Why yes, I do still own a Dollfie Dream!

Let's take a trip down the memory lane.

Back in 2009 I went and bought myself the nice Takamachi Nanoha Dollfie Dream from Volks with the income of my first job. Back then it was in the middle of the Dollfie dream craze with people buying Dollfies left and right. I was originally interested after seeing the Suzumiya Haruhi Dollfie at Sankaku Complex of all places but never gave the idea of buying one much thought.

After all as anyone that owns or wants to buy one knows, Dollfies are very expensive generally speaking. This is more apparent if you want a licensed character or worse yet a Dollfie that has already been released. Alas Volks released a Dollfie of the one character I would buy, Nanoha. Sadly enough that list has increased by another couple thanks to Reimu and Cirno, at the very least I'm not crazy enough to take the plunge to buy more than one Dollfie.

One big reason besides price is that to buy a Dollfie of a licensed character it might take some hoops and loops like the Volks lottery, second hand markets and proxys. Oddly enough, for Nanoha I was able to buy her directly from the American Volks store that probably helped in my decision to purchase her in the end.

After I got her I was happy, I did a few posts such as her introduction from when I still frequented figure.fm and did a couple of photo shots to show off a few outfits. After which I proceeded to do nothing, the last time I really featured Nanoha was two years ago.

Since then I have found a wig and a pair of eyes that I am happy with, now I have a look and feel that I am very happy with. This is something that held me back from taking pictures since I wasn't happy with how Nanoha looked.

I think one of the biggest draws of Dollfie Dreams and other ball jointed dolls is the crazy amount of customization that can be achieved.

With that said, that's exactly why when exilehero and friend #2 invited me to go on a photography outing I decided to bring Nanoha along as my model. Nanoha ended becoming the focus of our pictures as you can see by the various pictures taken by all three of us featured in this post.

That day was a bit windy, not enough to be a big nuisance so I figured it could end up helping to make some interesting photos.  True enough the wind was  naughty and caused a few upskirts and some nice movement with Nanoha's long hair. The nice thing about having three photographers was that we could capture said moments without missing them.

Another plus was that we got to try out friend #2's flash. While I got some horrible results exilehero got some nice shots out of it like this one. Since then the idea of investing in a flash seems like a more appealing idea.

It was a nice fun outing, although doing something like this might be a bit hard with the colder winter months. Hmm... then again it wouldn't be the first time we braved the cold to go and take pictures outside.

Long story short, I wanna go take more pictures of my Nanoha Dollfie and going out and doing so with friends is pretty fun.


One last thing, this post is dedicated to Chag since he has a burning passion for Dollfies and showing power levels outside.

Earlier this week was that day...

That single awareness day... People at several places were happily posting their pictures commemorating St. Valentine's day. I was happily gonna join in the fun too, but by the time I took mine it wasn't the 14th is some places.

I also tend to get discouraged when everyone does the same thing at once.


That heart Nanoha is holding reminds me of this song with the wings it has, "Flyin' to Your Heart" from the awesome rhythm game that is Gitaroo Man.

Something much more memorable happened last week though.

I bought a couple of Nintendo DS games, games that I wanted to get for a while. When I stumbled by chance when they were on sale for $15 each I picked them off without a second thought.

In case you are wondering the two games were The Legend of Starfy and Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey.

What's memorable about that you might ask? If you take a look at that badly white balanced picture of my shelf you might notice those stacks of DS games. With my new acquisitions I now own 60 games for the system.

Still falling a bit short of my PS2 where I own close to 80 games for the system.

Sigh... I should stop adding games to my backlog.

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Thanks Radiant!

Radiant is such a cool guy. I'm such a bad prize winner, I received this price from Radiant like two weeks ago. A prize for what you might ask? For making a comment, in this post.

You should head over and check his blog. He posts this nice combination of figure pictures, drawing videos, some slice of life and my personal favorite the more serious posts looking at Otaku culture.

Radiant's recent post about Otaku fashion is a good example of the latter.

Once more I will make a plug for the wonderful series that is Valkyria Chronicles. An excellent mix of strategy, third person action, and a unique artistic presentation. You can easily find the first game for less than $20 on most places that sell video games.

I look forward to have the third entry of the series that goes back to a story style more similar to the first game. Although I should probably go back and finish up the second game.

Did I ever mention I had a cute maid at home?

In order to help everyone with their daily intake of cute maids I thought I would share some pictures of mine.

I rarely feature Nanoha on my blog if you forgotten about her you can read up her introduction.

Last time I showed off Nanoha was back in April, when I showed a nice one piece dress I bought her.

Just recently I changed her eyes, which is mainly what motivated to shoot some pictures of her.

In order to give her a new look I went and dug out this wig I got last year. It fits her a little to big so I used the other pair of her hair clips to show her face.

You might not be able to see it but this wig is actually a pony tail. Never used it before since it's quite frizzy, it has gotten better over time but still too much for my liking.

I got this maid set at Dollmore for those interested. Although my ultimate aim is the Cure Maid Cafe Summer Uniform.

My only complaint about this set it's that the skirt is a little to long to allow some delicious zettai ryouki.

I gotta say, the first thing that came to mind when I saw the apron was one specific thought.

If you thought naked apron, then we are both great minds that think alike.

I took these photos on a whim without much thought so they are kinda boring. At the very least I hope you enjoyed them a bit.

However, if you are interested you can take a look at Nanoha's flickr set.

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It's like she is a whole different person!

I finally bit the bullet and went and changed Nanoha's eyes.

As you can see, you can clearly see the color of her eyes with no problem. A new shade of green.

I really like my Nanoha dollfie. I seen many dollfies before I bought her and after the fact, while I liked some such as Nia or Yui they never sparked a desire to obtain them such as Nanoha.

I like everything about her except one thing, one thing you can easily see in the picture above. Actually it's one thing you can't see, the color of Nanoha's eyes.

As you can see, her eyes are clearly visible during the day even if sunlight is not hitting them directly.

During the night when I have the most trouble showing their color, now they are quite visible.

In case you are wondering the eyes are Volks animetic eyes type F Wakaba.

Now that I can take pictures anytime with any lighting I have the urge to do so. Even more when I think there is some clothes I got Nanoha I haven't properly shown yet, such as this gym class set she is wearing in these pictures.

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