Danbo Fights Iron Man Final - The Cardboard Returns!

The final chapter in the trilogy! This time it's a lot of photos so I'll let them do most of the talking. Some day I'll do paneling for the comics... It just takes a lot of work! Anyways here's Part 1 and here's Part 2 if you're interested.

Tony Stark ladies and gentlemen!

There's nothing special about it though. It's just a normal suplex.

This is what money looks like where I live, Eagleland. I get a "Game Over - Insert coins to continue" feeling. I miss arcades.

Please excuse my rough attempt on recreating DBZ battle aura. And Yotsuba was sent flying due to the power explosion BTW.

Love this shot so much. Came out exactly how I imagined it.

A certain German wanted explosions in this comic. So here's a German Suplex with some explosions.

It’s been said that a candle burns the brightest just before it goes out..

The end!

Hope you guys enjoyed it because that took way too much work. Those SFX are a killer. I want to avoid making such complicated comics for a while now hahaha..

Anyway since it's new years here, HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Iron Man Vs Danbo - The Revenge of Tony Stark

This time I'm trying to give more of a backstory (Not that anyone cares) as to why Iron Man is so hellbent on eating ice cream bars. It's a little shorter and nonsensical this time. But first a little recap of our story so far.

Robo Yotsuba was created by Tony Stark to counter Yotsuba's faction fast advances!

Experiments went horribly wrong!

Tony Stark kidnaps god!

Danbo is in some deep schist! None of this actually happened in the last story by the way... So don't look!

Back to our main story... In the past! This is all over the place...

I was going for a Phoenix Wright kind of point at you thing here.

Have you guys played the new Zelda? This gesture is in it, I found it really amusing.

Back to the present and.. To be continued...


Next comic a conclusion. I promise. And dammit why does Yotsuba keep saying Dambo instead of Danbo!? Keep to the script kid!