Let's take Azunyan for a date

It's been ages since I taken out a figma out and about with me, good thing I got a chance to amend that.

It was exilehero's birthday this past week, everyone, say belated happy birthday!

As such our co-workers arranged to take exilehero to a restaurant of his choosing, a nice Japanese place.

Like any proper American Japanese restaurant they serve you some nice green tea and miso soup. Speaking of which, can't for the life of me come to like miso soup no matter how many times I try it. What about you guys, do you like it?

As luck would have it, exilehero got the largest pieces of sushi I ever seen.

I found it amusing though, while he is used to me doing the picture taking our other companions expressed their amusement in their end at my antics.

Their reaction to me swapping faces on Asuza was priceless. :)

"Oh my god! You ripped her face off!"

Funny, how they also questioned if was actually gonna eat or just take pictures... =_='

One of our co-workers took this nice birthday cake, it's actually made of cupcakes with a layer of frosting on  top. Pretty convenient, makes it easier to eat, no need for utensils or plates.

Apparently Azunyan couldn't wait and took a dive for the cake... come to think of it my camera ended with some frosting on it.

Like my co-worker put it, I guess it makes the picture sweeter?

Afterwards, I was a bit bored while waiting to leave to work so I snapped a few pictures.

Sexy figma legs?

Azusa was not amused to say the least.

I almost forgot to mention it, but this is part of a vaguely related series of posts featuring the K-On! girls.

We got Yui, and Yui again, some Mugi,  Mio with only Ritsu to go now.

It was fun doing this kind of picture taking again, even more so since I haven't done it in a while.

I don't see people taking out their figmas and what not out and about to take pictures lately. I'm not looking in the right place or is it out of vogue now?

Anyways, hope the pictures were enjoyable enough.

I'll catch ya later peeps!

This time I went out with Mugi

Just in case you were getting bored of Yui, this time, I took out Mugi for dinner. We went to to this sushi place, Geisha Sushi it was called. Much to my disappointed there were no geisha around at all.

I'm not a fan of sushi or fish for the most part, so when I got out to sushi bars I got to make sure they serve other types of dishes.

Dishes such as this totally awesome looking New York Teriyaki steak.

Fun outing aside with my friends and Mugi, something else had my interest this past week.

I bought an iPhone, it's nice to own a 21st phone and have all that connectivity. Although I do want to make an effort to not become engrossed with said connectivity. After all, the times when I left home is the few where I was not tied to down to the internets.

Funny comment about the above picture, when my friend saw it he said: "It looks like you got Mugi drunk!"

Back to the iPhone, I got a couple of questions for iPhone savvy people. Is there a way to remove the default apps? The other obvious question, what are some interesting or useful apps?

If you are curious as to what I got on my iPhone right now, you can take a look at this flickr set of mine.

With that said, time for me to take off an enjoy my Easter Sunday with my family.

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Going out with Yui

Two meals and a movie at that I apologize for the white balance being all over the place as I was playing around with using the manual settings and so forth.

The movie was Sucker Punch if you are wondering, not too bad. Although, I do find it you might enjoy it more if you are into anime and video games. During some sequences several games or anime shows would jump to my mind as I was reminded of them.

Another thing for anime fans, the protagonist spends some time wearing a sailor school uniform with zettai ryouki and also sports twin tails.

Anyways, I'm feeling lazy today and I don't have anything in particular to talk about...

... so I will simply just post the pictures.

Have fun.

My, what smooth legs :3 - Alter's Hirasawa Yui

Time to take a look at my favorite K-On! girl.

I like this figure, it feels so Yui-like to me. Full of energy with a happy-go-lucky vibe just like Yui herself.

I'm pleased with the face and hair, sometimes some K-On! figures don't quite depict Yui's cheerfulness.

I like the pose of this figure quite dynamic.

It find it pretty neat that regardless of the angle this dynamism comes through with this figure.

Yui's Gitah looks amazing, just like the real thing. It was a pretty nice inclusion to have a guitar with strings unlike the figma version.

The detail from the pick in Yui's hand up across the guitar is all excellently executed.

Like I mentioned in the title Yui's legs are quite smooth thanks to her trademarked tights.

Say, in the above picture Yui's panties are covered by her tights. Is it still considered a panty shoot?

I'm quite fond of this base, instead of some boring circle or square it's instead an image of a record. The picture of the guitar plus the typography is a nice touch as well.

I can't think of much more to say, next time I wont do this half sleep.

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There comes that time when...

...you no longer feel embarrassed taking pictures outside or carrying a 2D girlie with you.

I mean, taking my camera and figma with me is second nature now. Even when going out for serious business such as a job screening at my former university.

Before, I usually needed at least one friend who was into Japanese media like myself. Even then, I would still feel embarrassed but being with friends meant at least they would understand.

Then a change came to occur, as long as I was with friends it was all fine.

No more embarrassment and awkwardness, unless people actually pointed at me and made some sort of comment to themselves or their companions.

Just the other day thought I noticed not even that bothered me anymore. I just happily snapped away my pictures at the bookstore I met with my friends.

That's not all thought, when I snapped that first picture I realized even when I was by myself I no longer cared about other people.

Which is quite nice, for all its awkwardness and misunderstanding Japanese media gets I have come to terms with it. Enough that I no longer care what other people think of me enjoying them.