I really dig robot girls :3 - Alter's Kos-Mos

Kos-Mos, is the one robot girl I dig the most.

After all, no one can simply forget their first robot girl. You can look at my original write up of Kos-Mos from before I even had started this blog.

I'm not really fond of that post, so I decided to make a new one.


Kos-Mos really is one of my top three favorite characters, sadly I only own two figures of her. This initial release and the sexy swimsuit version I featured before.

I really want to pick up at least Alter's V4 release someday.

This is quite an old release almost five years old and one of Alter's first releases as well. This version of Kos-Mos was released in December of 2005 at a 1/8th scale for 4750 yen.

I ended up buying this figure from some random retailer online for a price much higher than that.

I like Kos-Mos' pose in this figure, really dynamic compared to other figures available at the time.

Looking at these pictures of Kos-Mos it's making me go down the memory lane and reminiscing about playing Xenosaga Episode I. Xenosaga together with Golden Sun on the GBA were my gateway drug into RPGs.

I still really like the series of games from Xenosaga, too bad it met a premature end with only three games out of the planned six.

Even though this is an older figure it still up to par as a quality release.

After all this Kos-Mos is still an Alter release, the sculpture, the painting and the details are up to par from what I expect from Alter.

Except for one thing, for some reason the gloves and the garter belt are this ugly brown color instead of the original black as seen in the game.

One thing that really caught my attention was how Kos-Mos' hair was translucent instead of a solid color.

Looking back Alter as well as other figure producers would later use this same approach for future releases of the character.

Taking a look at Kos-Mos face her looks and facial features changed quite a bit in between the first and third entry in Xenosaga.

Another thing that changed as the games progressed was Kos-Mos' bust, it grew as the games progressed.

The base is pretty boring, a featureless white square quite similar to Alter's Nanoha StrikerS figure bases.

Thinking about it, it would have been nice if Kos-Mos' base included a short bio like the Nanoha StrikerS did.

I'm happy I finally let this out of my system. I never felt I did this figure justice plus it being my first PVC figure I always felt I shout re-shoot her.

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Summer = Girls and Swimsuits - Alter's Kos-Mos Swimwear ver.

It's summer in my corner of the world and when I think of summer two things come to mind, the beach and girls in swimsuits.

Sadly for me, there is no beach near me and I don't have a cute female companion to take with me.

I will settle for the next best thing, my favorite fictional girl in a swimsuit, Kos-Mos.

I have to mention that this is my favorite figure in my collection even though it's been almost a year and half since I acquired her.

This 1/6th swimsuit version of Kos-Mos was released last year in January for hefty price, at least at the time to me, of 8,800 yen.

This particular figure introduced to me to a facet of figure collecting, delays. She was originally scheduled for release in the late summer of 2008.

I'm an avid fan of Kos-Mos, she was the first fictional girl to really get my adoration way back in 2003 when I played Xenosaga Episdoe I on the PS2.

I happily played through the trilogy of games, with the last one being released in 2006.

However, I did not get into figure collecting until summer of 2008 meaning I missed on several figure releases of Kos-Mos.

That's why when this version went up for pre-order I didn't miss a beat and she went to become my first pre-ordered figure and at the time the most expensive one as well.

This is an Alter release and it lives up to the expectations one expects from them. The sculpture and painting are spot on, nothing much to say about it.

One thing I love about this figure is the nice curve Kos-Mos body follows in this pose.

The face sculpture is accurate with what Kos-Mos looks like in the games and other media. One detail I loved is the eyes have that camera lens look fitting well with Kos-Mos being an android.

A complaint I have about the face is that due to the length of the hair bangs it's mostly obscured unless looked at from a little bellow her face level.

Much like Alter's first Kos-Mos release her hair is a translucent soft blue and in this case made of soft PVC allowing some degree of movement for it.

I have to mention that in a couple spots, a hair strand in the back and in the ahoge, the paint has chipped leaving a colorless mark on the hair.

Kos-Mos came with only two accessories, a couple of knifes, one that with a an anklet that can be attached to her leg and another stand alone knife.

I actually have no idea where the second should go but it fits nicely in her hands.

I didn't mention it earlier but Kos-Mos is sporting her swimsuit from Xenosaga Episode 3 which is one of the several alternate costumes you can get her in the game.

The details on the swimsuit are pretty nice, so is the design following an Asian motif.

As you can probably agree with me when looking at these pictures Kos-Mos wears it quite well with her body having the right curves for the swimsuit.

I love this figure, like I said before my favorite in my collection. I see no reason why to pass this one, even less for a Kos-Mos or Xenosaga fan.

I took a bunch of more of pictures you can find them all in the flickr set.

Until next time.

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