Project Snap_Fig

Hello, fellow internet figure loving denizens, how are you doing today?

Today I wanna do a quick shout out to this lovely project by the fellows at Sakura Doujin.

They want to publish a photo book, but not just any ol' boring photo book, a figure photo book. However, that is not all, aside from putting a lot of pretty pictures within the pages of the photo book they have another goal in mind:

They want to give a peek into the process behind creating those beautiful figure photos. Camera settings, lighting set ups, behind the scenes pictures, descriptions from the photographers, everything you need to know how a picture was taken.

I like the idea as it shows everyone how all you need is a little photography knowhow and creativity to be able take amazing figure photos. I have already submitted my pictures and so have several others. There is still a bit of time until the submission deadline, so head on over to Sakura Doujin's Project Snap_Fig page to read up on the details of the project, submission guidelines and see a mockup of the pages in the book.

Happy Miku Day!

Hello, how ya guys doing today?

Did you guys enjoy your Miku day this year?

Since I just so happened to have a free day and was taking figure pictures already, I just decided to snap some pictures of the super lovely 2013 Racing Miku.

To be honest I'm not really that much into Miku like some people. I like the occasional Vocaloid song whether from Miku herself or the other members of the Vocaloid family. Same thing for the figures, I'm the type of person that rolls their eyes at the umpteenth recolor of nendo Miku rather than squeal in delight.

However, every once in while you get a variety of creators doing interesting things with Miku. They give a unique spin to Miku with their designs, case in point this version of Racing Miku by Shimazaki Mari. This is when I nod my head and feel grateful that Miku's enduring popularity gives way to such an interesting and varied outlet for people's creativity.

While I'm not a super fan I'm glad I can take easy and enjoy the silly Miku stuff like Miku day every now and then.

Hope you had a fun Miku day too!

Append Miku - Foot Fetish Figma

Hey all,

I while back Fabrice Requin had a contest where two Miku figures were up for grabs, and I was lucky enough to win :D! So thanks to Fabrice I own a Miku Append Figma woo.

With these photos I experimented a lot with all type of abstract backgrounds and lighting. I put a bunch of old boxes, some paper, I illuminated the background though and xbox case to make it green, but alas I didn't like any of that. I ended up using the back of one of my storage boxes since it looks kinda futuristic, but even then I'm not completely satisfied. I'll think more about what to do about backgrounds.

As for the title, I head some people complain about append Miku going barefooted (Miette included) so I decided to take it to the logical extreme and take some foot fetish pics! Ah, now you're gonna think I'm some weirdo... I appreciate most parts of the female body, this includes feet and legs, however I do not have a fixation on those parts. I didn't take that many of that type anyway... /disclaimer

Anyway I'll let Miku take it from here.

"Oh? It seems another has come begging at my feet."

"Don't take me lightly human, I do not consider you my equal. I will not allow you to look at me with such lustful eyes so easily. You have been hypnotized by my beauty. Of course, I am a very special, it was to be expected. Ah, I guess there's no helping it. If you want to be my follower..."

"I command you, lick the sole of my foot!"

"Oh? You're enjoying this? You certainly are a strange one. Well, get ready to bask in my greatness, for my body is art itself!"

"How about this! Tip-toes, might satiate your perverted appetite. This scene reminds you of something? I don't know this Tomoe person you speak of."

"They say the back of the neck is one of the most elegant parts of female beauty. I bet you're staring at something else, you pervert."

"My body is quite elastic as well. My body flows graceful as swan in the water!"

"You are witnessing art in the making! Bow before me humans, for your savior has arrived. There is none else to match my godliness!"

*Ahem* "huh?"


Man, Append Miku is kinda harsh. Don't let her bother you too much! She might have a harsh expression but I think she's just playing around... probably. Oh and I forgot to complain about the base. God, she should have just had a hole to put in the base peg, so troublesome!

Till next time! When I hopefully will have a background that suits my taste. Maybe I'll just go outside and get rid of the problem...

Pre-order list time!

This time it's not too long of a list.

The list from last time.


The lone figure for July, can't wait to own her as the good Nanoha fan that I am.


Still got the cutesome Lat Miku on my list and look forward to her as well. This is one Miku figure I can actually understand the hype for.

I look forward to good ol' Suika, good some neat ideas for a few photos featuring her.

I can't believe this is actually happening, It's Robocop, a figma Robocop, Robocop!!!

Funny though, I watched the movie as a kid a lot. When I watched it when I was older I was quite surprised it's definitely not for kids.

I bought the three other Cures from Heartcatch gotta complete the set with the elegant and strong Cure Moonlight.


Still makes me happy I can buy her at AmiAmi, I think out of all the figures on this list this is the one I want to see in my hands the most.

Then there is Madokami, I'm betting on there being a Homura figma otherwise I will find this too be not as appealing.

At least I will be able to take a picture of Kyubei and a certain other magical girl.

This is my tentative list until August anyways.  There are plenty of other figures that I would like to pre-order but with August being a heavy month I will wait. I'm hoping for some delays to spread out things a bit more.

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It's nice to have a job

No worries about whether I will have money for this and that really gives me peace of mind.

The lack luster list from last time.


Rei sure has been delayed a lot, heck figures that where announced after her ended being released first. I hope it's not because of some production troubles or anything like that.

I wonder if I'm the only one that liked Kirino, every one else seems to be on the hate wagon when it comes to her. I have a theory that people dislike her because her mannerisms when it comes to otaku antics hit to close to home for some people.

Anyways, I do hope those crossed arms of hers fit other figmas. There is at least one other bossy girl I would like to use that pose with.

I really like this figure, it's simple,  elegant, doesn't pop up too much. Just like Kanade herself, plus because it is a simple a figure the price is not too high either.


This is probably the first and last Mirai anything I will buy as I'm not fond of her design that much.

I find this Mirai to have come back in full circle for me. If I hadn't stumbled across Danny's site 4 years ago, I don't think I would have gotten into figure collecting at all. It was because he got his hands on the original figma Yuki that I became interested in figures, 50+ figmas latter here we are.


This is gonna be Nanoha figure number 5, 6 if you count my Nanoha dollfie. All of those, dollfie aside are of Nanoha in several variations of her barrier jacket. A Nanoha figure in her uniform is a nice change of pace plus she has hair down giving her a different feeling.


I'm not a big Miku fan, I only own the original figma version after all. For some reason I found this version incredibly cute. Hell, I'm not even into glasses or anything.

Next up is the next figma in the Touhou line. The drunkard oni that loves to party, I look forward to many fun pictures with her.

Still, stupid Otacute, what's with the high mark up?


Finally we got Yukari, I like this figure, so Yukari like.

I been following this figure since I saw the unpainted version at some event. I was happy to see she was available at AmiAmi as well since Chen wasn't. I do hope though that as my first Phat figure she doesn't disappointmt me.

There you have it, these figures I will get for sure since I can't actually cancel any of them.

Might add some more if money is available.

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