Shironeko - The Only Reason to Watch Oreimo

So a new season of Ore no Imouto Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai is in full swing and I think I'm starting to hate it haha. I usually don't dislike many anime and can at least find something to like in most works but Kirino is really annoying me in this one haha, and It's not like I liked the first season that much more or anything. Why the hell do I even watch this? Oh yeah Ruri Gokou.

Through the years I have taken many pictures of Ruri Gokou, and based on the amount I guess I could be a bit of a fan of her. "Who the hell is Ruri Gokou?" you say, she's Kuroneko, or uh Shironeko in this case, though you'd never hear her real name from anyone 2D or 3D.

This time I got a SEGA prize figure of her and she is one of the many I came to acquire by actually playing the god-forsaken machines.

I didn't really notice until  I was editing the pictures but this rendition of Kuroneko is ridiculously cute. There's also the fact that I just finished catching up on the latest episode where she comes out in this exact outfit so I might be the tiniest bit biased.

Nah, she really is ridiculously cute.

As it is to be expected from prize figures she's pretty rough around the edges, sometimes literally. You can see that the little tie in her summer dress is a kinda mashed together.

Even if her production quality isn't top notch, she still seems to have an awesome sculpt and expression. I knew there was a reason I would throw money at the machine to get her! Besides blatant fanboyism.

Apart from the rather nasty seam line between her body and her dress, you can see in this picture the slight curve of her chest that fits perfectly with her petite frame. Ah, there are all sorts of wonderful breasts people in this world.

By far my favorite part of this figure is her face. At first I didn't really think she looked that much like Kuroneko, she looked a bit too wide-faced to me, however I've since then revised my opinion. Her cheeks have a slight puffiness that houses the ever so cute blush that she and all other Oreimo girls seem to have. Her eyes fall somewhere between sharp and sweet, much like her personality in the show and beside them is her iconic mole. Ack, I'm falling in love.

You really can't see her back with all that hair getting in the way, nor is it anything very elaborate but I very much like it nonetheless.

In the anime she wears the very hat! I was a bit disappointed to learn that her hat is pretty much glued to her hand and you can't put it on her. You can also see the little frills on her dress which are pretty well done.

This would be a more fetishistic shot if her toes weren't melded together so obviously.

Base is simple and to the point, nothing wrong here. A literal rough around the edge in plain view.

"I will have a different name to call you in two months."

Close up of the frills. This rendition of her gives her a generous, slightly plump and delicious thighs. I have no idea how she would be in the anime since I don't remember getting this type of fan service from her. You can also see her fingers are pretty well done.

I get the feeling that Oreimo is going for a full-blown siscon ending,  you can really get that vibe considering many of the lines between Kirino and Kyosuke can be taken with double meaning. Though I guess that is part of the appeal of this series, it keeps the tension up at the expense of the viewer's sanity. All this is what I gather from the anime alone as I have not read the LN or manga. Well here's hoping there's less Kirino and more Kuroneko, man this is gonna be one annoying season ahahaha.


Till Next Time~

Kuroneko looking smug at different places

If you took a look at this post you might be wondering “what could possibly have Kirino so angry even while on vacation?” It is a known fact that that girl is not a calm being, believe me I know very well, but there exists a specific and tangible reason for this. What’s that? No, the powers bestowed upon me by the Dark Vortex have nothing to do with it, nor have I cast a curse on her miserable existence. It’s simply that in all my magnificence...

I got to go to Japan and she didn’t! Ohohohoho~

Here's me enjoying a flower viewing in a park in Tokyo. You will notice that no Kirino is in sight.

The cherry trees were simply marvelous at full bloom.

Here's me at some famous building without Kirino.

Here I am at some robot, no Kirino to be found.

For some reason a stranger's hand came out in this picture.

Here's some other places Kirino didn't visit.

This store has an amusing name.

No spiriting away was involved.

And that's it from my trip to Tokyo. I hope that next time that light haired idiot will come along to make things more interesting.


Till next time,



How To Pick Up Chicks - Featuring Tony Stark

It's been a while since I made a comic so here you go. This time it seems production values went up! Oh and you might want to play this in a loop while you read: background music.

I don't think that's a standard way of ordering a beer. I usually just ask for names and pick at random.

In truth I wanted to make Tony's lines even more cheesy and inappropriate. But the cheese is not strong with this one.


On the other hand, I think I captured the exact amount of creepiness I wanted in this one.

I really like the faces Kuroneko has, though they are too subtle to use most of the time. She also doesn't have any where she doesn't look like a complete bitch so I tend not to sue her as much.

The hearts are a bit pixelated but I still thought it was a neat effect so I kept it.

What every man wants in a girl: magnificent pauldrons! How did Tony know it was a girl inside that suit? Maybe he doesn't know.

When picking up a lady be sure to bend your knees and keep your back straight to prevent injury.

You don't actually have to scream the name of the ability to sue it, but I wanted to use an action bubble.

I always find it disturbing when someone asks to be hurt more in a fight.

Tony got beat up and thrown out of the building, not sure if I expressed that well enough in the comic. Not shown: Annelotte's sexy fan service shot.

A chick was picked up in this comic so you can't blame me for false advertisement! Hope you liked it.


Till Next Time~

Eh?! Seriously? I've been blogging for two years now?

Guess what happened this past week?

Last week was the second anniversary of the blog, which actually surprises me. I remember my first anniversary as if it happened last week or something.

Much like last year no fancy anniversary post or anything, since I kinda end up forgetting to plan something or other.

What can I say, this year was more eventful than last I suppose, with the domain change and the addition of a new author.

Just as last year, I greatly appreciate everyone that takes the time to read our silly stuff and look at our silly pictures. Above all, I greatly appreciate the nice group of regular visitors that leave comments.

Alrighty then, cheers for another year!

BRB going to Canada

So right now, we are in Japanada Canada.

Last weekend we made a trip to Canada for serious business.

We get to spend a lovely amount of time here in Canada. There is still another seven weeks or so left of our stay.

On the top of mine and exilehero's agenda was meeting up with local celebrity Chag.

Here you can see his arm in the background.

Chag is a fun person, I found it highly amusing when he visibly looked uncomfortable when we took out the figures and starting snapping pictures.

Chag does have some issues with outside figure photography after all.

We had a quick bite to eat at a place called the Loose Moose before heading to our main attraction.

Our destination was the main attraction in Toronto the CN tower.

Once more were me and exilehero amused by Chag's behavior. He might not have voiced it but I'm pretty sure he was thinking something along the lines of:

I can't believe these people are taking pictures of figures out in the open.

When we got to the top it was already dark, we did get a nice view of Toronto illuminated by the city lights and traffic.

The CN tower is not too bad for the price, other big city attractions elsewhere are way more expensive for less.

It was a fun hanging out with Chag, it felt like we had known him forever and were just meeting up.

Fun memories of our trip to Canada, such a this picture of Chag's defeat by DDR will forever stay with us.

I look forward to meeting up with Chag again in the upcoming seven weeks as well as anyone else that pops out and wants to hang out.