Let's play a dating sim with Kirino!

Did you guys know that Legion from the Mass Effect franchise is actually a gamer? Probably not since not only did you have to play a good chunk of Mass Effect 2, buy the Shadow Broker DLC, finished said DLC but also read the somewhat missable character dossiers at the end.

Among the games that he has played was surprisingly enough a dating sim and he totally failed at it. I suppose being a synthetic lifeform and part of a hive mind collective does not work out for the nuances playing a dating sim and trying to court girls.

Kirino looking angry in different places...

Hey guys, what's up? I just came back from a nice little family vacation and I'm feeling quite refreshed. Me being a nice good figure owning person, who happens to like taking photos of said figures, took one along for the ride and took pictures of it.

We went to the beach, and you know what was crossing through my head at the time? Regret. Once we got there I really wish I had brought the lovely Gift 1/4th loli Nanoha, what better place to take pictures of a swimsuit figure than the beach right?

Sigh... oh well, may be next time... because I sure don't go to the beach to go play in the sea with family or friends I go to take pictures of giant loli figures. Sometimes I question myself a little.

It was a nice change of pace for me, was feeling pretty darn blue for a lot of reasons. Which bugs me since not feeling happy sure makes it hard for me to pump out the figure pictures.

Now though, I'm feeling much better and was actually looking to come back home because...

... I received this very pretty scaled figure than I been looking forward to for months. Plus I got a nice idea for the setup I wanna use, which is keeping with my new self imposed decree to only do scaled shoots when I get a nice idea for the figure.

Thinking about it, part of my excitement is that this will be the first scaled figure I gotten this year, the rest has been figmas. Thanks to Alter and GSC's silly factory sharing business everything got super majorly delayed. Since I apparently only have Alter figures on order besides the one I mentioned for the first quarter I have gotten nothing up until now.

In fact for Maid Laura and Jubei there isn't a release date anymore, MFC lists just 2013 and AmiAmi still has the vague Spring 2013. I suppose it worked out for me, not need to cancel them since the delays will allow me to work on improving my financial situation.

So, the more delays the better for me. Yay!

I wasn't actually gonna use the pictures I took while on my vacation for anything but they got positive feedback on Flickr. Way more attention than usual, I got like comments and favorites and stuff! That rarely happens!

So I figured, why not, should go post something on the blog anyways since it has been a while.

Looking back on these photos I'm very jealous, I so do not have nice bodies of water and pretty green nature stuff all over the place back home.

Anyways, filler post done! Laters!

Procrastination is a bad thing you shouldn't do!

Ayase is not amused, I suppose she very rarely was after she go exposed to the Kirino's power levels.

Anyways, lately I feel like I been slacking too much when it comes to the blog, not posting as much as usual.

Haven't really been feeling in the mood for picture taking this past few weeks. I blame in part that the scaled figures I been looking forward to the most got delayed or don't come out until next year. Then again is not like I have a lack of other figures to pictures of right now either.

Argh, I hate photography slumps, fellow photographers what do you do to get out of a funk? Do just wait it out, do you force through and take photos?

Speaking of photos, I have been mildly interesting in buying a micro 4/3rds camera to complement my Lumix LX5 and D3000. The main reason I have yet to buy a camera in that category is the doubt that perhaps I should save up my money and spend it on a full framed body to expand my lens selection. Then again that's a heavy commitment a least a couple grand if go for something like the D700 and the 105mm lens I want.

Curses why is every singly hobby I have so stupidly expensive?

I also have been distracted by such other mundane things such as my PC crapping out inexplicably for some reason. Somehow Windows managed to die in such a form that I could not even access it in safe mode and none of the repairs options did anything.

Oddly enough I could still access the drive and it's data from an Ubuntu boot disc. In the end I just reformatted and reinstalled Windows. No big deal since my data lies elsewhere in a separate set of hard drives.

On the good side because of this incident I discovered that my thermal sink and paste had not been applied properly. A quick trip for some thermal paste and reapplication later my PC runs cooler and way safer for my hardware. Good thing nothing seemed to be damaged.

Although because of this I considered buying a laptop since I only got my PC as my personal computer. I got my eyes on ultrabooks specifically Samsung's Series 9 ultrabooks but boy are they expensive.

Plus my friends have been coming over to play so that usually takes care of my free time during Saturdays which is usually when I have the time and mood to do my photo shoots. It's all cool though, lately we been playing lots of Dead or Alive 5, bouncy!

Which leads to this latest weekend where I went out with my friends to watch a movie, Looper. Man, that movie pissed me off!

I hate it when movies just hand wave time traveling, didn't like that the movie used both the theory where actions in the past directly affect a predetermined future and where different actions in the past create a new timeline.

The other thing that I found disappointing was the lack of Bruce Willis, his presence in the movie was not as much as I would have hoped. Plus I feel I got cheated out of the premise the trailer offered, a past self trying to outsmart his future self who has complete knowledge of all the actions he will take.

Oh well, not a bad movie, still liked it.

Aha! Now I don't have that many random figma shots to use. At least this way I will be forced to take new pictures for a post next time.

Kirino gets in trouble with the law!

I bet no one sees what lesson Kirino learns coming at all.

So recently I received my Kuroko figma.  Waited pretty much all of last year since the game she comes bundled with kept getting delayed.

The game itself is a visual novel with some quick time events here and there using some rather nice 3D models. While I'm not fluent in Japanese I can vaguely understand what's going on... except Kuroko, I can't for the life of me understand anything she says other than her sentence ending "desu no".

Now that the setting is... er... set... we turn to Kirino.

I found these figma sized cola cans a while back, been wanting to use them forever now. Glad to see that I finally get to use them.

Hopefully this sequence of events is not too obtuse.

Also, hmm, what a familiar arm band, what a familiar gun too.

"Nice shooting there, son."

Yes, I know what you are thinking, the can in the air part was magic... or if you are exilehero, why is the can still in one piece?

I bet if you watched the movies as a kid, I bet you tried to do this. I tried, it's really hard actually.

Hopefully the gif played for you and loops, if not, make sure to open it in another window to see it.

Alright, who actually guessed anywhere close as to what lesson Kirino learned?


Also, this was pretty much just a shout out to this scene from Robocop 2.

To end it off, a nice PSA from Robocop!

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Eh?! Seriously? I've been blogging for two years now?

Guess what happened this past week?

Last week was the second anniversary of the blog, which actually surprises me. I remember my first anniversary as if it happened last week or something.

Much like last year no fancy anniversary post or anything, since I kinda end up forgetting to plan something or other.

What can I say, this year was more eventful than last I suppose, with the domain change and the addition of a new author.

Just as last year, I greatly appreciate everyone that takes the time to read our silly stuff and look at our silly pictures. Above all, I greatly appreciate the nice group of regular visitors that leave comments.

Alrighty then, cheers for another year!