Going out with Yui

Two meals and a movie at that I apologize for the white balance being all over the place as I was playing around with using the manual settings and so forth.

The movie was Sucker Punch if you are wondering, not too bad. Although, I do find it you might enjoy it more if you are into anime and video games. During some sequences several games or anime shows would jump to my mind as I was reminded of them.

Another thing for anime fans, the protagonist spends some time wearing a sailor school uniform with zettai ryouki and also sports twin tails.

Anyways, I'm feeling lazy today and I don't have anything in particular to talk about...

... so I will simply just post the pictures.

Have fun.

CNN9 Special Report

CNN? 9? Strongest? Why does that ring bell? I heard Cirno encountered some passing by magician or something.

Hey! Convenient, someone asked to see a certain level 5 esper recently.

This is so totally not Gensokyo though.

Speaking of level 5's I would like an Accelerator and Mugino figma.

Say, both Yuki and Aya said it was evening right? Sure looks like day to me.

Ah! I wonder who that tipster was.

What's with that face Biri Biri? What where you looking at in that cellphone?

Ahem! Trying to subtly pretend that expression didn't happen huh?

I am a Biri Biri fan. All thanks to the Sister's arc in the Railgun manga. More on that latter though.

Gee, I wonder who would ask such a thing? I bet this fan already knows the answer though.

That reminds me, I anxiously await the figma of this fan.

Man, I can almost hear Aya snicker or something. Wonder why she is writting down her findings.

Indeed, I wonder how. Aya is the fastest so it must have escaped our eyes.

Hmm... wasn't that interview a little on the short side?

Looks like the connection was lost.

Not a single word from you huh? Yuki.

Hey, I remember that. Huh? You are just moving on like that?

Wait? A fight like that is just a brawl?

Now an extra, behold my wonderful set up for these pictures!

This photo shoot was not without casualties. I lost one of Sakuya's stickers, sigh. Also Aya fell from my desk and ended breaking a joint somehow. Luckily enough I have spares thanks to a previous broken figma.


One last thing, Aya has in my opinion one of the catchiest themes in Touhou.

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I like Yui :3

This surely hadn't happened in a while.

With a job interview last week and Thanks Giving this week didn't have time to plan out a post. In order to not have a gap I will post this picture.

I went a got myself a third lamp to try some 3 point lighting. So I played a bit with that and this picture is one of the many I took.

Even if it's only one picture I thought I should commemorate Yui's birthday. Yui being my favorite K-On! girl and all. Although I must say I find it odd to do so, never been one to think much of character birthdays.

My, what smooth legs :3 - Alter's Hirasawa Yui

Time to take a look at my favorite K-On! girl.

I like this figure, it feels so Yui-like to me. Full of energy with a happy-go-lucky vibe just like Yui herself.

I'm pleased with the face and hair, sometimes some K-On! figures don't quite depict Yui's cheerfulness.

I like the pose of this figure quite dynamic.

It find it pretty neat that regardless of the angle this dynamism comes through with this figure.

Yui's Gitah looks amazing, just like the real thing. It was a pretty nice inclusion to have a guitar with strings unlike the figma version.

The detail from the pick in Yui's hand up across the guitar is all excellently executed.

Like I mentioned in the title Yui's legs are quite smooth thanks to her trademarked tights.

Say, in the above picture Yui's panties are covered by her tights. Is it still considered a panty shoot?

I'm quite fond of this base, instead of some boring circle or square it's instead an image of a record. The picture of the guitar plus the typography is a nice touch as well.

I can't think of much more to say, next time I wont do this half sleep.

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There comes that time when...

...you no longer feel embarrassed taking pictures outside or carrying a 2D girlie with you.

I mean, taking my camera and figma with me is second nature now. Even when going out for serious business such as a job screening at my former university.

Before, I usually needed at least one friend who was into Japanese media like myself. Even then, I would still feel embarrassed but being with friends meant at least they would understand.

Then a change came to occur, as long as I was with friends it was all fine.

No more embarrassment and awkwardness, unless people actually pointed at me and made some sort of comment to themselves or their companions.

Just the other day thought I noticed not even that bothered me anymore. I just happily snapped away my pictures at the bookstore I met with my friends.

That's not all thought, when I snapped that first picture I realized even when I was by myself I no longer cared about other people.

Which is quite nice, for all its awkwardness and misunderstanding Japanese media gets I have come to terms with it. Enough that I no longer care what other people think of me enjoying them.