to the next iteration the Lumix LX7.

I use my LX5 way more than my DSLR. For simple snaps for Twitter and other social media, family gatherings, friend gatherings, it simply is my go to camera. I also use it in mostly in low light conditions, inside homes, in restaurants, etc. Plus the LX7 has a new faster F1.4 - 2.3 lens, the sensor swapped from a CCD to a CMOS sensor, upped ISO performance and new easy to use controls for aperture and white balance. It's all too perfect for my needs.

To make it even better Amazon had a sale on Point & Shoots during Black Friday and I had an Amazon gift card allowing to buy the LX7 for essentially half off the regular price, considerably less than what I paid for the LX5.

With this my "imaging armory" now contains my lovely Nikon D3000 with the stock 18-55mm lens, a 40mm micro prime lens, the LX5, a fancy Eye Fi card for easy transfer of pictures to my PC at home, an IR remote and now the LX7. Someday when I'm more willing to drop a few grand for the Nikon 105mm micro prime lens and new DSLR that allows me auto focus non AF-S lenses I will add those to the list as well. I would also like a nice portrait lens for when I take pictures of things that are not figures, like people.

What about you guys, what's on your "imaging armory", what do you want to add to it?

Still in Canada...

So this time our local tour guide took us to the great Canadian wilderness.

Together with Chag and exilehero we made our way to a deep and secretive location within the Toronto High Park. So green, so pretty, so not dry like a desert.

The Toronto Park is filled with many pretty sights. Nature sure is photogenic.

I can see why Chag came here to take those awesome pictures of Alter's latest Saber.

As we made out way through it how I wish I had brought some of my scaled figures. I found perfect spots to use as a backdrop for several of the figures I own.

I also really wished I brought my dollfie Nanoha, so many nice spots that would have made for a really nice photo shoot with her.

So jealous of the people here in Canada, go outside and take pictures.  Since I live in a desert I would kill to have nature this pretty and green near me for most of the year.

Toronto High Park is quite big, I'm surprised such a huge amount of nature is right smack in the middle of a large city.

I hear the park has some cherry blossoms, I wish I could have seen them. I have seen them countless times in anime, manga and photos but never the real thing with my own eyes.

I kinda wish I had come to the Toronto area during the spring or summer. I can't imagine how much prettier everything would have looked.

Nature is fun, walking within it, taking pictures of it, enjoying it with some friends. I had fun during this outing, I look forward to see where else me and exilehero end up going during our long stay here in Canada.

Much like before, if you are around the Toronto area and have free time during the weekends we can meet up and have fun.

Alrighty then, see ya next time!


Why do you have such sexy legs?

Today I'm gonna talk about FREEing's Ookami Ryouko. Incidentally she is the first ever figure that I buy with my own money. By the way the title of this post is a spoof on Grandma, why do you have such big teeth?, or something like that.

Ryouko is from the anime Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, which I believe is a play on Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The anime portrays fables spin offs in modern settings, like little red riding hood, 3 little pigs and the like. I liked the anime well enough but I really liked Ryouko's character design, she's supposed to be the big bad wolf. Though she's not bad at all.

She is made by FREEing, which for the longest time I thought was just a subsidiary under under Good Smile Company, but I believe it's the moniker of the sculptor as well. I've always liked FREEing's stuff. Long before I ever considered buying figures I felt tempted to purchase his work, but I never had the money for it. But now I work!

I really Like royoko's face. I dig her tsurime.  You can really appreciate the sculpting from this angle.

One the biggest appeals of this figure are her very sexy legs. You can also take a peek of her midriff in this shot.

Very detailed boots. Nevemind the ant.

When I received her she came with a little bit of paint transfer on her leg, but I don't mind that much. I really like how her hands are sculpted.

Her pose is very nice. Her back arches in a way that makes it very attractive.

These are the Neko-Neko Knuckles which are essentially taser-boxing gloves. They leave as mark of a cat when you get punched. They also make a nyaa sound when punching.

She has really nice and long hair.

A clearer shot of the midriff.

You can take off the Neko-Neko Knuckles.

The knuckles actually help to counter balance her. Once I took them off she lost some of her stability and tumbled face first into bricks. Her bangs got a little scratched...

Originally I wasn't going to post a panty-shoot because it doesn't really suit Ryouko's character but she was so detailed that I just had to share.

In the end I am pleased with my first figure. I really enjoyed taking photos of it. However I get this feeling that something is missing with scaled figures. I think I've played too much with Miette's Figmas and I miss making the kooky poses. Until next time!

Don't you love it when you get a new toy?

I sure do and I'm super happy I got my hands on a Lumix LX5.

I originally wanted the Lumix LX3; however, back then for some reason there was a high demand for it. It was sold out everywhere and where it wasn't, the price had a mark up, in the end I bought my D3000.

Fast forward to today and there is the Lumix LX5, from reviews the general conclusion was simple. The Lumix LX3 was a favorite, the Lumix LX5 does everything better while adding some changes asked for by the ones who owned the LX3.

The primary reason I bought it, which I failed to show properly in this crappy iPhone picture, was portability.

I like my D3000 but it's a pain to carry around when I'm around and about with friends and family. DSLR's in general are bulky and heavy, the LX5 is much smaller, fits nicely in my pockets, much simpler to use for a quick shot here and there.

The first thing I did when I received it was change the default lens cap for the spiffy self retractable one. Unlike with the LX3 where it had to be forced in, this one neatly screws in into the camera.

Once of the things I like a lot about it are the way the controls are on the camera itself. No need to navigate through menus to change the settings for pictures. I love that you can change the aspect ratio for the photos right on the lens itself.

One thing I don't like though, it's the zoom controls, I'm used to zooming in or out by twisting the lens so the controls on the LX5 feels kinda cheap and unintuitive.

The flash neatly retracts into the body of the camera and stays out of the way. I like that since I don't use the flash at all when I do my figure photography.

Since I failed at properly using the LX5 no comparison pictures with my D3000 or stand alone pictures either. That will have to wait until after I can use it properly out of auto.

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