Last Year's Misao

Last year I carried around Misao with me for the longest time. Naturally I ended taking some photos that I happened to never post before.

Lots of pictures up next.

This first set of photos is something I took for a school assignment, we had to build a simple website using a CSS sheet and at least 2 HTML pages and a certian number of tags for each.

I really had fun with it and probably ended making something fancier than it should have been, although I didn't end up using all pictures.

You can take a look to the website to see what it looks like.

Veggies are nice, radishes and cucumbers are in particular some of my favorites.

Steamed and fried rice are nice and all but I much prefer Spanish rice, rice seasoned with tomato. Might be a little odd but I like to sprinkle mine with some lime.

In case you are wondering this was at a Mexican food restaurant, El Tacotote. Pictured above is a real taco, a pet peeve of mine is people calling the abomination that are those shelled things tacos such as the ones from Taco Bell.

I suppose that's how it is for some people with the americanized version of their nationality's dishes.

Regardless, Misao enjoyed them, that skillet was full of beef for the tacos.

These couple pictures were snapped by my friend while we waited for out food at IHOP. I love that place, delicious breakfast food 24 hours a day.

Some time later Misao had a small accident, she took things in stride so it was ok. Odd thing is that when my friend broke the joint all he did was move the leg the way it was intended.

Once I got home I set out to fix her broken joint with some trusty super glue. Since that didn't work out I end up replacing the joint with a spare one.

Misao's transplant was completely successful, so I took her with me to meet my friends at a family dinner. She sheepishly asked for the Sirloin Steak once she read the menu.

I was nice and go it for her, steak was a little dry though.

Misao was thankful for the meal.

After expressing her thanks she followed by asking for dessert. My wallet politely declined if you are wondering.

Either way, Misao was quite excited for the rest of the evening.

Not to seem overly biased to the other girls I thought of taking them out too.

"Don't think I'm happy or anything that you took me out!"

Kagamin said.

"What's this? You want me to gain weight?! Forget it I'm out of here!"

T_T Kagamin, I like it when you are "Tsun Tsun", but some "Dere Dere" would have been nice too.

Reminiscing aside, this makes me want to take out my figma girls, wonder why I stopped when this new semester started.

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Behold my version of what fellow comrade Tommy from the Inferno Project christened Wall-o-Figures. It's nice to finally being able to display my figures in a nice manner like this.

This also gave me the chance to finally open a few figures I had yet to unbox due to lack of space.

Although not as stylish as with glass shelves I'm quite pleased with the result. After all it was relative cheap and still leaves with space for future purchases.