Man, I sure buy too much...

I been neglecting to do loot post since the second half of April for some reason and another. With that said I thought I would lump everything into one post.

I never did post when I got these. In part was because I was so happy to finally get my hands on Yui figma after the fiasco with the sudden announcement for her release back in January. When I receive the package I opened ip up as soon as I could. Likewise for Alter's Yui since they came together.

Ritsu and Mugi were a pleasant surprise, I had both reserve for their second shipment. However, when the first shipment was released both Mugi and Ritsu were readily available so I cancelled my reservation and got them.

Like most people I get my anime through torrents. However, when the chance arises I try to buy the shows that I like when I have the means.

When Funimation released their S.A.V.E. line I wanted to see how it was. You can't get any better for a complete show for KyoAni's Air I payed less than $20. As someone who used to buy 4 episode DVDs for $25 this is almost god sent.

As for Kannagi it was a little more expensive, although I was surprised it included the OVAs as well. I do wish it wasn't two cases for two single DVDs waste of shelf space.

Anime and figures are nice and all but gaming is were my true loyalties lie.

I got SSF4 as a graduation gift, never had interest in SF4 but with the addition of the SF3 characters and Juri the update got my interest.

I own an Xbox 360 but it rarely gets use, however I do like the Mass Effect series and it is a 360 exclusive. When my friend picked up and me having come out of replaying the first I was in the mood for the second game in series.

There was a sale on Wii games where it was buy one get the second half off. I was planning on picking up Sin and Punishment Star Successor regardless when it released but took advantage of the sale to pick Trauma Team as well.

Trauma Team is a more of the same with some more variety if you played the Trauma Center series on the Wii and DS.

Sin and Punishment though, is currently my number one Wii game for this year. It is a Treasure game, it has perfect controls, runs at 60 fps, has amazing over the top action and bosses and in true Treasure tradition is pretty hard.

I will bold this and type it in caps to get your attention, BUY SIN and PUNISHMENT STAR SUCCESSOR.

I will mention though Treasure games are not for everyone; however, if you use the labels "hardcore and casual" Sin and Punishment is more hardcore than any Call of Duty or Halo or any other FPS in my book.

F-Zero GX, always liked them since the SNES original never bought one until I found this complete copy.

On the handheld side it's a little more light. Now that I write this I notice I didn't include the Megaman Zero Collection in the picture. I will make sure to include on my next loot.

I got Peace Walker since it's the first Kojima MGS on the PSP. I played both the Japanese and American demos, although it plays differently than the previous MGS's it got my attention right away.

Bangai-O is a port of a Treasure Dreamcast game, you pilot a robot and shoot lots of missiles in Macross Missile Massacre fashion. Solid action on the DS and as Treasure fanboy plus I found it cheap at only $7 made me get it.

I finally got Portrait of Ruin to complete the Metroidvania trilogy on the DS. Always passed on it since the anime art style on both Dawn of Sorrow and this game turned me off, I prefer the art style of Aria of Sorrow or Order of Ecclesia. Found it for $15 so I picked it up.

On the paper media side I got the new Haruhi novel. Somewhat disappointed that the Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya contains stuff I already watched animated. Namely the baseball game, the time traveling episode, the cricket and the island murder.

One thing I look forward to the translated Haruhi novels is reading new material I haven't seen on the shows before.

I picked up the second Spicy Wolf novel and since RightStuf still had the sleeves with original cover the first order that as well.

Picked up volume 26 of Negima.

Also Scott Pilgrim volume 1, the new upcoming game got my interest in this series as well as the upcoming movie. After reading the premise I new I had to get the original graphic novels.

I mean, Scott having to fight the seven evil ex-boyfriends of the new girl in town to get her heart and be happy is one the most unique premises I have ever seen.

Finally the book, Nintendo Magic: Winning the Video Game Wars. It chronicles the creation of the DS and Wii and how they came to dominate the Video Game market. I read an excerpt at Kotaku and decided I had to read the rest.

I blame fellow local comrade Motoko Yamamoto for this purchase. After the post of his/her Mio on of her wearing a nice gym outfit.

I ended craving one for my Nanoha, when I came across one and secured some funds I bought it.

This turned out more like a rant than I expected. If you only look at the pictures that's fine with me, until next time.

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It's been a while since I made a list...

Just as the title says I haven't done one of these since a couple months back.

Last time I did so was back in March, you can take a look at it if you wish.

This time it will be a little different, first stuff I pre-ordered already and stuff I would like to get.


For this month I only got one sole figure pre-ordered. The fan favorite K-On! member everyone likes to tease, Mio.

Much like Yui I missed pretty much all the initial shipment reservations for the K-On! girls. Got her pre-ordered at Hobby Search and looking forward for her to join Yui and Mugi who are already in my possession.

Total for June 2,266.


July is when things get more fun...and expensive.

I got Ritsu reserved at Hobby Search for the usual price of price of 3,077 yen, er higher price. Although I might cancel this and take advantage of Hobby Search's free shipping deal and get her right now.

Even though both Index and Railgun ended their run I'm still madly in love with Biri Biri, mostly thanks to the Railgun manga.

While this came mostly as a surprised to me when she went up for reservation I never though twice about. I mean Biri Biri by Good Smile Company?

She is reserved with AmiAmi for a cool some 4,410 yen.

First, my self obligatory Wii disclaimer, contrary to popular belief the Wii does indeed have excellent first and third party offerings.

Muramasa the Demon Blade is one of them,  from it comes Momohime one of the two playable characters from the game.

Never would have expected to see a figure from Muramasa. Although Alter has done renditions for several of the Odin Sphere characters it shouldn't come too much as a surprise.

Together with Biri Biri she is reserved at AmiAmi for 6,250 yen.

Total for July 13,737 yen.


This should not come as a surprise, Azunyan will complete the After School Tea Time band when she is released in August for 2,266 yen at Hobby Search.

Total for August 2,266 yen.

The next figures are some that have recently been announced or released that I would like to get my hands on. There is a dozen or figmas I also want so I wont list those.

First up it's this lovely lady from the Qwaser of Stigmata. I don't have the slightest idea who she or what the show is about.

I do however like maids quite a bit and I like her embarrassed looking pose and glare. She is also completely cast off, this is the first ecchi figure I have been interested enough to get.

She is currently in stock at AmiAmi  for 6,820 yen.


Alter is going to release the cool beauty from the PS3 game and anime show Valkyria Chronicles.

First things first, if you got a PS3 and like tactical RPGs pick up this game. Valkyria Chronicles is without a doubt to me one of the best games on the platform, plus you can pick it up for $20 or less at more places nowadays.

I really liked Selvaria as she was depicted in the game and became one of my favorite characters, there is no way I will pass her up. Will per-order as soon as I secure some funds.

Total for September 7,850 yen.


For some reason I'm really attracted to Alter's Mugi, perhaps is because her pose is different  from Yui, Mio and Azunyan who share a similar pose.

I have no intention to collect the whole set besides Yui, if I bought Mugi I would feel compelled to get the other three girls. Which my wallet certainly disagrees with.

She is up in AmiAmi for the price of 5,300 yen.

This choice is quite odd, I like Sheryl the best from the Macross Frontier girls. Yet I haven't gotten any of the figure releases of her. Same thing for Ranka, I down't own any of her releases either.

Still, here comes this rendition Klan Klang that I really like. I suppose it must be the mecha musume vibe she gives with the Valkyrie's FAST pack she is wearing.

If I decide to get her she will be for the considerably high price of 9,580 yen at AmiAmi.

Total for October 14,880 yen.

With no game releases that I want until July's P3P I can dedicated my purchasing power to figures which is quite nice. Although, now that I finished school becoming employed  full time would be heaven send for this hobby.

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"This List is Way Too Long" says my bank account...

With that said, Reimu is accepting donations....

Since this month I ended up pre-ordering a bunch of stuff is time to list them all out so I don't forget what I pre-ordered or want to get.

Just like before you can find my previous list right here.


Sadly, as I come to expect from figure releases lately Yui was delayed. First from December to March and now it has slipped to early April.

It matters not, after all I just spent a few hundred dollars in games, it's ok if stuff gets delayed.

Got Yui pre-ordered at Hobby Search for 5,780 yen.

Sigh... I was not thrilled by the sudden sale of the K-On! figmas. Nor was I thrilled with the almost instantaneous unavailability.

This is where the second shipment comes in, I like figmas, most of my figures are figmas. I also like Yui as my favorite K-On! girl. That's all I needed.

Yui is pre-ordered along with her PVC counter part at Hobby Search for 2,266 yen.

I will say it again, Ga-Rei Zero has the best first episode ever and every one should go watch this show.

I didn't expect Kagura to be so popular that she would sell out.

If she is available when she releases next month I might pick her up.

She will retail for 2,266 yen.

Total for April 10 319.


Oh the awesome tragic heroine and villain from Ga-Rei Zero that is Yomi.

She is for sure my favorite character from the show, how can I pass her up?

She is up for 2,266 yen.

Total for May 2.266 yen.


The lone release for June I want is Mio.

Can't say much other than I will get her to complete the Afternoon Tea Time gang.

Pre-ordered for 2,266 yen.

Total for June 2,266.


The lovely Mugi from K-On! Although she is not my favorite she has a special place in my heart after all we both play the piano.

I got her pre-ordered with Yui and Mio for 2,266 yen.

Is this any surprise? Got the other 3 and will get Azu-nyan when she goes up for pre-order as well.

Ritsu and her drum set is pre-ordered at a higher price of 3,077 yen.

Now this came as a surprise today. It's Biri Biri from GSC, there is not much to think about. Misaka is my favorite Index girl even more so after the current Sisters arc in the Railgun manga.

I was gonna get Kotobukiya's re-release for July of their Biri Biri but dropped that in favour of this release.

Got her pre-ordered at Ami Ami for 4,410 yen.

Now this, is what has me the most excited in terms of figure releases.

Contrary to popular belief the Wii does indeed have excellent 3rd party offerings. Muramasa the Demon Blade is a perfect example, it surely is one of my favorite games I played last year.

If I ever made a top ten Wii games this will surely be up in the top 5. I implore to you if you read this and own a Wii, buy this beautiful 2D scrolling action a game.

Here we have Alter giving us one of the two main character's the master swordsman possessed Momohime.

Pre-ordered her along with Biri Biri for 6,250 yen at Ami Ami.

Total for July 16 003 yen.


Ah! Azu-nyan just went up for pre-order, now the set will be complete.

Just pre-ordered here a few minutes ago at Hobby Search for 2,266 yen.

Total for August 2,266 yen.

This time around it seems July will be the deepest wound to my bank account but I'm assuming both Momohime and Biri Biri will be delayed so it shouldn't be too bad.

Game releases are luckily spread out after the madness that is March. Come to think of it, you lovely readers wouldn't be interested in me making a list like this for games right?

One last thing I'm giving the Twitter thing a go so you can follow me @Miettechan.