Dammit Hollywood! Stop getting in the way of my blog!

Among other things including friends, movies, dust storms, and people calling me late at night.

It's been a while since I done one of these vaguely related pictures of figmas posts. Last one was back in March when I took out Azunyan.

One of our friends wanted to try out our cameras so we hung out at this place for a while snapping pictures away. In the end using Nikon DSLR's convinced him enough to dump his Canon camera and go for the Nikon D800.

Good choice, everyone knows Nikon DSLR's are better right? :P

Since taking pictures stimulates the stomach we went to eat out before heading to our main event for the evening.

I sure miss carrying figmas every where and taking pictures, ah the good ol' college days.

We went to watch Prometheus the much anticipated Alien "prequel" from Ridley Scott.

As a fan of the Alien franchise I was satisfied, it gave a few nods here and there to Alien which was all I really wanted from it. While me and my friend liked it for exilehero it was a snorefest apparently.

Did anyone watch it? How did you like it?

I was actually planning to do a photo shoot of Alter's loli Nanoha in her school uniform for last week's post. Since I am just not happy with the photos I took before, it's been really nagging me for months now.

Alas my plans to do so where crashed by sudden dust storm out of no where that prevented me to do the shots that I wanted outside.

To make matters worse, I was constantly kept up late at night by people calling my cell phone number thanks to some idiot who either gave the wrong number to people or lied to them and gave them mine by chance.

A sleep deprived, grumpy Miette does not lead to anything remotely considered decent pictures. All I ended up doing was messing around with using my diffuser box as a back lit background.

Going of from my fooling around I tried to do a photo shoot involving the back lit background but I ended badly messing the exposure. So I ended with a bunch of crappy under exposed pictures that I decided to give up on for a post.

Fast forward to this weekend and this time it included a failed try at doing a photo shoot for Alter's lovely and sexy recent swim suit Nanoha.

Alas, my idea for the set didn't quite work out and had to scrap the shoot since I ran out of sun and no longer had the lighting I had in mind.

Which leads to this Saturday where I spent all day giving a thorough cleaning to a good chunk of my figmas and reposing them. I been very lazy about cleaning my figmas, since I have so many of them now it makes it seem like such a chore and end up procrastinating.

Although I must say I find it strangely relaxing to clean my figures.

That was followed by hanging out with my friends again, going out for some dinner and then watching Men in Black 3. The end result was these pictures of Mirai.



There you have it, a lazy post with lazy pictures. I should really stop using my Lumix LX5 on auto and actually take proper pictures when I go out now that I look at these pictures.

I'm wondering now, do you people even care for posts like this?

Well, whatever, next week exilehero will have a nice proper post for you lovely readers.

Pre-order list: the OMG so much $$$ edition!

It's been a while since I done one of these.

Last time it was back on late June.


Ergh, so annoying I was so looking forward to have Yukari waiting for me at home after I came back from my business trip. Alas, she was delayed until the end of October, I hope there is no more delays for her.

Everybody watched Working!! right? Such a fun show, out of all the girls I must say Yamada is my favorite of the bunch. Such a fun character, Alter's rendition sure displays that.

Man, I was so hyped for this figma. I mean, it's Robocop, Robocop!

Much like with Phat's Yukari Robocop was delayed until the end of October.

This is odd, I been collecting figmas ever since their introduction a few years back. All of them have been exclusively girls, now though I want quite a few guys.

I look forward to getting Touma, been wanting to continue that CNN9 report I did back in February.

So, I know how people feel about Kirino and Kuroneko but what about Ayase?

I don't really like her but just look at those faces and cuffs, she is bound to be fun for pictures. Even more so with that unluky Touma figma I'm getting.


November can't come soon enough, I can't wait to get Homura my favorite Puella Magi.

Although, I must say, Homura needs more guns, no assault rifles? no light machine guns? Makes me a bit sad.

For a while Kuroko was my favorite Index girl. She is such a perv, I love it.

Sadly I gotta pay extra for her much like with Biri Biri and Misaka-imouto because of bundled in game. Still I look forward to use her on that CNN9 report continuation.


Earlier this year my lack of employment led me to miss out on this awesome Dizzy figure.

As a fan on Guilty Gear and Dizzy, I'm happy to have the chance to rectify that.

So I hear NISA might bring the BRS game to the west, including may be that special edition from Japan.

From that game comes this version of BRS. I think she looks quite cool with the wings and the more manageable cannon.

I'm getting all the other Index figmas so no surprised I'm getting Index herself right?

I'm curious to see how the use of cloth will turn out with her and the other figmas that make use of it.


Joining Madoka and Homura is Mami.

Was she always this busty? I really don't remember her being this busty on the show. Anyways, I'm quite happy with the selection of expressions for Mami.

We all have figures we wished we had bought, or had the chance to buy.

The original Alter Aigis was one such figure for me, so I quickly jumped at the chance of owning this figure. After all Aigis is my favorite girl from Persona 3.

People go about how this and that character is GAR or manly but none can compare to Guts.

Just look at him, Guts kills the type of things that are final bosses on a daily basis. You want manliness go for the guy that kills Eldrich abominations as if it was a walk in the park.


Sigh... this girl... out of all the Puella Magi she was the one with the design I liked the most. Too bad the rest was a lost cause. Still I look forward to owning her, too bad there is no expression to go for when she snapped before she died.


I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait for Ika Musume next year. Everything that makes her so awesome is well represented in this figma. Plus just look at the crying face of her, so darn cute.

So there you have it, biggest pre-order list I had up until now. It's only missing one figure, the Queen's Blade version of Noel Vermillion but her exclusiveness and high price is making me hesitate to commit to buy her.

So, anyone getting any these?

Time to Make Another List

Now that January has come and gone and a bunch of companies and what not got a small fortune from me it's time to make another list of future purchases.

If you are interested in my previous list you can take a look here.


After the overly expensive January with so many game releases and Alter's Exceed Mode Nanoha plus an unexpected purchase looks like March will be the same now that it has been pointed out to me Nanoha was delayed to March.

Right now there are three characters that I love to death. The first is Kos-Mos from Xenosaga, the second is Nanoha and the third Reimu.

Alter is my current favorite figure maker, there is no way I will be missing a release of any of those three girls by them.

While February is mostly empty March will be a killer for me thanks to game releases and these 3 figures.

I like K-On! moe blob show or not I enjoyed it with my favorite character being Yui. I already got her nendo and plan on getting this scaled release of her. Already got her pre-ordered at Hobby Search for 6460 yen.

Next up is the garage kit turned PVC figure. I really love the face sculpture on this figure plus Reimu being one of favorite characters makes a nice combo for me. Should go pre-order her soon at Ami Ami for 7140 yen.

I still got my sights on GSC's Index although I haven't decided yet if I will pick her up. She has a current price of 5950 yen over at Ami Ami.

Total for March 28 275 yen.


Stupid K-On! for being so popular.  When Yui went up for pre-orders she sold out before I could even load the page. Luckily for me she went up again this week with an April re-release. I do plan on getting the rest of the girls to complete the set.

Yui is now hopefully safely pre-ordered at Hobby Search for 2,266 yen.

From the much under appreciated show Gai-Rei Zero comes the protagonist Kagura Tsuchimiya. Go watch that show, it was awesome and has one of the best hooks for a first episode.

She retails for 2150 yen.

Total for April 4416 yen.


The main reason I liked Gai-Rei Zero so much has to be Yomi Isoyama. She turned out to be one of my favorite tragic villains in recent memory. Did I say to go watch this show? You should.

She is up for 2150 yen.

Total for April 2150 yen.

There you have it a much shorter cheaper list than before. Thanks in part to it being half figmas. Now time to go to save money for March and the rest of the year.

Delays, delays, planning...and some crying...

Just as the title says, there were some delays. In specific the one that causes me the most despair is the delay of Alter's Nanoha Exceed mode until late January as listed by Ami Ami. T_T...I'm been waiting so long to get her on my hands ever since I saw the unpainted prototype at a hobby show.

However, now because Nanoha along with several other figures being delayed past December it gives me more breathing room instead of having everything released in one month.

Thus the purpose of this post, I need some planning now and will make use of this post to list my future pre-orders and such to organize and have easy access to my planned figure purchases.


So many end of year releases ended slipping to Q1 2010, leaving me with only one release still scheduled for December.

I still have Yui nendo up for pre-order at Hobby Search. Hopefully I will get her at the end of the year or early next year making Yui my first nendo.

She was up for 3,167 yen at the time I pre-ordered.

With now an empty December this leaves with the chance to get a couple of recently released figures I want to get.

The first is Good Smile's supercell feat. Miku Hatsune World is Mine retailing for about 6,720 yen.

I loved the album and art included, plus Miku is my favorite Vocaloid, so I would love to pick this one up.

The second is the lovely Maria Holic resident trap Mariya produced by Orchid Seed retailing for around 5905 yen.

After having watched Maria Holic, Mariya became one of my favorite traps so I felt compelled to get him as well.

If funding allows there are two Kotobukiya older releases I would like to get.

I previously got Shirai Kuroko and you can go take a look at my photo shoot of her under the "Figures" tab. Back then I missed out of getting Biri Biri and now I want to complete this duo after watching/reading A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Biri Biri retails around 4865 yen.

I have given up on getting my hands on Kotobukiya's Hinagiku swimsuit version. However, I still have a chance to get Nagi for about almost half price when she comes in stock later this month.

Total for December = 23 637 yen


Time for the new year, in January I have a bunch of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha stuff.

First up is of course what became my most wanted figure right now.  I'm a big Nanoha fan, she is my favorite girl from the series. When I saw the painted version of this figure I knew I had to have her regardless of the cost.

Thanks to Ami Ami I pre-order her for a more manageable 10 290 yen.

Naturally, I also got the movie version of loli Nanoha pre-ordered for 2150 yen.

Chiaki due to her slipping into January will give up her title as my first nendo. If you don't know who she is go watch/read Minami-ke, it's awesome. I got her pre-ordered for 2793 yen.

I undecided as to get Fate or not. I leaning towards getting her at a later time. I'm afraid the same thing will happen with her as it did with her adult form and become hard to get a hold of after the original release.

She has the same price as figma Nanoha of 2150 yen.

Also up for consideration is the upcoming Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable - The Battle of Aces PSP game. The "Lyrical Box" version that comes with this school uniform loli Nanoha figma.

It has a steep price of 12 820 yen.

Total for January = 30 203 yen (assuming I get the PSP game) 17 383 (without PSP game)

On a small separate note, January also has Reimu figma. I have seen her on several places from anywhere between $50-90.

Regardless of the cost, I will get my hands on this figma next month.


Leading the pack for Febraury is Stand By Ready Nanoha by Alter. I'm not missing out on any Alter Nanoha figures period.

I got her pre-ordered for a cool 7902 yen.

While everybody but one person I know of was head over heels for a certain previous Saber Lily release, I passed on her. Instead my attention was focused on Alter's version, sadly due to her previous release date I didn't pre-order her.

If I get the chance I will pick her up in February for about 6280 yen.

A surprising release that was announced is the lovable Osaka from Azumanga. I didn't expect an Azumanga figure at all, and this being Osaka of all people I can't pass it up.

I will pre-order her for 3840 yen.

If I end up getting uniform version Nanoha I will pick up Fate as well.

She retails for 1920 yen.

Another favorite Tohou character of mine is Flandre Scarlet, boss of EoSD's extra stage. She retails for about 5450 yen.

Total for February = 25 392 yen


So sad, I was looking forward to Yui this month. After reading about Mio's delay it was expected that the same would happen to Yui.

I have her pre-ordered her for 6460 yen.

Also in March I got my eyes on Good Smile's Index. I hope Good Smile releases the other heroines from A Certain Magical Index mainly Biri Biri.

Current price of about 5850 yen.

Also in my radar is this nice Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei set featuring the two scariest girls in my opinion from his class.

This is being produced by the unknown to me Peadot for 6940 yen.

Another Reimu figure on the list. This was previously a resin kit, that now thanks to Gift it will get a PVC release. This will retail for 7140 yen.

Total for March = 26 390 yen

That's all I got so far.

Now that I have listed the figures I want in the foreseeable future I have a better idea of what I want and stuff that I can pass on or try to buy at a later date.

Need to plan my purchases carefully, since I still got to consider my gaming purchases for Q1 of next year.

I shall now make use of this post to either add or remove figures I plan on getting or not.