Hoshii Miki, Kisaragi Chihaya and Shijou Takane Yukata ver.

Yukata 765 Pro Hey peeps! Hows are the cooling days treating you?

I decided to have one last reminder of summer with a nice look at my favorite 765 Pro trio. FREEing provided the perfect set of figures for me with their Chihaya, Miki and Takane from the nice classic The IDOLM@STER.

Nothing like pretty idols in yukatas to remind you of summer.

765 Pro Yukata

I'm not one to usually buy complete sets of scaled figures. Price is definitely the major factor for my decision not to. This is followed by the characters themselves, very rarely do I feel attachment to all the characters in a set that I find it I would like to get them all. The last reason is the typically large gaps between releases.

It was quite unexpected for me when all three those fell to the wayside... mostly anyways.

The average price that I paid for each of the girls was around 7500 yen. Still pricey indeed but definitely a far cry from the typical 10,000 + yen prices that are becoming increasingly common.

If you ask who are my top three favorite girls from 765 Pro you are looking at them right now.

Amazingly enough all three were released in about a month, I find that nothing short of miraculous when it comes to figure releases period.

Essentially, the stars just aligned for me when it came for these beautiful set of figures.

Yukata Miki

Let's start off with Miki, I talked a bit about her last time when I showed off my super nice prize figure of her. To recap, Miki is the best idol, the idol of idols!

This rendition of Miki is just so super nice to look at, I just can't but help feeling re-energized when I do so. This definitely Miki when she is on her "on" mode.

Yukata Miki

I am just so in love with her nice dynamic pose, I can just picture her calling  out to her "Honey" as she excitedly runs off.

Out of the three girls Miki is definitely the one with the most energy and excitement.

Yukata Miki

The yukata shows off her a different shade than her typical signature color but looks really well. The accents of yellow from her obi, bag and geta go well with her overall theme.

Yukata Miki

The flower patterns on her bring that nice girlish charm as does the flower adorning her hair giving a nice contrast.

Yukata Miki

I'm quite pleased as a Miki fan with this rendition of her. My only complaint is that her base is a tad too small, as Miki is leaning forward her center of gravity causes her to topple easily. In fact while taking photos she went face first to my desk a few times, I'm super glad nothing really happened to her.

Other than that, I'm happy I added my second Miki figure to my collection.

Yukata Chihaya

On the other end of the spectrum on several fronts we have the stoic Chihaya. Oh boy, don't you all love Chihaya?

I just love her depiction as the best singer in universe, this is one of those rare occasions where I just find the casting perfect. I mean , have you guys heard Isami Amai singing Arcadia? It's just sooooo darn good.

Yukata Chihaya

I also like her sense of humor, I always found the contrast of her fairly serious persona and when she breaks up laughing over the silliest of things. Like that one time with the box and Haruka.

My favorite thing about her is how she is damaged goods thanks having "murdered" her little brother. All the delicious drama that resulted from that, the amazing recovery together with the rest of the 765 Pro girls, if there was one overarching storyline to pursue in the anime that was the best pick!

Yukata Chihaya

Chihaya's slim profile definitely works well with a yukata, the line of her body is very lovely to look at.

Yukata Chihaya

The pattern with the fish and the ripples are just nothing short of beautiful. The splashes of red with the flowers and ribbon just compliment her colors.

Yukata Chihaya

Her ponytail has a nice swaying motion and showcases the sexiest part in a woman, the beautiful delicate nape. That is one of the reasons ponytails increase a girl's cuteness after all!

Yukata Chihaya

While serious, broken on the inside Chihaya is nice and all, seeing this depiction having fun is pretty nice too.

Yukata Takane

However, the idol that looks best in a yukata is without a doubt is Takane. You can tell she comes from the Old Capital, the elegance of her posture, the way she carries herself just sets her apart.

Yukata Takane

While her image is definitely one of elegance I always found it very amusing with how eccentric she can be at times. I can't help but find it charming when she expresses joys at the simplest of things or her love of food. I suppose when you are from the moon even small things are a new experience.

Yukata Takane

The darker color scheme of her yukata really highlights her more mature charm when compared to the other girls. The flowers once again accentuate the yukata with the moon as a nice focal point. A shame FREEing ended up changing the design slightly and removing the clouds covering part of the moon.

Yukata Takane

Her flowing long wavy hair looks very alluring, I'm glad FREEing did not end up putting some horrible seam lines along the hair.

Yukata Takane

The umbrella looks fairly nice but I think it missed the paper texture and sadly looks like just a piece of plastic. A bit of a shame, could have really been a nice plus on the figure.

Yukata Takane

I can forgive that though, just looking at Takane's demure smile makes me all ready to fall in love whenever I set my eyes on her.


A few years back I saw a couple of their works, they were a bit rough here and there but fast forward to today and I got almost no complaints. My first experience was pretty good,  for my second first hand experience with FREEing I'm not disappointed by their work. Over all I think the three girls look excellent!

I would have been happy with just any one of them but that I would get the chance to get such a nice set like this with all my three favorites makes me nothing short ecstatic.

FREEing Makoto Nanaya Figure - Stripperiffic and Squirrelicious

Hey all, this time I took photos of Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue. Incidentally, Google suggested "squirrelicious" when I was searching for squirrel related puns. I think it works quite well. I'm a big fan of BlazBlue (BB) from where she's from. I really wanted a BB figure but I didn't like Rachel's angry expression that much. Even if I like Rachel better overall. I'd almost say I got her so I could talk about BB. Also she's from FREEing, which is the same as my other figure and it's absolute coincidence I swear. For some reason FREEing tend to do characters I like. They have good taste.


Here's a little video of her in the game. She plays quite fast and a little mocking, it fits her character. BB was made by Ark System Works. Same people who made Guilty Gear among other things. BB is very flashy and smooth. It has really nice and Hi-res 2D sprites which is pretty different from all the newer fighting games, except the upcoming KOF13. Well enough about BlazBlue and how awesome it is. (Go play it)

As you can see she's quite curvy. I like the arc in the back that can be seen nicely in this shot. Also her tail is supposed to be very soft, but in the figure it's hard plastic...  I guess you can't have everything.

For this photo shoot I wanted to experiment a little more with the lighting. I took a lot a photos but I wasn't completely happy with any. And after a looking at videos online and looking at pictures at myfigurecollection.net I ended up with something like the first two shots which I was happy with... Except for the DUST! Damn you dirty boxes I used to set up the lamps!

So I never really frequented MFC.net that much until I started to do some research for the lighting. I discovered it's pretty neat, never used many of the features there. So I promptly created an Account so I could turn off the NSFW filter.

Absolute Territory!

The painting on this part of the figure is a little rough, and apparently you can force cast her off and she's anatomically correct. Though I don't think I'll be stripping her.

One of the tonfas or whatever the hell they are that she fights with. The shape is reminiscent of a cross because she's a soldier from "The Church" in the story. You can take them off.

Overall Makoto is very nicely sculpted. The only downside of her is that the painting is a bit lacking.

She has quite an outfit. See how many fetishes you can find. I can count at least 4.

Boots. She just thinks it's more practical to fight in something that is easy to move. If she was going for sexy she'd have high-heels on or something. Not that I'm complaining.

I read an excerpt of the BlazBlue manga where she had supposedly lost her panties. She said that because of her tail they become loose and she doesn't notice when they fall off. But it was not the case with this figure apparently.

Miette liked this one so I included it. "Yes I know I'm busty, look at them!" Her head can turn left to right and even a little up and down. Gives her a little more personality.


And that's it boys and girls. I really enjoyed playing with a curvy figure like this. I really wanted to experiment with different types of lighting to emphasize the her shapeliness but I ended up with a lot of other types of photos. I would like to try shooting another sexy figure, we'll see what happened. Also, BlazBlue is awesome!


Next time... More Iroman and Danbo!

Why do you have such sexy legs?

Today I'm gonna talk about FREEing's Ookami Ryouko. Incidentally she is the first ever figure that I buy with my own money. By the way the title of this post is a spoof on Grandma, why do you have such big teeth?, or something like that.

Ryouko is from the anime Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, which I believe is a play on Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The anime portrays fables spin offs in modern settings, like little red riding hood, 3 little pigs and the like. I liked the anime well enough but I really liked Ryouko's character design, she's supposed to be the big bad wolf. Though she's not bad at all.

She is made by FREEing, which for the longest time I thought was just a subsidiary under under Good Smile Company, but I believe it's the moniker of the sculptor as well. I've always liked FREEing's stuff. Long before I ever considered buying figures I felt tempted to purchase his work, but I never had the money for it. But now I work!

I really Like royoko's face. I dig her tsurime.  You can really appreciate the sculpting from this angle.

One the biggest appeals of this figure are her very sexy legs. You can also take a peek of her midriff in this shot.

Very detailed boots. Nevemind the ant.

When I received her she came with a little bit of paint transfer on her leg, but I don't mind that much. I really like how her hands are sculpted.

Her pose is very nice. Her back arches in a way that makes it very attractive.

These are the Neko-Neko Knuckles which are essentially taser-boxing gloves. They leave as mark of a cat when you get punched. They also make a nyaa sound when punching.

She has really nice and long hair.

A clearer shot of the midriff.

You can take off the Neko-Neko Knuckles.

The knuckles actually help to counter balance her. Once I took them off she lost some of her stability and tumbled face first into bricks. Her bangs got a little scratched...

Originally I wasn't going to post a panty-shoot because it doesn't really suit Ryouko's character but she was so detailed that I just had to share.

In the end I am pleased with my first figure. I really enjoyed taking photos of it. However I get this feeling that something is missing with scaled figures. I think I've played too much with Miette's Figmas and I miss making the kooky poses. Until next time!