Ika Musume Figma - Won't you get lost?

Hey all! Today we take a journey along Ika Musume and her ever-present goal of world domination... or something.

I suppose I should talk about Ika Musume and just how nice and clean her figma came out but...

...I broke my Haruhi and it kinda made me sad for a while haha. You can see the patched up wound in this picture. I wonder if the Power Rangers aired outside the US, maybe not everyone will get this one.

That's a lot of ~de geso. Ika has really nice and expressive faces.

Her character lends herself to be put into plenty of amusing situations.

But she's probably best when playing off of someone else.

Incidentally, Mayoi tends to appear when people get lost. The more you know~

Mayoi, another really expressive figma. Very unrestricted because of her short skirt and picked up hair. Ika's skirt is made of soft rubber so there's less restriction even if it's long.

Loli fight! Loli Fight!

Behold my amazing balancing skills! She's actually harder to balance by herself than when she was carrying Mayoi... The ankle bracelet things restrict the movement a bit so you have less space to work with when balancing.

Ika Musume is very good at making friends.

And so Ika Musume forgot she was invading... again.

figma Uesugi Kenshin - Moe Samurai

Uesugi Kenshin was one of the most powerful lords of the Sengoku period. Chiefly remembered for his prowess on the battlefield, now Uesugi is a figma based on the game Race Quest, but also appeared in Sengoku Rance.

Uesugi Kenshin was also a Woman.

Kenshin’s abilities were no match for the many assassins sent to end her life from all over JAPAN.

For some reason she wears some stupid looking hat into battle.

No one can hope stand up to the might of the Uesugi!

Uesugi is invincible!...

Uesugi is a maiden at heart however...

The jelly donuts onigiri she makes are 3 times larger than normal because she eats a lot.

Iron Man Vs Danbo - The Revenge of Tony Stark

This time I'm trying to give more of a backstory (Not that anyone cares) as to why Iron Man is so hellbent on eating ice cream bars. It's a little shorter and nonsensical this time. But first a little recap of our story so far.

Robo Yotsuba was created by Tony Stark to counter Yotsuba's faction fast advances!

Experiments went horribly wrong!

Tony Stark kidnaps god!

Danbo is in some deep schist! None of this actually happened in the last story by the way... So don't look!

Back to our main story... In the past! This is all over the place...

I was going for a Phoenix Wright kind of point at you thing here.

Have you guys played the new Zelda? This gesture is in it, I found it really amusing.

Back to the present and.. To be continued...


Next comic a conclusion. I promise. And dammit why does Yotsuba keep saying Dambo instead of Danbo!? Keep to the script kid!

This time let's go out with Mio and Mayoi

It's been a while since I posted some pictures of the good old figma + food variety.

So as a continuation to a couple of previous posts this time I had Mio join me.

Mio wasn't by herself though, exilehero's Mayoi came along for the ride too.

Shortly after coming back from Canada exilehero and me were invited by our friends to go to a newly opened Korean BBQ.

After my hotpot experience during Canadian thank's giving I was craving a similar experience. It was cool, pretty similar in the end, you only pay for the meat and all the side dishes you can eat are free.

Delicious, I particularly liked the one that was seasoned with something or other. However, make sure it's cooked, in this particular restaurant our waitress took care of that for us.

Speaking of the waitress, she asked me about my picture taking shenanigans, long time since anyone had done.

Not terribly expensive either, even more so since it was four of us. I did end up craving more of it by the time we left though.

It was a cool experience over all. Wouldn't mind going back.