Max Factory Sandaime Muramasa - Delicious Brown Elf Girl Maid

Oh baby, this time I have treat for you guys. Her name is Sandaime Muramasa and she's a gorgeous maid with amazing curves from Max Factory. She's also dressed up as a maid! And she's a brown elf! But I think you already read the title... This time instead of posting crap no one cares about our favorite characters and figures in a not so timely fashion, we're on the bleeding edge this week with a seemingly popular figure that was released just over a week ago! From the publishing of this post.

Sandaime Muramasa is somewhat of a first for me. I have this unspoken rule that I won't get any figures of characters I know nothing about, however she has been the first one I have broken the rule with, and with good reason. The reason is well, she has an unusually high density of moe points that cater to me. Tsundere, thigh highs, long hair, pouting face to name a few. She's gorgeous as a whole, and I wanted a maid and she happened to come out at the right time. She's also a brown elf, which hentai has taught me is a hotter version of normal elves. Also if you're a dark-skinned elf girl bad things happen to you... really bad things... some of them really hot...

As I said I don't know much about Muramasa, not even sure if that's her real name but that's what listed. She's from a Nitroplus visual novel called Soukou Akki Muramasa, it's also under FullMetal Daemon Muramasa. It's about feudal Japan but in the future where there's mechas or some shit like that. In reality I have no clear idea of what the VN is about, I found almost no information on it and it's not translated either so I couldn't just go play it.

I did however look at the CGs from the game on a reputable hentai site and figured out a couple of things about the game and this girl. For one I don't think she's a big part of the game because she's not in many scenes. She's a bit of a tsundere, she's not really a maid but lost a bet or something so she's wearing the outfit, she's amazingly HNGGworthy, and like many other brown elves she has a cruel fate. That being said I'd like to know more about her.

First thing I noticed on the figure itself, she is 1/7th scale so she's pretty damn big. She has long, curvy legs, with a bit of meat on them, this is complemented by white stockings that ride up her stopping just shy of her hips. Just perfect.

Apart from having a pretty face she has an interesting expression. Form some angles she looks as she was glaring at you for making her dress in such a ridiculous way...

...and from others she seems very embarrassed from the fact, or spooked or a little sad. I almost didn't get her because from this angle it seems like she's suffering inside from some untimely event that dank-skinned elves frequently suffer from. I looked it up and she's pretty much pouting in this scene in the VN so the face went from sad to HNGGG tsundere.

Sandaime has rather large breasts and while the maid outfit doesn't do much to emphasise them they're still very nice. Ah but I was supposed to start talking about the little details with this picture.

She comes with a tea set for, uh, serving tea to her master or mistress. It's very clean and crisply made, I don't think I saw a mold line at all.

You'll notice 2 things about the thigh highs. Firstly they dig in ever so slightly into her thigh which gives them a feeling of being plump. And secondly they are just the right height to create that magical zone Zettai Ryouiki. Both of these make her tremendously sexy.

The maid skirt is ridiculously short, it's hard not to get a panty shot. But that's a good thing! It has some intricate creases and patterns.

Her hair is very long and flowing that goes past her waist, and even then it's tied down. It would probably reach past her knees if she would let it loose. Long hair like this is really attractive in a girl. She's supposed to have white hair but the figure has an off gray painting to it. Having just white on a figure probably makes it look weird. Oh and since we're on the subject of color, her stockings, apron, ribbon and anything white has a dark green shading in certain lighting. I was a little worried when I first took her out of the box and saw the shading but it doesn't look bad and it only happens in certain lighting conditions.

Hair tie detail.

I keep getting amazed when figures have fingernails, it's always a nice touch.

The table she comes with has a pretty detailed swirly pattern.

Detailed on the bottom too.

The base has this velvet covering that I think is easily damaged. I didn't actually scratch mine but I remember messing up something with the same texture before.

You'll notice that this time I have a proper background. This is by far the most elaborate setup I've done. I got the idea from Miette when he suggested that curtains would make it look like a mansion type of setting. So I promptly went and bought some cloth. No I can't sew at all, however I called for a secret weapon, Mom! She was kind enough to help me out with making the curtains for the set.

And as if she needed even more sex appeal, you can cast off the skirt! Cast off procedure is very clean, you split her in half and slide the skirt off.

She has marvelously sculpted round buttocks. It's obvious that this is where Max Factory focused their efforts when making this figure.

Very detailed and fancy panties. Even a little see-through there. I guess fancy dresses come with fancy panties.

From this angle she looks really dynamic.

And from this angle, well, I like this angle too.


"Jeez! What are you staring at you pervert!"

Without her skirt her legs look even longer and the line flows all the way up to her hips. Very sexy.

Miette wanted a raunchy artistic shot like this. I approve.


That's it for this lovely maid. Hope it wasn't too long but there was so much I wanted to show from her and there's still a bunch more shots I didn't show on my Flickr.  She has instantly become one of my favorite figures and I would really recommend her. I know the saying goes "little brown girls are the best" but for this not-little-at-all dame I can make an exception.

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Till next time!


A Visit to the Scarlet Mansion

Sakuya Izayoi hard at work at the Scarlet mansion, doing housework.

Hello. As you might or might not have noticed, I'm not the usual person. Miette-chan is on leave this week, so I'm taking care of the shrine till then.

Let me tell you a little about me.


I go by the handle name exilehero. I like anime and manga and the like. I've also been into photography for a while. Miette and I have been friends since years ago. I've probably have been mentioned here before. Whenever Miette says something like, "Oh I spent the whole day playing with my friends" it was probably me. Here's the avatar I'll use; Miette posted it before.


I want to take photos of things I like. I like anime and manga stuff so figure photography seemed like a good idea since it combines many of my interests. Also, I know Miette has been blogging about figma- erm, figure photography for a while so my dear friend invited me to post on the blog.


The plan is for me and Miette to alternate by week, so every 2 weeks or so I would make a post.

Anyway bring in the maids.


So, this week we'll be visiting the Scarlet Mansion.

Sakuya's finnaly done with the cleaning. Spotless...

"Hey Sakuya, since you're a maid, do something cute for us, here put on this nekomimi and pose."

"Common, you can do a better pose than that."

"Oh what's that? you have something to show us?"

"Oh, you say it's getting late? I don't think it's particula-"

Miette edit: ZA WARUDO!!!

"Urgh. I'm not feeling very sharp all of a sudden. I've got this cutting feeling something's wrong. But that's beside the point. Let's continue."

"Oh what's this? Sakuya how kind of you to bring tea. Though I can't quite make out what kind it is."


After taking out the trash, the diligent maid continues with her housework.

All clean once more!

Thank you for reading!

Here's something extra. By Miette's request.

Did I ever mention I had a cute maid at home?

In order to help everyone with their daily intake of cute maids I thought I would share some pictures of mine.

I rarely feature Nanoha on my blog if you forgotten about her you can read up her introduction.

Last time I showed off Nanoha was back in April, when I showed a nice one piece dress I bought her.

Just recently I changed her eyes, which is mainly what motivated to shoot some pictures of her.

In order to give her a new look I went and dug out this wig I got last year. It fits her a little to big so I used the other pair of her hair clips to show her face.

You might not be able to see it but this wig is actually a pony tail. Never used it before since it's quite frizzy, it has gotten better over time but still too much for my liking.

I got this maid set at Dollmore for those interested. Although my ultimate aim is the Cure Maid Cafe Summer Uniform.

My only complaint about this set it's that the skirt is a little to long to allow some delicious zettai ryouki.

I gotta say, the first thing that came to mind when I saw the apron was one specific thought.

If you thought naked apron, then we are both great minds that think alike.

I took these photos on a whim without much thought so they are kinda boring. At the very least I hope you enjoyed them a bit.

However, if you are interested you can take a look at Nanoha's flickr set.

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