Behold my version of what fellow comrade Tommy from the Inferno Project christened Wall-o-Figures. It's nice to finally being able to display my figures in a nice manner like this.

This also gave me the chance to finally open a few figures I had yet to unbox due to lack of space.

Although not as stylish as with glass shelves I'm quite pleased with the result. After all it was relative cheap and still leaves with space for future purchases.

October Loot

103_4693 (Small) Today I finally got my belated October loot. As you can see my summer uniform version Kagamin came in along with Aigis and the awesome Otacool book.

More about Otacool in a later post, if you have about 1500 yen to spare I recommend you pick it up.


Now this loot has two disappointments the first as I mentioned in a previous post is. Alter's Exceed Mode Nanoha was delayed to December. I was looking forward so much to this realease. I was even going to buy a new camera either the Lumix LX3 or a Nikon D3000 just so I could take better higher quality photos of Nanoha.


The other sad disappointing even was Saber slipping into a November release. October was gonna be this really awesome month in terms of loot for me.

Well, at least thanks to this I will be getting Saber and now Vita too from Ami Ami to try their new English service.