Top 5 Anime Openings!!!

Lets take a collaborating look at both mine and exilhero's top 5 anime openings!

Do keep in mind this is our opinion and you might disagree and comment about it. Better yet agree and comment about it. Also the listing of the openings are in no particular order.

We had only some simple rules:

Only one song per franchise and only 5 songs for each one of us.

Miette's picks


THIS IS IT!!! My favorite Precure opening at this point. From the original Futari wa Precure to the currently airing Suite Precure.

This overly energetic song has everything I love about Precure, the excitement, the girls, the flashy transformations poses, hints to the drama. I specially love how the song has a nice build up through out culminating with all the girls running t up to the last boss to punch, kick and use awesome dramatic finishing moves.


I also really like this song. I love how dramatic it is with the backup singers going "fire fire~" and all. I also like that it gives a little bit of time to each one of the girls so you get to see what makes each girl unique. I guess that's what openings are supposed to do. Though Precure 5 sounds a little different than the rest of the Precure. It  feels more Super Sentai kind of deal, so I wouldn't call this a representative song for Precure as a whole. It's really awesome still.

Also, I like the fact that neither of us has actually watched Go Go 5 but still you chose this opening.


Gundam sure has had countless openings through it's long run and I have yet to watch them all.

Ash Like Snow sure is a somber song, not necessarily something that hypes me up as openings are probably intended to. However, I think it reflects the sudden change in Gundam 00 to a more darker tone. In particular, I love the scene with the Thrones and the moon, combined with the song at that point I find it quite foreboding.

Not silly like that original Gundam opening.


Yeah while were were talking about the post we came across a bunch of Gundam songs. I like a couple form SEED, Destiny, Zeta, and hell I also like the super cheesy first Gundam opening.

I think I like this opening because it was at a very dramatic part of the anime. So I always watched right before the show and got me ready for some mecha/politics/angst fuck yeah!

I would like to mention that I was gonna pick the Zeta Gundam opening but since Miette chose this I decided that gundam was well represented already.

Also, Sumeragi's boobs! yay!


I love Pegasus Fantasy, always reminds me of the how this show filled my childhood with so much hot bloodiness. This song has always been memorable since it would tend to play in key scenes that were filled with pure awesomeness.

Scenes such as when Seiya takes on Gemini Saga at the end of the 12th Zodiac Temples in a last ditch effort to save Athena.


This opening is gonna attract the Latin America, and Spanish peninsula people. For some reason there's a bunch of Saint Seiya fans there haha.

I like this song too. I like a bunch of arrangements that are on YouTube. Those guitar riffs are really neat. Though the opening itself is kinda cheesy for my tastes. I used to like the show a lot as a kid but looking back at it now I'm not as thrilled. Maybe it's because I haven't watched it properly now that I've grown up.


Eden of the East was such an unexpected favorite with me. The characters, the visual style, the plot, all so endearing and interesting to me.

The opening is quite different from the norm as well. I like how it used a western song, in this case Falling Down by Oasis, and focused on typography and art design.


I liked the ending better for Eden of the East, but this isn't an ending top 5!

I guess what strikes me about this opening is that I can actually understand what they're singing. Other than that I don't really find it particularly interesting. They went for a more metaphorical approach of showing what the anime is about, guess It fits the style of the show.  I like the show regardless.


Denpa Onna probably takes the prize for cutest anime show in recent memory for sure. I love this silly opening focusing on simple shapes and the characters.

I specially love how it showcases just how cute the girls are in this show are. The part with Ryoushi, ah I mean Ryouko, ridding the bicycle always makes me smile. Silly people kept saying it was kinda bad, they just lack refined ears.


I get the feeling you're just picking this one because you're pissed at the internet people calling this song bad. Though I see nothing bad about it. Maybe people didn't like the high pitch sound of the voice, I think it's fine.

I think this song fits the quirqiness of the show really well. I love the last part with the umbrella, I think it sums up what the anime was about nicely in a very symbolic kind of way.

Exilehero's picks


I think I picked this one out of nostalgic feelings. When I watched Fullmetal Alchemist I was really getting into anime again so I remeber it fondly. I also like L`Arc~en~Ciel (fancy name) so I guess that plays a part too.

I like that the song kinda pumps you up for the actual episode so I remeber getting really excited right before waching. Fun times.


Ah, the original FMA, one of the first shows to elicit an emotional response from me. Just remembering that dramatic few final episodes reminds me of those feelings. Still, not particularly fond of this song, if anything I like it more for it's inclusion in Ouendan.

I prefer Golden Time Lover from the Brotherhood the best if it's about FMA openings.



I love this song. It feels like a mix of surf music and a romantic ballad, with some guitar riffs here and there, very cool. As for the actual opening itself, I don't know if it describes the show well or not. Then again the show is kinda all over the place so descriptions are probably not gonna make it jsutice. Nevertheless it had more Yakuza than I expected. I really like when they dance in the middle there. It shows all the girls making cute poses. I think I chose this song because I really like the show more than anything.


 I love Seto no Hanayome.

Best love comedy show with yakuza mermaids. Plus, Sun-chan is just so awesome, I would totally like to marry her even if she is a mermaid.

I like how the opening starts quite typical and turns into something more unique reflecting the show... may be.


This opening is pure awesomeness. You get typical shaft silliness, guitar maids, colors everywhere, boobs, orgasms etc. It also has some really nice animations, Mariya jumping on the ladders and the ripping open of Matsurika's bluose are really neat. I don't know if the rainbow motif is suppsed to be a shout out to the lesbianism in the show or not, but it makes the opening very bright and erm colorful.

The whole love and peace theme that flashes every now and then makes it seem like Kanako is begging Mariya to not do any more mean things to her, hilarious.


 This opening is cool, it's Shaft being Shaft. Shaft always likes to do and use strange things in their openings, for a more extreme example there is the Zetsobou Sensei openings. Hmm... Madoka was pretty normal though... then again..

Anyways Maria+Holic was such an enjoyable show, not at all what I expected.



I like a lot of little points of this opening. The really detailed drawing of Ikaros in the begning, the pointing to other characters as if passing the scene to them, the little relation diagram that Ikaros is drawing. All in all I think this is a really well done opening. It tells you everything you need to know about the show, who the characters are, the silliness, the ecchi parts etc. I really like the tune too. It's catchy and I can't get it out of my head.

There's an alternate version of this opening by the way.


 This manga is fun, so much ecchi, so much awesome, so much stupidity.

The funny bits are well, funny, the more serious bits are awesome, I like it all around. Never watched the actual anime of it though.

The opening is a pretty apt description of the series in my opinion.


I chose this one because of the song. I like a lot. The guitar, the unusual voice, the excellent use of silence, the sustaing if the voice where you least expect it. I love it. It has this feeling of anxiousness that goes really well with the zombie apocalypse kind of thing.

I don't see why Miette didn't like the show. Boobs, guns, zombies eating people, boobs, zombies getting splattered, did I mention boobs? what's not to like?


Ergh... this stupid show, by the end I was forcing myself to finish it.

Still, the opening is fun, I love the how the animations and transitions are in sync with the song. The paint splatters and colors really do reflect a world gone mad for me.



There is probably some missing awesome songs that we just didn't remember that we probably will after the post has been published. If you noticed it is mostly relative resent stuff, probably since it's more fresh in our minds.

If you want to look at some of the other openings we considered take a look at this youtube playlist.

This list is again our opinion, the openings chosen for a variety of reasons. The animation, the song, how well it reflects the show as well as many different things or just one of them.

So, do you skip openings and endings? Or do watch them every time? What are some of your favorites?

My History with Anime

Who is up for a small history lesson? I decided to participate in Nopy's project which you can read all about here. Namely, it's simply writing about your anime history as he has done.

Would you believe me the earliest memories I have are of watching the original Macross? Before I even entered kindergarten I distinctly remember watching Robotech as it aired on TV which I would later learn was actually Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

I distinctly remember the transforming Valkyries and the Macross, the conflict with the Zentradi and most importantly I remembered Hikaru and Minmay, their relationship and the eventual love triangle with Misa.

Fast forward to today and I watched all Macross shows, all movies and all OVAs. Macross is one of the anime franchises I like the most today.

Alright, if you were a a kid back in the early 90s, (I was) in Latin America (I lived in Mexico) back then you can easily recognize the significance of this pick.

The Latin American adaptation of Seint Seiya was one those franchises that took over and had a persistent presence everywhere you looked. The action figures form the show similar to the modern Myth Cloth was the hottest toy to buy for a couple of years. Being a nice impressionable kid I had my parents buy me a bunch of them.

Seint Seiya was my first foray into a Shonen series. The determined hero that won through sheer will power, the inseparable group of comrades, calling out your attacks, fighting and defeating seemingly invincible opponents and many other Shonen tropes I was first exposed here.

To be honest when I watched Sailor Moon it was a guilty pressure, after all this show was aimed at girls right?

Bah! Who cares, my first magical girl show and I liked it. I watched the series happily over the years from the original Sailor Moon all the way to the Stars. This show like Saint Seiya introduced me to many tropes of magical girl shows.

Much like everyone in the mid 90s I watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. My experience was just like countless others so I wont talk about it.

Happily enough I had surgery when I was a teenager and was bed ridden for a couple of weeks. During that time I watched TV and played games, back then Toonami from Cartoon Network was at it's peak among the shows airing was Gundam Wing,

Gundam Wing was my introduction into the franchise, the Gundams itself, the masked rival, the political conflicts and so on was once again first introduced me here. While in retrospect I'm not too fond of Gundam Wing when compared to other Gundam shows I am thankful that this was my first step into the Gundam universe.

Nowadays, while I have not watched every single show, I watched shows from the original UC time line, alternate universes such as Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 and look forward to watching the remaining shows, movies and OVAs.

Up until this point I did not actively seek anime, I only watched what was aired on TV or featured through cable.

Then, I met my first goddess.

I was blown away when I watched the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The ridiculous premise, the characters and their characterization, the amazing performances by Hirano Aya as Haruhi and Sugita Tomokazu as Kyon, the music, the witty dialogue and the asynchronous airing all took me by surprise. I had up until this point seen nothing like it.

This show is memorable for a variety of reasons to me as it coincided with several things. I was a college student, I finally met people with interest in video games and anime, I was introduced to Youtube and bittorrent as a resource to obtain anime on demand.

This show marked the moment when I went from passively watching anime to actively seeking out new titles, to downloading complete shows or downloading episodes weekly and buying anime DVDs.

Afterwards I watched many of the shows I always wanted to, many of the shows everyone recommended, nothing really shook my boat for the next couple of years.

Then my first goddess got dethroned by a certain white devil.

When I first popped in Nanoha into my DVD player I expected a magical girl show similar to Sailor Moon where Nanoha fought a monster of the week every episode or so. For the most part the first few episodes where like that. Halfway through the series I found myself bored.

Then Fate showed up and suddenly the status quo changed and as the show became about them I was interested again. Once the show ended I liked it, liked it enough to move to Nanoha A's the second season.

I watched the first episode of A's and was speechless at what I saw, right after, I watched the second episode, followed by the third, the fourth, the fifth all the way to the end on one sitting.

The original show made me interested in the franchise, A's made a fan of not only the franchise but Nanoha herself.

You want to know how much I like Nanoha? I bought the anime DVDs, I own several figures of her much more than any one character, I even bought Volk's Dollfie Dream. Never before had I like a character as much as her since Kos-Mos from Xenosaga.

Last year my friend became interested in Pretty Cure, what we talked about was enough to interest me as well. He went on to watch the currently airing show back then , Heartcatch Pretty Cure. I went on to watch the original Futari wa Pretty Cure show.

I knew nothing about it other than its name and once again I expected a fluffy and girly show with a monster of the week formula. True enough I got a monster of the week formula but I did not get fluffy and girly show.

Precure shares more in common with the Masked Rider shows than previous magical girl shows. The battles in particular surprised me, these girls get down and dirty and give a severe beating to the antagonists before finishing them off with their special attacks.

Perfect example, the primary antagonist in Heartcatch 1-hit KOed the girls during their first encounter. During the last battle the Heartcatch girls held nothing back, all four rained down a beating on him, he could not do much more than block or counter their attacks. If that wasn't enough, he was then hit consecutively by three tiers of finishing moves.

Likable protagonists, antagonists, conflicts, style and pacing made Precure the latest franchise to make a fan out of me.

I notice that this is not necessarily a complete history after all, I left so many shows such as anything made by Gainax and Shaft for example.

If anything I would say that it's more a highlight of a few shows and franchises that are memorable to me, shows that opened the doors towards the medium.

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