War Machine's big guns...?

Go, War Machine time to show how bad ass you are.

Also finally a chance to use the War Machine Revoltech I got like half a year ago.

I sure hope you watched Ironman 2 otherwise War Machine's dialogue might seem a bit odd for you. It was ordinarily another character who says it though, so think of War Machine just repeating that stuff.

It's also a chance to use my MISAKA-imouto figma. She is one of my favorites, really nice figma. I also would like to use her a lot considering how much money I paid for her on Mandrake. Let's just say it was more than a figma should ever cost.

I don't really know, isn't it how it's used or something like that?

I also made lots of glowy effects for this so I hope you guys like them.

Finally, a chance to use Kos-Mos as well. I'm sure everyone at some point thought, it would be cool if this one character got turned into a figma, Kos-Mos was that character for me. I was thrilled to bits about it, ever more after Bandai's rather sad attempt at a Kos-Mos action figure.

Kos-Mos sure is a pretty figma, then again that might be biased coming from me.

Oh! She was interesting when she first came out since she had a rather unique really nicely sculpted behind.

I really like MISAKA-imouto, she is really nice and fun. That silly grin of her can be used for many exploitable situations in my opinion.

Here you can see War Machine in all his glory.

I must say though, I don't like this Revoltech that much. The left side is a mess, the leg and arm always fall off, the joints do not go into the body as much as the right side. This causes the left side to be longer than the right making him a bit lopsided.

This little story sure let me use figmas I rarely play with like Miyafuji here.

Unlike last time, this time around it wasn't such a pain to put the striker units in her legs.

Yes, all that nonsense jargon sounding words are real.

exilhero looked it up, it's on the wiki, so it must be true!

I am a Homura-holic so I really, really want to use her for more pictures in the future.

Anyways, who better to show War Machine what real "big guns" are like than the one magical girl army known as Akemi Homura.


You will only really get this last picture if you played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare games before.

For your reference here is a video on the mission in CoD4 where you get to use one. One of the most memorable missions from the game in my opinion.

Alrighty then, hopefully you cracked a smile, or face palm or had some reaction.