Why do you have such sexy legs?

Today I'm gonna talk about FREEing's Ookami Ryouko. Incidentally she is the first ever figure that I buy with my own money. By the way the title of this post is a spoof on Grandma, why do you have such big teeth?, or something like that.

Ryouko is from the anime Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, which I believe is a play on Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The anime portrays fables spin offs in modern settings, like little red riding hood, 3 little pigs and the like. I liked the anime well enough but I really liked Ryouko's character design, she's supposed to be the big bad wolf. Though she's not bad at all.

She is made by FREEing, which for the longest time I thought was just a subsidiary under under Good Smile Company, but I believe it's the moniker of the sculptor as well. I've always liked FREEing's stuff. Long before I ever considered buying figures I felt tempted to purchase his work, but I never had the money for it. But now I work!

I really Like royoko's face. I dig her tsurime.  You can really appreciate the sculpting from this angle.

One the biggest appeals of this figure are her very sexy legs. You can also take a peek of her midriff in this shot.

Very detailed boots. Nevemind the ant.

When I received her she came with a little bit of paint transfer on her leg, but I don't mind that much. I really like how her hands are sculpted.

Her pose is very nice. Her back arches in a way that makes it very attractive.

These are the Neko-Neko Knuckles which are essentially taser-boxing gloves. They leave as mark of a cat when you get punched. They also make a nyaa sound when punching.

She has really nice and long hair.

A clearer shot of the midriff.

You can take off the Neko-Neko Knuckles.

The knuckles actually help to counter balance her. Once I took them off she lost some of her stability and tumbled face first into bricks. Her bangs got a little scratched...

Originally I wasn't going to post a panty-shoot because it doesn't really suit Ryouko's character but she was so detailed that I just had to share.

In the end I am pleased with my first figure. I really enjoyed taking photos of it. However I get this feeling that something is missing with scaled figures. I think I've played too much with Miette's Figmas and I miss making the kooky poses. Until next time!

A Visit to the Scarlet Mansion

Sakuya Izayoi hard at work at the Scarlet mansion, doing housework.

Hello. As you might or might not have noticed, I'm not the usual person. Miette-chan is on leave this week, so I'm taking care of the shrine till then.

Let me tell you a little about me.


I go by the handle name exilehero. I like anime and manga and the like. I've also been into photography for a while. Miette and I have been friends since years ago. I've probably have been mentioned here before. Whenever Miette says something like, "Oh I spent the whole day playing with my friends" it was probably me. Here's the avatar I'll use; Miette posted it before.


I want to take photos of things I like. I like anime and manga stuff so figure photography seemed like a good idea since it combines many of my interests. Also, I know Miette has been blogging about figma- erm, figure photography for a while so my dear friend invited me to post on the blog.


The plan is for me and Miette to alternate by week, so every 2 weeks or so I would make a post.

Anyway bring in the maids.


So, this week we'll be visiting the Scarlet Mansion.

Sakuya's finnaly done with the cleaning. Spotless...

"Hey Sakuya, since you're a maid, do something cute for us, here put on this nekomimi and pose."

"Common, you can do a better pose than that."

"Oh what's that? you have something to show us?"

"Oh, you say it's getting late? I don't think it's particula-"

Miette edit: ZA WARUDO!!!

"Urgh. I'm not feeling very sharp all of a sudden. I've got this cutting feeling something's wrong. But that's beside the point. Let's continue."

"Oh what's this? Sakuya how kind of you to bring tea. Though I can't quite make out what kind it is."


After taking out the trash, the diligent maid continues with her housework.

All clean once more!

Thank you for reading!

Here's something extra. By Miette's request.

My Workspace

I finally decided to post this, for some odd reason I wasn't feeling like doing so.

Nothing much to say other than Nanoha and Kos-Mos are two of my top 3 favorite girls right now Reimu being the last.

Actually, one thing, the laptop under the DSi is a tablet PC after having owned a netbook and selling it I saw no reason to replace it until this nice little tablet was announced.

I used to have all my figures all over the place until I got my self my "Wall-o-Figures". Now all I have to do is look up from my seat and I get to see all these beauties.

You can take a nice proper look at the whole thing with this picture.

Ah! My lovely chair, I used to continuously buy cheap desk chairs that ended breaking all the time. I finally I bought myself a proper desk chair, so comfy and most importantly to me it reclines.

I actually wanted a picture of me smiling, even more so since the pictures I seen of most comrades they almost seem angry or something. Alas, my friends suggested I used this picture since they seemed pretty adamant at that I decided to do so.

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