Good Smile Company Arsene - Sexy Dominatrix

Toys: The miracle buds that swell from the hearts of the chosen. Some flowers are born pure, while others bloom laced with poison. The age of detectives. These two flowers wage a war to see which is the most beautiful: the great detectives or the gentleman thieves. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes!

Arsene is from Milky Holmes as I've already said. She is the a Gentleman Thief and is the main antagonist to the idiot detective quartet that is Milky Holmes. She is probably the only competent person in the show and tends to get angry at everyone else for being such fools. She has a dominatix feel about her, you can tell by her outfit. "Kiss the ground beneath my feet like the worm you are". She is definetly a bloom laced with poison.

When I saw that they were making an Arsene figure I just had to get her. The promo pictures looked great and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to push Milky Holmes on to people :D. This is the first Good Smile Company scaled figure I've gotten and I’m quite pleased.

Here you can see her pretty face and hair. For some reason she wears a ridiculously small crown that I had not noticed before getting the figure. It’s a hairband with the tiny crown attached, very practical! Her hair is also very nice, notice the abundance of curls and drill. I like hair drills, they give an air of refinement, or nobility even.

Arsene has two great assets and she’s not afraid to put them to good use. Even in the anime they make a lot of boing boing jokes. She is pushing them up slightly with her elbow glove toting arm. This is one of her best points!

Another delicious point is her navel. It has that vertical line along the abdomen thing that I find very sexy. Her sexy abs are complimented with the crisscrossing laces that continue with the dominatrix theme.

I don't know what the buckles are for, but this outfit is pretty outrageous. I was kinda disapointed with the left hand though. In some promo pics it shows her clearly digging into her stocking and that was one of the best and sexiest details, but on my Arsene the fingers kinda stick out.

Nevertheless Arsene still oozes with sexy appeal.

Thigh highs are the best!

Simple, sturdy base.

And of course, you can take the mask off to reveal her beautiful purple eyes. Though this doesn't really happen in the anime. The type mask has this specific name but it escapes me. To take it off it works much like a Figma, you take off her fringe, I almost expected the face to be swapable, but alas.

She comes with a second mask without pegs for her to wield.

Arsene is pretty much made of sexy appeal. There's so much going on with her, yet she still remains classy, you know, being a Gentleman Thief and all. Milky Holmes is great and you should watch it. I know people just can't take it seriously but it's not meant to be!

Till next time!