I sure played a lot of games last year...

... and you know what? I don't think it was enough. That's the stack of games I finished last year.

Several things to mention, Halo and Perfect Dark are missing as I played the Xbox 360 digital versions of those games. While the Metroid Prime Trilogy is in the picture I only finished Metroid Prime but not 2 or 3. Peace Walker has an extra chapter to play through after the credits roll so your mileage may vary whether I finished that game or not.

In total, I finished 27 games last year, my personal best. Usually I finish about half or a little less than that number.

However, most of those games I bought this year but that's not all of the games I bought. Just take a look a my loot posts and see how many games I bought last year.

Plus, I have literally hundreds of games in my backlog. My backlog spans at least three generations, both consoles, handhelds and PC. The games spread across seven different consoles and three different handhelds.

That's why I said even though I never played as many games in one year before it was not nearly enough.

I seriously own and buy too many games. I wonder though, how much more would I buy if I didn't buy figures as well.

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Demon's Souls

Lately I been enjoying Demon's Souls quite a bit thanks to the Valentine's day event that has been going on since last weekend.

Today I was able to finally acquire a weapon I been wanting for a while to use against those lovely invaders you can have in the form of other players.

In order to get this weapon, Blind for those interested, I needed to kill the phantom version of an NPC.

I was reminded of how people say that this game is hard. However, that is not entirely true, this game is not about rushing forward to meet enemies head on. That will result in your quick death.

Demon's Souls rewards people who play patiently and smartly while quickly punishing those who don't stop to think first. That's exactly how I was able to defeat Selen and obtain her sword.

Personal insights aside go buy Demon's Souls, it's awesome if you own a PS3 you have not excuse to not own this game.

Recent Pick Ups

I have way too expensive hobbies.

Thank goodness for Christmas and Birthday money.

This is so far my accumulated loot for January and it's only mid way through the month.

First up is nendo Yui, after delays in pretty much every figure I had preordered for December Yui was the only one released on time.

Some of you might remember I bought Demon's Souls which had an empty case with no game disc. I was able to resolve the issue with Best Buy. Since they did not have the game in stock I was giving store credit and used that to get my self a copy of the awesome Bayonetta.

I decided to go for the 360 version as that was the one actually developed by Platinum Games.

Latter on I dropped by Gamestop and picked up a copy of Demon's Souls. Man is this game brutal, still awesome. Go pick up both games if you own a PS3 or Xbox 360 worth every penny.

Last week Amazon had Fire Emblem and Dragon Quest on sale being Nintendo and Squenix releases which tend no to drop in price I jumped at the opportunity to buy them both.

Finally in order to qualify for free shipping I added the 7th volume of Yotsuba&!. I'm so content Yen Press picked up the license and has published the new volumes. If you like slice of life manga go pick it up, in fact if you like manga period pick it up.

January is way too packed. I still got the Nanoha movie figmas and hopefully Alter's Exceed Mode Nanoha as well. Not to mention Reimu figma which will probably cost me a bit. I also bought Canaan figma and GSC's Instructor Unifrom Nanoha. At the end of the month there are also No More Heroes 2 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

At least I should have a break in February to save up for the March figure and game releases.

I Feel Robbed

A few posts back I mentioned I bought Demon's Souls. I was so happy to finally get my hands on it and was just waiting until I finished Valkyria Chronicles to play it.

Well, that didn't happen. I opened my brand new, factory sealed copy of the game only to find an empty case staring at me.

The case does indeed contain the instruction booklet, it does have that plastic smell from unopened games and the box is still shiny and smooth. No indication whatsoever that it was tampered with.

No idea what happened to the actual game disc.

Since I'm almost certain no one at the store I bought it is gonna believe me the case was empty I will probably have to buy the game again.

So I emailed Atlus, they are a reasonable bunch let's see how it plays out.

Misao says....

"Go out and buy these games!!!"

Today, thanks to some Christmas gifts in the form of money and a git card I was able to go and pick up two of 2009's best games.

First for the PS3 a title developed by From Software and published by Atlus is Demon's Souls.

It has lately received some wonderful good press from having won several game of the year awards in the RPG and PS3 game awards. This RPG is worth taking a look at for the mechanics that are unique to this game.

The first is the ability, through the use of PSN connectivity, is to see last moments of other players as you travel through the game's world.

The second is the ability of other players to come into your game for one of two purposes to aid you in your quest or slay you.

To read a more detailed description you can check out the wiki page for Demon's Souls.

As for the other game A Boy and His Blob.

This is a re imagining of the game going by the same name that came out for the NES back in the day. While the original might be not a classic this new take on is worth your time.

Developed by the American developer WayForward, who has in the past done several excellent 2D games such as Contra 4 and Shantae, and released on the Nintendo Wii this puzzle platformer is one of the best Wii titles of 2009.

The concept for this game revolves around the titular blob that can change it's shape by having the boy feed him jelly beans. Depending on the type of jelly bean the blob will change to different shapes to solve the different environmental puzzles.

Again for more info check the wiki page for the game.

If you somehow got to the end of this wall of text just listen to Misao and try them out, rent them, buy them, just play them and if you like either of them buy it to show your support for new and different game releases.