Alter Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. - Lolis in bikinis are a staple of summer!

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver. Sup guys and gals! How are the hot summer days treating you all?

Everybody enjoying their summer breaks or the hot daily grind at work? Thanks to the opportunity given by the 4th of July holiday I was able to spend some time with my family at the pool and take a nice cool break from work.

Given that I have my priorities straight, I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the always delicious loli Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. by Alter by the poolside.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver. Don't you guys love your swimsuit figures? The staple of figure collecting, everyone from the high rollers like Good Smile Company and Alter to prize figures from Sega and Banpresto just loves to get their hands on the swimsuit figure pie.

Perhaps it is their readily availability but it seems to me people tend to look down on them a bit. A perfect example of that would be when I mentioned that I bought this figure on sale on Twitter. I was all happy that I paid less than half the original retail price, yet someone mentioned that it was just a swimsuit figure. Almost as if just by being a swimsuit figure that made it be worth less.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

That got me wondering, a swimsuit figure it might be but I don’t believe that necessarily translates to them being easier to manufacture or sculpt. All the steps should be the same regardless of figure or company. It’s usually how much manufacturers are willing to spend on things like quality control and attention to detail that makes a difference in my opinion.

What about you guys, what are your thoughts on the prolific category of swimsuit figures?

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

That aside, I’m a big Nanoha fanboy especially in her loli form, I really, really like her “blood knight” tendencies which seems to have mellowed out a bit as she grew older. I miss the days when Nanoha would go “befriending” people left and right. Hopefully that third original movie has more of that.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

My love for loli Nanoha is probably as a result of the big impact A’s, the second season, made on me when I watched it all in one day. So good!!! I’m so happy the second movie just turned everything about that season up to eleven especially when you compare the fights.

Amazing how much an animation studio can level up in about a decade!

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

After watching the second movie I was reminded how much I enjoy Nanoha and how much I love her character. Luckily for me it seems figure manufacturers also remembered how much people liked the franchise so they released a few figures to match up. This presented me with a nice opportunity to pick more Nanoha figures.

Around the same time both Gift and Alter released what is essentially the same figure with just a few scales of difference in between. For the sake of my own amusement I ended opting for Gift’s version, the idea of a giant 1/4th loli figure in a swimsuit sounded really silly and fun.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

However, as time went on the proportions of that figure kept bothering more and more and became a bit disinterested in it. The more I looked at it the more I keep thinking that Nanoha’s head is too big in proportion to the rest of her body.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Fast forward to a very opportunistic sale by good ol’ Hobby Link Japan and I ended acquiring Alter’s version for about 3500 yen or so. AmiAmi also had her for a sale for a couple hundred yen more but I ended up missing out on that. I’m guessing this Nanoha by Alter wasn’t all that popular?

That’s ok with me though, thanks to that I get to own both my giant loli and the smaller version.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

This is my second Nanoha in a swimsuit by way of Alter, a couple of years ago I got to take photos of the super sexy Nanoha Summer Holiday ver. I like adult Nanoha, amazing at how she ended up filling up in all the right places. Plus at her current official age she just happens to be the right age for me. ;D

With a pretty adult Nanoha wearing a very nice and attractive swimsuit already in my possession I thought that getting a cute loli Nanoha wearing a lovely swimsuit from Alter would make a for a nice complement.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Cute and lovely she is indeed. Just look at her! I like the pose that was chosen for the figure, Nanoha looks like she is having tons of fun frolicking about. Makes me a bit jealous, since I am fair skinned I just burn if I go to the pool or beach. Also, don’t forget… people don’t float…

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

One aspect that I find interesting is the color of her swimsuit, pink with red accents. I’m so used to seeing Nanoha in her signature colors of blue, white and pink that I found this very odd. Perhaps the color scheme is harking to Nanoha’s blood thirsty “White Devil” persona? Nah, probably not.

Regardless the swimsuit looks the part with its nice shade of pink and the red frills, nothing too outrageous or out of the norm. Aside from being a two piece showing a lot of skin perfect for a nice young girl like Nanoha.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Speaking of showing a lot of delicious loli soft looking skin Alter did their part to make sure that was as appealing as possible. Just look at that smooth tummy, kinda makes me want to play with it like in that one scene from Hentai Ouji.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

If you continue down you can see Nanoha’s supple thighs, they are so slim and appealing. Plus knowing how plump and soft they will become when she is older just makes it all that greater.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Once you go around the around Nanoha you can see her nice sexy back, Alter added just enough detail to make out her shoulder blades and show the curve of her body adding that bit of realism that makes figures pop.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

As you make your way down you of course encounter Nanoha’s irresistible tushie along with some nice plumpness from a nice bit of baby fat. The frills on the swimsuit bottoms help accentuated Nanoha’s hips nicely. I do wonder though, what goes through the sculptor’s head when they go about spending hours and hours working on areas like these.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Lastly you can’t forget the number one aspect of a loli, her delicious flat chest. Alter of course with all their figure making prowess made sure it is delicious indeed. The frills on Nanoha’s swimsuit top help to a nice bit of volume and detail.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

One detail I liked about this swimsuit top was the nice bow tying it in place at Nanoha’s neck. Usually things like this tend to look a bit rough due to their size, the same thing goes for Raising Heart she looks pretty good for the small size.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

An interesting tidbit about this figure has to be the floating ring that comes with Nanoha. Typically accessories like these tend to merely look the part and if you touch them they are merely pieces of plastic as one would expect. Not this time said Alter, the ring is actually made of a nice soft rubber, if you push it with a bit of force it flexes, really giving it that extra sense of realism to it.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Although it does feel a lot denser I suppose due to being filled with rubber rather than air. The floating ring does a good job of keeping in place as it has a few groves matching Nanohas’s accessories on her left wrist to help it keep in place and not roll about.

Accessories that stay in place are great if you ask me, especially if you take the figure outdoors like I did.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

I like this rendition of Nanoha quite a bit. I think it looks well and gives a nice pleasant energetic vibe. Together with Alter’s adult version I think I am set as far as having figures of Nanoha in a swimsuit.

Plus with this photo shoot of Nanoha I finally got to do something I always wanted, take some photos by the pool side of a swimsuit figure. Although I do admit they are quite simple but I do like them quite a bit. It’s nice not having to worry about making props or setting up lighting.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Well then peeps, I hope you enjoy what’s left of summer. I’m sure I will, if it’s not too hot anyways otherwise the indoor world of AC is enough for me. :P

Alter Fate Testarossa Summer Dress

This time we'll take a look at Alter's loli Feito-chan. Though this Fate is a little different from many other figures out there because she is sporting casual clothes instead of the magical girl "armor" that she's typically depicted in.

First off all the figure info. She's by Alter, first figure I get from them. There's actually 2 version of this figure, this one I got, and a limited release version. The limited release version's right arm is held closer to the chest.

She's based on the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st version of fate. Though I hardly remember her in something other than her magical girl outfit.

I got her from Figure Haven, though I think I bought the last one they had, they had a black Friday deal. I sorta got her on a whim when I saw her and was awestruck by her beautiful face. For some reason I think Fate is really cute when she's in casual clothing.

Every time I go outside with a figure bad stuff seems to happens. It was really cold and windy today when we went to take the photos.

The reflector I was using was blow by the wind straight into Fate. She was about to fall a very nasty fall, but managed to catch her. However by doing so she got some scratches as you can see in this photo.

She makes a pair with a certain other Alter figure.

Yuri goggles. Though I think they're just very good friends really.

She comes with Bardiche, her self aware weapon robot thing. I guess the proper term is Intelligent Device, and it's in Stand By Mode.

And it's pointy on the other end. Though I don't remember seeing her use that end for anything.

Fate has nice legs.

When I was penetrating Fate I realized she was a very tight. I had a hard time putting it in and I thought she would get stretched out or maybe even break something. There was no other choice but to put some more force behind it and I was able to slide it in. Yet it was a very tight fit. So take care when inserting Bardiche into her hands as it may take some effort.

I can't complain about her not using the other end anymore.

You can see the frills of her dress in this one. Also the detail of her belt buckle bracelet, very clean. She also arrived with a little smudge on her leg.

Did I mention she has really nice legs? I tend to get distracted by this a lot lately.

Ever heard the expression, "Fate's ass is the miracle of the universe"? Well it applies here.

Here you can see her boots and base. Boots are very glossy, you can even make out reflections. Base is nice and simple transparent. Base matches with Nanoha's.

The end.

My History with Anime

Who is up for a small history lesson? I decided to participate in Nopy's project which you can read all about here. Namely, it's simply writing about your anime history as he has done.

Would you believe me the earliest memories I have are of watching the original Macross? Before I even entered kindergarten I distinctly remember watching Robotech as it aired on TV which I would later learn was actually Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

I distinctly remember the transforming Valkyries and the Macross, the conflict with the Zentradi and most importantly I remembered Hikaru and Minmay, their relationship and the eventual love triangle with Misa.

Fast forward to today and I watched all Macross shows, all movies and all OVAs. Macross is one of the anime franchises I like the most today.

Alright, if you were a a kid back in the early 90s, (I was) in Latin America (I lived in Mexico) back then you can easily recognize the significance of this pick.

The Latin American adaptation of Seint Seiya was one those franchises that took over and had a persistent presence everywhere you looked. The action figures form the show similar to the modern Myth Cloth was the hottest toy to buy for a couple of years. Being a nice impressionable kid I had my parents buy me a bunch of them.

Seint Seiya was my first foray into a Shonen series. The determined hero that won through sheer will power, the inseparable group of comrades, calling out your attacks, fighting and defeating seemingly invincible opponents and many other Shonen tropes I was first exposed here.

To be honest when I watched Sailor Moon it was a guilty pressure, after all this show was aimed at girls right?

Bah! Who cares, my first magical girl show and I liked it. I watched the series happily over the years from the original Sailor Moon all the way to the Stars. This show like Saint Seiya introduced me to many tropes of magical girl shows.

Much like everyone in the mid 90s I watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. My experience was just like countless others so I wont talk about it.

Happily enough I had surgery when I was a teenager and was bed ridden for a couple of weeks. During that time I watched TV and played games, back then Toonami from Cartoon Network was at it's peak among the shows airing was Gundam Wing,

Gundam Wing was my introduction into the franchise, the Gundams itself, the masked rival, the political conflicts and so on was once again first introduced me here. While in retrospect I'm not too fond of Gundam Wing when compared to other Gundam shows I am thankful that this was my first step into the Gundam universe.

Nowadays, while I have not watched every single show, I watched shows from the original UC time line, alternate universes such as Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 and look forward to watching the remaining shows, movies and OVAs.

Up until this point I did not actively seek anime, I only watched what was aired on TV or featured through cable.

Then, I met my first goddess.

I was blown away when I watched the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The ridiculous premise, the characters and their characterization, the amazing performances by Hirano Aya as Haruhi and Sugita Tomokazu as Kyon, the music, the witty dialogue and the asynchronous airing all took me by surprise. I had up until this point seen nothing like it.

This show is memorable for a variety of reasons to me as it coincided with several things. I was a college student, I finally met people with interest in video games and anime, I was introduced to Youtube and bittorrent as a resource to obtain anime on demand.

This show marked the moment when I went from passively watching anime to actively seeking out new titles, to downloading complete shows or downloading episodes weekly and buying anime DVDs.

Afterwards I watched many of the shows I always wanted to, many of the shows everyone recommended, nothing really shook my boat for the next couple of years.

Then my first goddess got dethroned by a certain white devil.

When I first popped in Nanoha into my DVD player I expected a magical girl show similar to Sailor Moon where Nanoha fought a monster of the week every episode or so. For the most part the first few episodes where like that. Halfway through the series I found myself bored.

Then Fate showed up and suddenly the status quo changed and as the show became about them I was interested again. Once the show ended I liked it, liked it enough to move to Nanoha A's the second season.

I watched the first episode of A's and was speechless at what I saw, right after, I watched the second episode, followed by the third, the fourth, the fifth all the way to the end on one sitting.

The original show made me interested in the franchise, A's made a fan of not only the franchise but Nanoha herself.

You want to know how much I like Nanoha? I bought the anime DVDs, I own several figures of her much more than any one character, I even bought Volk's Dollfie Dream. Never before had I like a character as much as her since Kos-Mos from Xenosaga.

Last year my friend became interested in Pretty Cure, what we talked about was enough to interest me as well. He went on to watch the currently airing show back then , Heartcatch Pretty Cure. I went on to watch the original Futari wa Pretty Cure show.

I knew nothing about it other than its name and once again I expected a fluffy and girly show with a monster of the week formula. True enough I got a monster of the week formula but I did not get fluffy and girly show.

Precure shares more in common with the Masked Rider shows than previous magical girl shows. The battles in particular surprised me, these girls get down and dirty and give a severe beating to the antagonists before finishing them off with their special attacks.

Perfect example, the primary antagonist in Heartcatch 1-hit KOed the girls during their first encounter. During the last battle the Heartcatch girls held nothing back, all four rained down a beating on him, he could not do much more than block or counter their attacks. If that wasn't enough, he was then hit consecutively by three tiers of finishing moves.

Likable protagonists, antagonists, conflicts, style and pacing made Precure the latest franchise to make a fan out of me.

I notice that this is not necessarily a complete history after all, I left so many shows such as anything made by Gainax and Shaft for example.

If anything I would say that it's more a highlight of a few shows and franchises that are memorable to me, shows that opened the doors towards the medium.

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