Alter Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. - Lolis in bikinis are a staple of summer!

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver. Sup guys and gals! How are the hot summer days treating you all?

Everybody enjoying their summer breaks or the hot daily grind at work? Thanks to the opportunity given by the 4th of July holiday I was able to spend some time with my family at the pool and take a nice cool break from work.

Given that I have my priorities straight, I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the always delicious loli Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. by Alter by the poolside.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver. Don't you guys love your swimsuit figures? The staple of figure collecting, everyone from the high rollers like Good Smile Company and Alter to prize figures from Sega and Banpresto just loves to get their hands on the swimsuit figure pie.

Perhaps it is their readily availability but it seems to me people tend to look down on them a bit. A perfect example of that would be when I mentioned that I bought this figure on sale on Twitter. I was all happy that I paid less than half the original retail price, yet someone mentioned that it was just a swimsuit figure. Almost as if just by being a swimsuit figure that made it be worth less.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

That got me wondering, a swimsuit figure it might be but I don’t believe that necessarily translates to them being easier to manufacture or sculpt. All the steps should be the same regardless of figure or company. It’s usually how much manufacturers are willing to spend on things like quality control and attention to detail that makes a difference in my opinion.

What about you guys, what are your thoughts on the prolific category of swimsuit figures?

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

That aside, I’m a big Nanoha fanboy especially in her loli form, I really, really like her “blood knight” tendencies which seems to have mellowed out a bit as she grew older. I miss the days when Nanoha would go “befriending” people left and right. Hopefully that third original movie has more of that.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

My love for loli Nanoha is probably as a result of the big impact A’s, the second season, made on me when I watched it all in one day. So good!!! I’m so happy the second movie just turned everything about that season up to eleven especially when you compare the fights.

Amazing how much an animation studio can level up in about a decade!

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

After watching the second movie I was reminded how much I enjoy Nanoha and how much I love her character. Luckily for me it seems figure manufacturers also remembered how much people liked the franchise so they released a few figures to match up. This presented me with a nice opportunity to pick more Nanoha figures.

Around the same time both Gift and Alter released what is essentially the same figure with just a few scales of difference in between. For the sake of my own amusement I ended opting for Gift’s version, the idea of a giant 1/4th loli figure in a swimsuit sounded really silly and fun.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

However, as time went on the proportions of that figure kept bothering more and more and became a bit disinterested in it. The more I looked at it the more I keep thinking that Nanoha’s head is too big in proportion to the rest of her body.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Fast forward to a very opportunistic sale by good ol’ Hobby Link Japan and I ended acquiring Alter’s version for about 3500 yen or so. AmiAmi also had her for a sale for a couple hundred yen more but I ended up missing out on that. I’m guessing this Nanoha by Alter wasn’t all that popular?

That’s ok with me though, thanks to that I get to own both my giant loli and the smaller version.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

This is my second Nanoha in a swimsuit by way of Alter, a couple of years ago I got to take photos of the super sexy Nanoha Summer Holiday ver. I like adult Nanoha, amazing at how she ended up filling up in all the right places. Plus at her current official age she just happens to be the right age for me. ;D

With a pretty adult Nanoha wearing a very nice and attractive swimsuit already in my possession I thought that getting a cute loli Nanoha wearing a lovely swimsuit from Alter would make a for a nice complement.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Cute and lovely she is indeed. Just look at her! I like the pose that was chosen for the figure, Nanoha looks like she is having tons of fun frolicking about. Makes me a bit jealous, since I am fair skinned I just burn if I go to the pool or beach. Also, don’t forget… people don’t float…

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

One aspect that I find interesting is the color of her swimsuit, pink with red accents. I’m so used to seeing Nanoha in her signature colors of blue, white and pink that I found this very odd. Perhaps the color scheme is harking to Nanoha’s blood thirsty “White Devil” persona? Nah, probably not.

Regardless the swimsuit looks the part with its nice shade of pink and the red frills, nothing too outrageous or out of the norm. Aside from being a two piece showing a lot of skin perfect for a nice young girl like Nanoha.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Speaking of showing a lot of delicious loli soft looking skin Alter did their part to make sure that was as appealing as possible. Just look at that smooth tummy, kinda makes me want to play with it like in that one scene from Hentai Ouji.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

If you continue down you can see Nanoha’s supple thighs, they are so slim and appealing. Plus knowing how plump and soft they will become when she is older just makes it all that greater.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Once you go around the around Nanoha you can see her nice sexy back, Alter added just enough detail to make out her shoulder blades and show the curve of her body adding that bit of realism that makes figures pop.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

As you make your way down you of course encounter Nanoha’s irresistible tushie along with some nice plumpness from a nice bit of baby fat. The frills on the swimsuit bottoms help accentuated Nanoha’s hips nicely. I do wonder though, what goes through the sculptor’s head when they go about spending hours and hours working on areas like these.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Lastly you can’t forget the number one aspect of a loli, her delicious flat chest. Alter of course with all their figure making prowess made sure it is delicious indeed. The frills on Nanoha’s swimsuit top help to a nice bit of volume and detail.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

One detail I liked about this swimsuit top was the nice bow tying it in place at Nanoha’s neck. Usually things like this tend to look a bit rough due to their size, the same thing goes for Raising Heart she looks pretty good for the small size.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

An interesting tidbit about this figure has to be the floating ring that comes with Nanoha. Typically accessories like these tend to merely look the part and if you touch them they are merely pieces of plastic as one would expect. Not this time said Alter, the ring is actually made of a nice soft rubber, if you push it with a bit of force it flexes, really giving it that extra sense of realism to it.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Although it does feel a lot denser I suppose due to being filled with rubber rather than air. The floating ring does a good job of keeping in place as it has a few groves matching Nanohas’s accessories on her left wrist to help it keep in place and not roll about.

Accessories that stay in place are great if you ask me, especially if you take the figure outdoors like I did.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

I like this rendition of Nanoha quite a bit. I think it looks well and gives a nice pleasant energetic vibe. Together with Alter’s adult version I think I am set as far as having figures of Nanoha in a swimsuit.

Plus with this photo shoot of Nanoha I finally got to do something I always wanted, take some photos by the pool side of a swimsuit figure. Although I do admit they are quite simple but I do like them quite a bit. It’s nice not having to worry about making props or setting up lighting.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Well then peeps, I hope you enjoy what’s left of summer. I’m sure I will, if it’s not too hot anyways otherwise the indoor world of AC is enough for me. :P

Pre-order list: the I'm super glad the world didn't end edition!

DonationCropIf the world totally ended last year that would mean that I would never get any of the cool stuff that I have on my pre-order list. Now that it is 2013 and it has been more than six months since the last pre-order list is time to see what the new year has ahead for me.


First up is my beloved Nanoha, she is the one character I have the most figures of. A trend that I will probably mention more than once with this list is how for a great deal of the figures listed pretty much every single one has been delayed. Nanoha is one such case originally this figma was to be released in December but now it ended being delayed twice to this month.

That aside, yay more Nanoha figma goodness! Although I do question why I decided to buy this figma, I mean it is like 99% the same as the movie version that I already own. I do suppose a great deal of my desire is that she comes from the movie adaptation of A's arguably the best Nanoha show and my favorite.

If you get Nanoha you totally need to get Fate too!

I was never a fan of how Fate looked in the original show or the movie; however, her updated look in A's and now the second movie is more up my alley. I already received the Sonic Form version figma and now wait for Fate's regular form. I do find it kinda odd getting the alternate form before this one though but like I mentioned before delays! Oh so massive delays!

I'm super glad that I am an Aigis fan, if I was bigger fan of any of the other girls from Persona 3 I would so be getting the short end of the stick. I don't know why but figure manufactures sure love making figures of Aigis. I'm glad they do because I was able to get awesome figures like the ART WORKS ver. I reviewed before. Heck just with Max factory alone this will be the third figma they do of Aigis after her Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES looks.

Since she looks as how she appears in Persona 4 Arena I totally hope she is in scale with Yukiko and Chie because the previous two Aigis figmas totally weren't!


First up for March is a figure that most people are probably really familiar with, Yagyu Jubei from Hyakka Ryouran.

I admit I have yet to go past the first episode of the show but I always been a fan of the visual design of the characters and the show itself. Orignally when this figure was released I simply did not have enough moneys to get her at the time. When Alter did a release my indecisiveness led to the figure being sold out even if she was available for a while. Now the third time around I pre-ordered her immediately!

Although due to a changing financial situation I will most likely end up cancelling her.

Now say what you may about Infinite Stratos as a show but I found the girls to be very darn appealing. This is one of those situations where my favorite figure manufacturer, Alter, makes a figure of my favorite girl from a show, Laura, in a costume I really like, maid uniform.

When Laura first went up for reservations a lot of people complained about her price, including my figure blogging friends. Although a bit higher than usual it is Alter, they will deliver no doubt, and Laura comes with a variety of display options. Then again this could be my bias talking.

Again with like Yubei I might cancel Laura even with as much as I like her, she is simply the most expensive scaled figure in my pre-order list. However, if the USD/Yen ration continues as it is I might reconsider and still get her.

You know what I hate? Exclusive figures. You know what I hate about exclusive figures? Paying a mark up to a middleman to get one. You know what I hate about committing to buy with a said middleman? Not being able to cancel without a fee.

Which is what I would have done if I didn't get charged 15% of the cost of the figure and a permanent ban from the store, geez! After I ordered Tenshi she was promptly listed for a cheaper price on the Good Smile Web shop.

Alas, nothing I can do now but that's ok because this is a very pretty figure! I really liked GSC's previous Tenshi and I find this one even more appealing. It really plays on Tenshi's angel imagery much more than the other figure and for some reason the dress is castoffable.

I just hope the wings are not a pain in the ass like before.

I don't particularly like Madoka all that much so I was not crazy and/or stupid enough to go out and buy GSC's scaled figure. However, a figma of Madokami? That I am willing to buy, after all I already own all the previously released Madoka figmas and would like to complete the set.

One thing worries me about this figma though, her skirt. I get the feeling nice dynamic poses with Madokami wont be something that will be able to be done.

The figma line has been very nice to me over the years. Several times I thought to myself, I sure wish this one character got a figma, and you know what? Several times it has happened, Henrietta is one such case. Why now so long after the anime aired I have no idea but I am glad it happened.

When I first started actively watching anime Gunslinger Girls was one of the shows that had the most impact on me, Henrietta was the same. I talked about that a bit when I did my photo shoot of GSC's Henrietta. As such, I'm super happy she is getting a figma, even if she got delayed by two months. Plus this figma will fulfill another of my figma wishes, a figma sized P90, I love that gun!

After I got my orignal Guts figma I thought to myself, man it would be really awesome if Max Factory did a Berserker Armor Guts. Then it happened...

This figma is actually bundled with the upcoming volume of the Berserk manga, which is pretty cool. I'm also glad I was for once camping AmiAmi to pre-order it as it quickly became sold out not only there but essentially everywhere in matter of hours.


I have found all the Madoka scaled figures pretty darn boring, the ones that I did like where usually garage kits. One time I saw one such garage kit in a Japanese blog I follow and lamented that it was one.

Luckily enough for me Gift came to the rescue and decided to make a figure of that garage kit. This figure is not everyone's cup of tea, much like Gift's Sabers, it is a stylistic affair different from the normal. As for me, I love it, it wouldn't be the first time I bought a Gift figure where the style of the face was a big issue with people.  While this will probably scratch my scaled Homura figure itch I do still wish GSC or Alter would do one of her as she appears in the epilogue with the witch like wings.

I really don't care much for Beach Queen figures but I will admit that individually some of them are quite nice such as Exilehero's Cecilia. I actually own the BQ rendition of Biri Biri in her frilly swimsuit and as such getting Misaka-imouto to complement her seems like a good plan to me. I don't know why though but I find something about this figure so appealing, so very Misaka-imouto like.

Although, she might be one of the figures I cancel but even then since she is a BQ getting her later shouldn't be too hard or expensive.

Next up is the self proclaimed student council president from Persona 4 Arena. You know, there is something about the way Shigenori Soejima designs his robot girls. They are a very nice mix of robot and girl not too much or too little of either.

He really is one of my favorite character designers lately and as a fan of the Persona series and Persona 4 Arena getting Labrys seems like a must for me. It does suck though that she was originally scheduled for this month but now I gotta wait an extra two months for her.

Mami, everyone's lovable headless sempai! Because of her I decided to go and collect the uniform versions of the Madoka girls. Mami ended up being a regular release after Madoka and Homura where exclusives making it easier to complete the set.

One of the things I like about characters getting more than one figma is that this result in a greater degree of playability due to more expressions and accessories. Finally people will be getting their tea cup, which apparently was a very big omission on the original since people kept complaining about it.

Pretty obvious right? Of course I'm getting Sayaka too. One of my disappointments with figma Sayaka is that no crazy face was included. Sadly neither does the uniform version but it makes up for it for that stupid smirk of hers, I really like that expression. Plus she comes with a surprised expression so now she can be aghast at the situation together with Madoka.

Now all that is left is for Kyouko to be announced, although I do wonder if she will get her casual clothes or a uniform.

Did I ever mention I am a really big Precure fan? No? Well, I am!!!

You wanna know how much? According to my newly created MAL profile, feel free to add me, I have watched 348 episodes and eight movies and spend nearly 100 days of my life doing so. Mind you I'm still missing two of the shows and accompanying movies since they have yet to be fully subbed.

Among those Heartcatch is my highest rated Precure show with a score of 10, masterpiece. So if there is one Precure show to watch it is that one, even the most critical of anime fans will agree.

Bandai went and released figuarts of the girls which I bought as I shown you all before in some of my photo stories. Then Bandai went and released the powered up versions as exclusives which I bought as well with only Cure Moonlight here being left.


Did you guys watch Sword Art Online? Best 14 episode show I watched last year!

I really liked how SAO actually felt like a real MMO, unlike say .hack where The World really is more like a straight up RPG than an MMO. I saw some people complaining about how the figma didn't really look like Kirito. I think he looks just fine though, pretty much how he did in the promotional material.

Originally I wasn't planning on getting Kirito, not a big fan of him, but that changed because...


... I really liked how figma Asuna looks! That pouting face of hers totally sold me plus I think the sword art skill effect is pretty neat too.

Yup, this figma realy showcases how nice Asuna was in that 14 episode anime. A capable fighter who would solve murder mysteries, kill the guy attempting to murder her boyfriend and she even cooked delicious virtual meals! Definitively much better than some damsel in distress that ends up locked in a cage like a bird just waiting for an invincible Gary Sue hero to rescue her.

I should really stop being obsessive about getting sets now that I think about it.

Fall 2013

I'm also getting another Dollfie... sigh...

I always told myself I will never buy another Dollfie, that's just silly. Even when my favorite Reimu got a Dollfie I did not buy her, not even when I got a job and had lots of disposable income. I don't have the space for another one, I barely even take pictures of Nanoha I told myself.

Then Volks dropped a bomb on me. They made a Dollfie of my all time favorite character, even more so than Reimu. Only reason I don't own more Kos-Mos stuff is because it's so darn expensive to buy it on the second hand market like Alter's V4 Kos-Mos or Volks 1/4th version for example.

In addition to that for once Volks produced a face sculpt that actually looks like the character, this Kos-Mos dollfie looks just like she did in Xenosaga Episode III.

With all that said I'm so getting another Dollfie. I look forward to it, I always liked fan art putting Kos-Mos in casual clothing and stuff like school uniforms. I also was curious about a Dollfie with a bigger bust but never felt the need or desire to get one for Nanoha. Although I will probably leave Kos-Mos as is and not change her wig or eyes.



This list has much more stuff than I would like, then again for a good chunk of it I should have already gotten it by now or by this month. Sigh... why did GSC have to go and change factories and why did Alter accept their offer to go along too?

Wonfes should also be going around the time this post is published I wonder what we will see there. Honestly, I been pretty uninterested in the latest scaled figure releases and reservations with a handful of exceptions and there hasn't been a show or game where I really wish I could get a figure of character in a while either.

With that this list is done, until next time peeps!

Why yes, I do still own a Dollfie Dream!

Let's take a trip down the memory lane.

Back in 2009 I went and bought myself the nice Takamachi Nanoha Dollfie Dream from Volks with the income of my first job. Back then it was in the middle of the Dollfie dream craze with people buying Dollfies left and right. I was originally interested after seeing the Suzumiya Haruhi Dollfie at Sankaku Complex of all places but never gave the idea of buying one much thought.

After all as anyone that owns or wants to buy one knows, Dollfies are very expensive generally speaking. This is more apparent if you want a licensed character or worse yet a Dollfie that has already been released. Alas Volks released a Dollfie of the one character I would buy, Nanoha. Sadly enough that list has increased by another couple thanks to Reimu and Cirno, at the very least I'm not crazy enough to take the plunge to buy more than one Dollfie.

One big reason besides price is that to buy a Dollfie of a licensed character it might take some hoops and loops like the Volks lottery, second hand markets and proxys. Oddly enough, for Nanoha I was able to buy her directly from the American Volks store that probably helped in my decision to purchase her in the end.

After I got her I was happy, I did a few posts such as her introduction from when I still frequented and did a couple of photo shots to show off a few outfits. After which I proceeded to do nothing, the last time I really featured Nanoha was two years ago.

Since then I have found a wig and a pair of eyes that I am happy with, now I have a look and feel that I am very happy with. This is something that held me back from taking pictures since I wasn't happy with how Nanoha looked.

I think one of the biggest draws of Dollfie Dreams and other ball jointed dolls is the crazy amount of customization that can be achieved.

With that said, that's exactly why when exilehero and friend #2 invited me to go on a photography outing I decided to bring Nanoha along as my model. Nanoha ended becoming the focus of our pictures as you can see by the various pictures taken by all three of us featured in this post.

That day was a bit windy, not enough to be a big nuisance so I figured it could end up helping to make some interesting photos.  True enough the wind was  naughty and caused a few upskirts and some nice movement with Nanoha's long hair. The nice thing about having three photographers was that we could capture said moments without missing them.

Another plus was that we got to try out friend #2's flash. While I got some horrible results exilehero got some nice shots out of it like this one. Since then the idea of investing in a flash seems like a more appealing idea.

It was a nice fun outing, although doing something like this might be a bit hard with the colder winter months. Hmm... then again it wouldn't be the first time we braved the cold to go and take pictures outside.

Long story short, I wanna go take more pictures of my Nanoha Dollfie and going out and doing so with friends is pretty fun.


One last thing, this post is dedicated to Chag since he has a burning passion for Dollfies and showing power levels outside.

Alter's Takamachi Nanoha Summer Holiday ver. - I love me some swimsuit white devil!!!

Don't you love it? When a character you love gets a figure wearing something you really like and in an appealing pose?

I sure do, that's why I was thrilled to bits when Alter showcased the unpainted version of this beauty at a figure event. I mean, my favorite character, from my favorite manufacturer is always a welcomed surprise.

This figure is based on an illustration featuring the happy Takamachi household enjoying a nice summer holiday thus the name of the figure. Alter has shown off the accompanying Fate, although with a different pose and will probably also release Vivio to complete the set.

A bit glad Exilehero is taking care of buying Fate and we'll see what happens if there is a Vivio figure. Yup, more money to throw at Alter for Nanoha figures.

I shouldn't be surprised since Alter sure loves milking the hell out of the Nanoha series.

Well, in my opinion that's a really good thing, after all Nanoha is the one character I love to bits so more of her is always welcomed.

As such I own more than one Nanoha figure, I own five scaled figures of her, two figmas and a dollfie.

Sadly, I been really bad at doing photo shoots for them. You wouldn't really know I'm into Nanoha so much from looking at this blog. So far I done GSC's Instructor Uniform ver. and Alter's School Uniform ver. leaving Alter's Exceed Mode and Stan By Ready Nanoha without being photographed.

At the very least I used the loli Nanoha figma for an idea I felt really happy with and I did snap a few things with her dollfie version.

I never did shoot those two Nanohas because of their size, at 1/7th they were too big for my little studio. In addition to that, Exceed Nanoha's Bits and Stand By Ready's Nanoha base made them too large to keep in frame properly.

I'm not so sure about Exceed Nanoha since she is a bit damaged but I do want to take pictures of the Stand By version for sure. After all now that I suffer little embarrassment when taking pictures outside in public that could solve the aforementioned problems.

While I love Nanoha, I don't really go about buying every single figure ever by any manufacturer. I am selective, after all I want only the best renditions that can be offered so just getting every figure is no good.

This is one reason Alter is at the top of my list of manufactures, they make a lot of Nanoha figures and so far I have zero complaints about any of them.  I think now it comes down to almost blindingly buying Alter Nanoha figures.

As for the rest of the manufacturers, I have to think about it for a bit even more so when I have yet to get anything from them.

Later this year I will go give Gift my second go when they release their giant 1/4th loli Nanoha swimsuit figure. I'm also waiting to see a colored version of FREEing's Nanoha featuring in her Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force manga iteration.

There is one other figure that I been keeping my eye on. The awesomely and fittingly named Zenryoku Zenkai version from Kotobukiya. I just love that name, best Nanoha phrase ever, plus I love how her barrier jacket is all torn and scorched. Heck, I went crazy when I saw even the hair ribbons included show battle damage.

Reminds me a lot of how Nanoha looked all beaten up, bloodied and tattered in the rendition of her battle with Fate in the manga adaptation of the movie.

Koto's Nanoha in reminds me so much of the idea of her white devil persona that arose from the fandom.

I must say I love the idea of a nice mild mannered magical girl beating people into submission so she they will listen to her and allow her to help. A much appreciated far cry from my experiences with magical girls up until the point I watched the first series.

Up until then all the magical girl shows I seen came down to using the power of love and friendship to solve all discords, to become friends, to save the world and beat the bad guys.

This is why Nanoha struck me as interesting. She uses force to solve things, stubborn people who don't want to listen? Let's see if they will have a word after they been blasted to oblivion with a Divine Buster. Don't want her help to solve your problems dark magical girl? Oh didn't notice too busy going for a TKO with a Starlight Breaker.

After all, Nanoha is the one who gave a special meaning to word befriend.

Another thing that I found interesting was how Nanoha was not infallible. She got taken out by Fate the first time they first met with little trouble and I will never forget how she was overwhelmed by Vita at the start of A's.

It's nice how she gets payback, let's see how well you fare taking the finishing move head on Fate. You think you are a at a safe distance Vita? Sorry not far enough. Nanoha sure comes back with a vengeance.

Now, enough ranting about Nanoha. Let's get to the meat of the matter here, I want to talk about why I like this figure.

Adult Nanoha has something that I find a bit rare, a nice curvy but modest body. I really like her bosom, it's not ridiculously big which is a turn off for me, but a nice size that falls in the middle. This swimsuit makes a nice showcase of that, I like the nice cleavage it gives her while still being reasonable.

Take a look at her hip, do you see how the swimsuit digs into them? It's not a, this swimsuit is a few sizes too small, digging in either. It's a nice natural showcase of how a normal girl has a bit of fat here and there even if they have a slim body. I really like nice details like that.

Ditto for her thighs, they have a nice volume to them. A little plumpness is nice here and there after all, at least for me it is.

Nanoha sure has nice long legs. I'm pretty sure everyone likes nice slim legs on a girl right?

Oddly enough, Nanoha always keeps them covered since she wears long dresses as part of her barrier jacket. Although StrikerS does give you a nice look at them with the mini skirt uniforms and zettai ryouki she wears.

I'm quite happy with the sculpting of this figure, it makes Nanoha justice in all her attractiveness.

There is one issue though, I was bothered so much by it that I did not even considered taking a picture.

Yup, it's the nice flat butt that Alter made so Nanoha could sit nicely in her base. So bothersome since their resent Selvaria takes the opposite approach, the base conforms to her behind not the other way around.

I like the changes that were done to Nanoha's pose, I think adds a bit more dynamism to the figure. The way she holds her arm against her hair really does a lot for me, I can definitely imagine the sea side breeze.

Painting is for all intents perfect.

I don't think I ever had any issues at all with any Alter figures even though I own so many of them. Just for being mass produce goods there should be something off here and there, if only everyone was as good with their quality control as Alter.

I think this might just be my favorite swimsuit figure in my collection. Mind you, I don't particularly have a lot of them in my collection.

This statement makes me a bit uneasy though. For the longest time I personally claimed Alter's swimsuit Kos-Mos as my favorite figure but if I like this more as a swimsuit figure than my favorite where does this leave me?

This figure makes me happy, lately Alter has really been tickling my fancy with their figures.

I think that this Nanoha and their earlier Aigis are my favorite scaled figures so far this year. Then again I don't buy that many figures from the other manufacturers besides figmas from Max Factory.

Anyways, this figure is great, buy it if you like swimsuits, Nanoha or Alter.

I didn't see many people talk about this figure, only seen a few pictures on MFC and one review which is quite a shame. Good thing I went and rectified that by taking these pictures and making this post. :)


One last thing I want to mention. Right now there is a giveaway taking place where the prizes are nendos, if you are into that take a look at the giveaway post, you got until July 13th to participate.

Pre-order list: the mid year edition!

I’m feeling all partied out and too sleep deprived to actually go take pictures. So I will give you a pre-order list instead.

Here it is my and exilehero’s pre-order list for the next chunk of the year.

The previous list from February.


To start off an exclusive from the Good Smile Shop. I love me some Homu Homu. I, like many, was disappointed by the lack of weapons in the Homura figma. It all became clear when this figma was sold as a Wonfes exclusive, the more guns for Homura the better. I look forward to it even more so since it includes that lovely hair bow.

No, you can’t have enough Puella Magi as long as it is Homura!



Don’t you have enough Puella Magi already? Though I suppose I do like homura better with her school uniform. Maybe I just think those sock boots are too silly. But what do you do with a non-magical version of a magical girl? Make them eat cake? Actually scratch that, it might be a good idea. We’ll make millions!

The lovely Chie from Persona 4 my second favorite girl from that game. I’m so happy that the anime managed to garner enough attention from Max Factory to make more Persona figmas. Chie is so nice I love her tomboyish personality. I gotta say though after the anime I don’t think the English VA will be able to match Yui Horie even though it was a really good dub in the game.



I thought the English VA was very good when I was playing the game, then I watched the anime, there’s just no comparison. Can’t go back to the game without cringing anymore. Anyway I didn’t like the way they did her face. I know it looks more like in the game art but I got used to the game model and anime version. She seems more playful there. She has spats under that right?

The clumsy piece of moeness that is Rorona, best clumsy alchemist ever. Until Totori came around anyways.

MegaHouse went and did this depiction of the titular character from Atelier Rorona and it looks spot on. Still not close enough to Kishida Mel’s illustrations but not bad at all. Never gotten anything from MegaHouse so I look forward to see how it is when exilehero gets her.

Also, go play the Atelier games on the PS3, they are really nice.


Eh, I take insult to you belittling Rorona next to Totori. I think they’re a little too different to compare.

Promo shots look fine for her, hope I’m not disappointed. Only thing off with her is that I think her breasts are a little too big compared to the in-game character and art. Though I just think to myself that it’s Rorona form later on in the game where she finishes blossoming through puberty.


This stupid idiot, while I did not end up keeping up with Akibarangers in the end it is a nice show from what I did watch. It is really nice if you like super sentai stuff since it plays with and against the usual tropes and cliches associated with it.

I never gotten anything other Precures from the SH Figuart line so I wanna see how good it is with this stuff after exilehero gets the set.



I watched Akiba ranger and I really liked the show, so I’m getting the figuarts. I think they have great potential to do comics with. It’s too bad I couldn’t get the Z-Cune transformation gun though, it was sold out when I woke up. I’m not that bummed out about it though since it was really darn expensive.





Sanya is my favorite girl from Strike Witches, she is also the only who wears any sort of bottoms and doesn’t run around pantless.

After Miyafuji it seem there wouldn’t be more figmas from Strike Witches but I’m glad the line continues. I don’t plan to get all of them but for the girls I like Sanya there is no question. After all just look at her cute demure expressions.



Sanya is boring, she’s wearing normal clothes. I still like her though and the rocket launcher is a nice prop. I’m a little surprised you’re not just getting them all, you’d be just like 2 away from getting them all.


I hate this guy, he should burn in hell and suffer eternal torment. If I ever did a top ten list of my most hated characters he would be in the top five may be top three.

Nice figma though.




If you already have Gutts why not get Griffith? Well Griffith figma has a prettier face than even girls, it’s insane. Promo shots make him look very detailed, hope he comes out alright. He’ll make a really good villain.

This Fate is awesome, nice and sexy. I do not mind so much that the figure differs from the illustration. Although I suppose a big deal of appeal is Fate’s pleasing behind. Not that it matters since I’m quite happy with Alter’s swimsuit clad Nanoha.





Fate’s ass is the miracle of the universe and all but lately Nanoha’s not far behind. I recently found out that it’s actually Nanoha with the bigger butt and fate with the bigger boobs, according to official details anyway. I don’t think the lecherous artists from pixiv focus on just one thing of any of the girls though.

Anyway the figure looks great to me so far, maybe I’d wish it was a bit more interesting. When you put it next to Nanoha she looks a bit plain. I’m hoping to like her more when I see her in front of me.

The second member of the Akibarangers. She is blue and tsundere and the one sane person. Looking at these, they sure are more detailed than actual official super sentai.





Now that you’re comparing them, Akibarangers seem to have much more interesting costumes than the normal Sentai, which are just wearing spandex. Akibarangers have armor! It helps that designs are made by the Tiger and Bunny guy.






Giant figure of loli Nanoha in a bikini. I see no reason not to buy this. Just look at those slims legs, the delicate budding chest, the cute frilly two piece, the 1/4th scale. It’s so awesome.





You are just a lolicon.

Yukiko, the resident yamato nadeshiko of Persona 4. Yukiko and Chie must be together so buying them was a no question. Hmm... come to think of it, the Persona 4 crew sure use some questionable weapons like Yukiko’s fan.

My only complaint is that there is no expression of when Yukiko goes into one of her laughing fits.



I like the Yukiko figma better than the Chie one since she looks a bit more like the anime. Wonder if they’ll come up with summer uniforms or like shadow versions and such, since she doesn’t seem to come with the shadow face.

I’m still a big Precure fan and I’m still a big Heartcatch fan in particular. So I ended getting this exclusive release of Cure Blossom in her Super Silhouette form. If there is one thing I loved about Heartcatch is how expressive the girls were. The chance to get more expressions for them is a big plus for me.




Bigger hair and bigger costume, good luck trying to balance that one. Wonder if they come out with some of the smile girls. They seem like they’d fit that form well. I just remembered that I’m so behind watching Precure. heart thing on the background, since it looks kinda CGed in. I would actually like if they made figuarts.




The last of the Akibarangers, the silly cosplaying woman. Ever since I saw her I still can’t get over the twin tail helmet thing.

Apparently these are very popular as they sold out almost instantly. Aren’t you happy you managed to pre-order them before?




Apparently it’s normal for sentai stuff to sell out that fast, just look at the Moe Moe Z-Cune that sold out like nothing I’m camping for the robo itasha since I really do want that one.






I get the impression that people did not like Symphogear. I don’t quite understand why, since it had a nice set of characters, some yuri, Mizuki Nana, music by Mizuki Nana and a nice decent storyline.

Since I really liked it, that means I go buy the merchandise like this lovely figma of the protagonist, Hibiki. I find it interesting that this figma has four different faces when the norm is two or three.


This figma actually looks really clean and you can’t see the joints that people like to complain about. I wanted to get her too but in the end I didn’t go for it. Guess I don’t like Hibiki that much. I might go for Tsubasa or Chriss though.

You can’t have Sanya without Eila trailing too far behind so here we go. Eila is the other sensible dressed girl, it almost looks like she is just wearing a really short skirt with that coat of hers.

I look forward to some yurilicious scenes between Eila and Sanya.




I don’t think Eila gets enough credit, everyone seems to focus on Sanya. Eila is one of my favorite witches though I’m not sure she fits well as a figma since she’s not very expressive. I guess I like how she acts more than how she looks.

T-elos is cool, she is what I call deliciously evil. Unlike her counterpart, evil Kos-Mos sure showed more personality ranging from arrogance to outright hatred.

I did not particularly like her after Xenosaga but because of the Super Robot Wars spin off Endless Frontier that changed. I look forward for her and Kos-Mos to be together and “become one” all over again.



Hmm... her skin tone looks a little too dark to me. I also think that Kos-Mos has the better exploding breast thing. And I also wonder if the legs are sculpted from the same mold, Kos-Mos’s butt/tights seem to be more alluring because she wears a skirt. Look at me nothing but complaints about T-elos, then again i don’t really know much about her.

Heartcatch in general was very expressive but all that pales in comparison to Cure Marine here. If Bandai decided to include all her expressions show on the show she would need dozens and dozens of them. Much like Blossom a chance to get more of them is worthwhile enough.




Super Silhouette is kinda silly now that I look at it. They just cram the girls with frilly clothes, I guess that’s the best way to show that they powered up. Though I’m not gonna complain about the elbow-gloves.






There you have the next batch of stuff we are buying. There is still some stuff that was delayed or hasn't been released yet from our last list, if you wanna see those you can read them up.