Let us commence with an All-Out Attack! Alter's Aegis - ART WORKS ver.

Hello everyone, today we shall take a look at my favorite girl from the marvelous Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 games, Aigis.

As mentioned the lovely Aigis originates from the PS2 and PSP RPG Persona 3. Which is a spin off of the long running Shin Megami Tensei series of RPGs from Atlus.

Aigis is one of the several party members that you recruit throughout the game. She is an anti-Shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo group which are the main backers of the party through the game.

In other words, she is a robot created to beat your resident monsters in Persona 3 created by your party's benefactors.

I was captivated by Aigis even before I played the game when I saw this illustration which was included in the art book with the special edition of the game.

I really love Aigis' visual design so much. She has this old school, steam punk style that I find rather cool, even more so now since robot girls seem to be out of vogue.

Speaking of which, this really nice rendition of Aigis is based on an illustration by Shigenori Soejima who is the character designer for the several iterations of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 games.

I actually own the art book that contains this illustration. If you are a fan of Soejima's works, or a fan of the newer series of Persona games then this book is for you. I specially like the interview included at the end.

When I was playing the game I was so anxious to finally be able to have her in my party, alas she joins about halfway through the game or so.

After she joined Aigis was a main stay in my party even if at times it was disadvantageous for certain areas or bosses.

Luckily enough for me in P3:FES, which was a tweaked re-release of P3 with extra content, contained an epilogue where Aigis was the protagonist.

Boy did I get my fill as this epilogue was a nice long 30 hours worth of unadulterated dungeon crawling fun.

I really, really like Persona 3 so an extra 30 hours worth of dungeon crawling to learn and experience more about the events of the game and the characters seemed welcomed.

Persona 3 was one of those games that came along, where it picked my interest and just blew me away.

Everything from the visual design of the game, the character design, the music, the setting was something new and fresh to me.

The contemporary setting of the then near 2009, the modern Japanese metropolis setting was something that I had not experienced before.

After all until that time, the RPGs that I had played had been set in either fantasy, steam punk, or space operas.

The unique style Soejima has gave the game a unique look I hadn't seen before and has come to become part of the series since then.

The music by Shoji Meguru is one of the most memorable things I experience in the game, his mixture of jazzy, hip hop and rocking tunes was something completely new for me. His work on Persona 3 and 4 are among the most memorable gaming soundtracks I ever heard.

Perfect example of this would the battle themes for Persona 3 and Persona 4.

I really love Persona 3, if I ever sat down and made a top 10 or even a top 5 list of favorite RPGs this game along with Persona 4 would be up in the top 3.

You wanna know how much I love this game?

I bought it four times, the special edition of the original release, the updated release of P3:FES, the portable rendition of P3P and now the PSN release of P3:FES.

As for the figure itself, the sculpting of the body is really nice.

Random person who came to this blog before, here you go, your "sexy robot ass" that you searched for and some arrived here.

The base is pretty simple and compact, reminiscent of the dungeons of the game. Aigis attaches with a single peg on the side of her left leg, she does not actually rest on the base.

The one thing that I love to bits are all the small details included on the figure such as the opened chamber on Aigis guns showing the single cartridge loaded.

The writing that you can find on her such as her shoulders, arm bad, head band and so on.

The mechanical bits that you find such as the wiring on her arm or her guns on her wrists.

The tearing on the coverings of her legs and her hips are quite nice.

I love her face quite a bit, her bright blue eyes, her lips, the faint blush on her cheeks, her nice long eye lashes. Aigis is one pretty gal.

About the only thing I did not like was her hair, I would have preferred a matte finish rather than the semi translucent that Alter went for.

This figure has gone on to become one of my favorites in my collection, at 1/6th she is quite an imposing figure, I think Alter really outdid themselves this time

Perhaps I am a bit biased since I love Aigis to bits.

That's all for now, hope you liked the pictures were I put a bit more effort than usual.

One last thing to mention, an email subscription widget has been added to the block. Works quite nice and you can get the complete post with full sized imagines with the convenience of automated emails. Give it a try if you want, tried it out myself with last week's post and it works quite nicely.

I sure played a lot of games last year...

... and you know what? I don't think it was enough. That's the stack of games I finished last year.

Several things to mention, Halo and Perfect Dark are missing as I played the Xbox 360 digital versions of those games. While the Metroid Prime Trilogy is in the picture I only finished Metroid Prime but not 2 or 3. Peace Walker has an extra chapter to play through after the credits roll so your mileage may vary whether I finished that game or not.

In total, I finished 27 games last year, my personal best. Usually I finish about half or a little less than that number.

However, most of those games I bought this year but that's not all of the games I bought. Just take a look a my loot posts and see how many games I bought last year.

Plus, I have literally hundreds of games in my backlog. My backlog spans at least three generations, both consoles, handhelds and PC. The games spread across seven different consoles and three different handhelds.

That's why I said even though I never played as many games in one year before it was not nearly enough.

I seriously own and buy too many games. I wonder though, how much more would I buy if I didn't buy figures as well.

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Urgh! I still buy too much...

Alright, this time I wont neglect to talk about my loot for three months like last time.

First up is this trio of figures.

Just like with Yui, when Mio was originally out up for reservations she was sold out before I even loaded Hobby Search's page. With that I ended up getting Mio in her second shipment.

First, I got to mention something I find extremely odd. Ever since I started to buy figures not once did I get a scaled figured without having to wait after a delay.

Momohime from the game you all should probably buy, Muramasa the Demon Blade, and Misaka Mikoto from A Certain Scientific Railgun were both released as originally scheduled.

Are you doing your part in the war against pants?

I sure am!

This Strike Witches American release is great, whoever did the PR for it deserves a price. Not only does it spoof WWII era propaganda but also the well-known fact that the girls don't wear pants.

I really like to support my hobby's industries, when Amazon had a DVD sale I took the opportunity to buy Strike Witches.

Three things to mention about it, it is indeed uncensored for those that care, it comes with a reversible cover that shows the girls info such as name, weapon, rank, panties, etc. and that it comes with a 501st patch.

July also coincided with the usual every three months release of  Negima. I really like this manga, I seriously put Ken Akamatsu as my favorite manga author.

Next is Bakuman, from the creators of Death Note. Ever wondered how manga gets made? What goes into going from an idea on your head to getting published? How manga authors and editors work together?

Bakuman is the story about a couple of friends, an illustrator and a writer, and their journey and tribulations to achieve their dreams of being a famous manga author.

Every week I look forward to Shonen Jump not because of the trio of shonen mangas that is Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. I look forward to Bakuman and Bukuman alone.

The final book is by Kotaku correspondent Brian Ashcraft. This book is all about the cultural phenomenon that are Japanese schoolgirls. It covers everything from the origin of the sailor uniform to the various incarnations of school girls in various types of media. Really good read if you like modern Japanese culture.

Trio of DS games.

Lunar Knights, you know Hideo Kojima? That man used to do other games that didn't have Metal Gear in the title such as Zone of the Enders. This game in true Kojima fashion is quite good and quirky.

Knights in Nightmare, a Sting developed RPG published by Atlus part of the same series of games such as Yggdra Union and Riviera.

Megaman Zero Collection, this is my favorite Megaman series and my favorite set of games from GBA in one single package. This collection contains all four MMZ games which you can choose to play individually or play through an arranged mode that combines all four games into one.

Persona 3 Portable, I talked a bit about it on my Shin Megami Tensei Persona post, a portable tuned port of Persona 3 from the PS2.

Persona 3 was the best game I played in 2007 and one of the best RPG experiences I ever had. Persona 3 Portable is a port of the PS2 original tuned for the PSP and portable gaming, adds several game play enhancements from Persona 4, and adds a new female protagonist that changes various aspects of the story if you play as her.

While I recommend Persona 3 FES as an entry point for the series, P3P is also another good way to try the series out.

Most probably haven't heard about this game at all. I picked it up for one reason alone, Treasure. I'm really biased towards Treasure games in general. For those that don't know who Treasure is they have developed games such as Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga and Sin and Punishment.

I want to buy as many of their games as I can, when I saw this for $4 I was not gonna pass it up.

Another interesting thing to mention is that it's one of the last few games Working Designs localized before going down under.

I'm slowly trying to build up my Dreamcast collection.

I picked up one of the best RPGS for the system, Grandia 2. While I do own the PS2 port I wanted the original as well plus I was lucky this seller included the extra music disc that came with the game.

I really fail at not ranting about my loots, oh well.

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