Beach Queens Misaka Mikoto and Misaka-imouto - I'm seeing double!

Hey peeps, how are you doing this week?

With the awesome A Certain Scientific Railgun S airing I figured it was the perfect time to look at these two cute looking Misakas from Wave's Beach Queens line.

I actually have had this super lovely and cute Biri Biri for ages now, don't remember for how long. When she was released I never really paid attention to the Beach Queen line at all, always seemed kinda boring and I was dubious of their quality due to their cheap price and the rather small 1/10 scale.

Luckily enough for me this changed when Exilehero got his Cecilia Alcott from Infinite Stratos, thanks to that I was able to finally see one up close. And you know what? They aren't half bad, sure the size is a bit small but not too small, still bigger than a figma and the quality while not perfect is more than what I expected for the price.

However, that still left one problem, I still found most of them boring.

Then this lovely Biri Biri came along and I just found her irresistibly cute! I wasn't the only and she pretty much sold out everywhere fairly fast so I wasn't able to get one. Luckily for me Fab from Wieselhead was parting with his and sold it for me for a fairly low price.

Because Biri Biri was a second hand woman figure I never really felt like doing a whole photoshoot for her, even more so since Fab had already done a wonderful job with her.

This is where Misaka-imouto comes in, when I saw this Beach Queens I was in love with a Misaka once again and an idea hit me.

Sure, don't really feel like snapping pictures of Biri Biri by herself but with her little sister? Sure, I'll go take pictures of them together. With that decided when I was invited by Exilehero to go this park he discovered I figured that would be the perfect chance.

Plus it had just rained the day before, perhaps I could even find some water! This was gonna be perfect!

Alas there was none, it was actually kinda dry, lots of death so to speak... hmm kinda creepy in some parts too. Totally didn't help we were the only two people there...

However, when I saw the loosened soil from the rain I thought it would work for my designs. The texture that it had kinda reminded me of a sandy beach so I went along with that plus in that location there was some nice green stuff around us.

This is actually the same location where Exilehero did his latest photo shoot for the ever so cute Kuroneko, or as he called her, the only reason to watch Oreimo. Poor Kirino and everyone else.

Anyways, I found it quite interesting when looking at his photos how different they ended up from mine, even though we were only a few feet away from each other. This one of the reasons I love figure photography both as a producer and a consumer. Same location, same lighting conditions and yet we ended with quite different looking photos. This is why I find looking at different photos of the same figure from different people fun.

Are you guys enjoying Railgun S? I sure as hell am!

I been waiting since I read the Sisters arc in the manga to see this adapted into anime! Originally I was hesitant at first when it started since revisiting the same arc could end up boring but boy was I wrong.

It started normally enough and then bam! Got super dark and cruel for poor Biri Biri. Surprisingly enough JC Staff has managed to do a very good job about it so far. With the last two episodes of the anime that introduced Misaka-imouto and Accelerator I was super happy with the quality all around. Here I'm hoping they keep the atmosphere going.

I think what has surprised me the most is how good the music has been those episodes. Usually the Raildex stuff goes for the techno-ish side of things. But those ending songs for poor Misaka-imouto's fate and Biri Biri rushing accelerator at the end were great. Then the following episode flashback with one of the Sisters going outside for the first time with the nice piano arrangement was so nice.

I just can't believe JC Staff is doing such a great job, I guess they finally leveled up as a studio!

I look forward to rest of the arc, if JC Staff keeps up like this it should be great. Biri Biri being crushed by the world, Biri Biri blowing things up, this version of the Touma vs Accelerator match. Man so many things to look forward too, no wonder this is my favorite arc in both Index and Railgun so far.

Contrary to what some people say though, I doubt the opening reflects what will happen in the show. JC Staff is probably not gonna make big major changes like that, and will keep events mostly the same. A bit hard for me to comprehend why some people are so worried.

Oh I should mention that I'm very surprised with how well received this set of pictures was in flickr. I never get that many amount of favorites or views for my sets. Now the hard part for me is trying to figure out why people liked them so much so I can apply that to future photo shoots.

Ah, the joys of figure photography, I just love it. Can't really phantom enjoying my figures as much as I do without taking pictures of them. Then again it's probably because I been this sort of stuff for years now.

I shall leave you guys with this very appealing shot of a couple of Misaka tushies. I think I have found out a place where the clone might be better than the original. May be it is the shimapan bottoms but there is just something about Misaka-imouto's tushie that I really, really like.

And on that pervy note, until next time folks.


Cloudy with a chance for Biri Biri - Good Smile Misaka Mikoto

Who is up for some Biri Biri?

Come to think of it, there has been lots of pretty clear blue skies where I live.

Anyways, I noticed I haven't done one of these in a while. Not since I posted about Alter's Yui. To get back into it, I decided to do a short plain vanilla flavored shoot of Good Smile's Misaka Mikoto.

I don't remember seeing anyone talk about this figure besides Fabrice, which I always found odd given Biri Biri's popularity.

This figure came out way back in July of last year and much to my surprise with no delays. Pretty cheap too at 5,800 yen relatively speaking.

When I got my Misaka Mikoto figma and did that little "interview" with her and Aya it got me in a real big Railgun mood.

Speaking of Railgun, to be honest I was not particularly fond of Biri Biri after I watched the Index and Railgun anime shows. I much preferred "Misaka-imouto".

The Railgun manga differs a bit from the anime show, after the "Level Upper" arc the manga and anime go in different directions.

The manga leads into what becomes the "Sisters" arc on the Index anime from Biri  Biri's point of view.

Rumors about certain military clones reach Misaka's ears and upon a question by Kuroko Misaka expresses disgust at the thought of coming face to face with a clone of herself.

Then, she meets one of the Sisters and much to her chagrin what follows is both them spending time as a normal pair of sisters would. Playing together, eating ice cream, drinking tea and fighting over trivial things.

Later that night, Misaka witnesses the gruesome death of the sister she just spend the day with at the hands of Accelerator. Mind you, the Railgun manga is much more bloody than either of the Index and Railgun shows. How much more you ask? Said sister gets dismembered by Accelerator.

Upon witnessing this, Misaka explodes in wrath and assaults Accelerator. Keep in mind that unlike her lover spats with Touma or her previous battles in Railgun where she always held back to some extend this time it was nothing more than a  berserker rage.

Misaka Mikoto wanted Accelerator dead.

If you follow Index in any of its forms you know that fighting Accelerator is a one street to your death most often than not.

Misaka discovered this the hard way, all her attacks that would have shredded anyone else to pieces, not even her rail gun, could even touch Accelerator. When he expresses his disappointment and introduces himself you can feel the sudden fear and powerlessness that Misaka feels.

Misaka's desperate struggle to stop the death of her sisters would later lead to various confrontations against several high leveled espers including the 4th ranked level 5.

After reading the manga, my opinion of Biri Biri changed completely. She is not some idealistic idiot who talks about hopes and dreams like some many other protagonists. She went through so much anguish and pain that so rarely any of this type of characters get put through.

Thanks to the manga, when Misaka's "nightmare" was alluded in Index II it carried much more weight because I got see first hand what this nightmare was.

It was this struggle as presented in the manga that made a really big fan of her.

I do wonder though if the Railgun Sisters arc will ever get animated. After all it is much darker in tone than the Railgun anime. Plus the supporting cast barely makes an appearance, focusing instead solely on Misaka.

Anyways enough about that, if you like Index or Railgun I recommend giving the Railgun manga a read.

As for the figure itself it is a simple figure which explains the lower price. You can change the left arm as you have seen in the pictures where the iron sand sword is removable. My only complaint is the ugly seam line near Biri Biri's hair line.

One thing that I found really cool was the base. It's actually a reproduction of the tokens Biri Biri uses as ammo for her rail gun.

Speaking of which the token on her hand also has this pattern engraved.

You know, Biri Biri has such pretty slim legs. It reminds me of a comment she makes on the manga. Due to her lack of other assets, she considers her legs to be her pride as a woman.

Anyways, that's that, I just wanted to talk about Biri Biri and this figure a bit and hopefully to get more people to read the manga.

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A Certain Scientific Teleporter - Kotobukiya's Shirai Kuroko

Today after a failed attempt at an Aigis photo shoot I decided instead to do one for a certain Biri Biri obsessed teleporter.

I didn't want to do a photo shoot until I got Misaka but when she went on sale she was sold out before I could say Onee-sama.

First things first, I shall introduce Kuroko to those that haven't watched/read To Aru Majutsu no Index and it's spin off To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Kuroko is an esper resident of Academy City, a place where people with psychic abilities come to learn how to improve  and control them. Espers are ranked from levels 1 to 5 with Kuroko ranking at level 4.

She is also part of the student public moral committee known as Judgement whose job is to pretty much catch other students misusing their powers.

Kuroko was released by Kotobukiya during this past Spring. She is a 1/8 scaled PVC figure and retailed around 6000 yen. I got mine from Hobby Search for 5700 yen.

What originally attracted me to this figure was the dynamic pose. I hadn't seen that many figures with poses so full of movement back then.

After reading the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun manga, and having seen her character expanded more I became a fan. With that I new I had to get my hands on her along with Biri Biri.

I'm quite pleased with this figure, I had heard some criticism for Kotobukiya releases but Kuroko seemed well made to me.

I'm content with the painting and amount of details, details such as her Judgement armband and her weapons.

Another detail I like that was included as To Aru Kagaku no Railgun viewers know are Kuroko's fancy pantsu and her weapon hostlers.

The school bag has sufficient amount of detail and is removable from Kuroko's hand.

I think the base is pretty cool, instead of it just being some circle or square it's this neat diorama type base. Kuroko is attached to the base with a nice long peg on her left leg.

So far I have seen no indication of leaning in the time I have had her in display.

The skirt is removable allowing an easy look at Kuroko's fancy pantsu.

She is so far my only scaled figure that has some sort of cast off.

Over all I'm pleased with this figure, I love the dynamic pose, the quality is up to par, and I believe this to be an accurate representation of the character.

The only thing left is get Biri Biri to complete the set.