FREEing Makoto Nanaya Figure - Stripperiffic and Squirrelicious

Hey all, this time I took photos of Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue. Incidentally, Google suggested "squirrelicious" when I was searching for squirrel related puns. I think it works quite well. I'm a big fan of BlazBlue (BB) from where she's from. I really wanted a BB figure but I didn't like Rachel's angry expression that much. Even if I like Rachel better overall. I'd almost say I got her so I could talk about BB. Also she's from FREEing, which is the same as my other figure and it's absolute coincidence I swear. For some reason FREEing tend to do characters I like. They have good taste.

Here's a little video of her in the game. She plays quite fast and a little mocking, it fits her character. BB was made by Ark System Works. Same people who made Guilty Gear among other things. BB is very flashy and smooth. It has really nice and Hi-res 2D sprites which is pretty different from all the newer fighting games, except the upcoming KOF13. Well enough about BlazBlue and how awesome it is. (Go play it)

As you can see she's quite curvy. I like the arc in the back that can be seen nicely in this shot. Also her tail is supposed to be very soft, but in the figure it's hard plastic...  I guess you can't have everything.

For this photo shoot I wanted to experiment a little more with the lighting. I took a lot a photos but I wasn't completely happy with any. And after a looking at videos online and looking at pictures at I ended up with something like the first two shots which I was happy with... Except for the DUST! Damn you dirty boxes I used to set up the lamps!

So I never really frequented that much until I started to do some research for the lighting. I discovered it's pretty neat, never used many of the features there. So I promptly created an Account so I could turn off the NSFW filter.

Absolute Territory!

The painting on this part of the figure is a little rough, and apparently you can force cast her off and she's anatomically correct. Though I don't think I'll be stripping her.

One of the tonfas or whatever the hell they are that she fights with. The shape is reminiscent of a cross because she's a soldier from "The Church" in the story. You can take them off.

Overall Makoto is very nicely sculpted. The only downside of her is that the painting is a bit lacking.

She has quite an outfit. See how many fetishes you can find. I can count at least 4.

Boots. She just thinks it's more practical to fight in something that is easy to move. If she was going for sexy she'd have high-heels on or something. Not that I'm complaining.

I read an excerpt of the BlazBlue manga where she had supposedly lost her panties. She said that because of her tail they become loose and she doesn't notice when they fall off. But it was not the case with this figure apparently.

Miette liked this one so I included it. "Yes I know I'm busty, look at them!" Her head can turn left to right and even a little up and down. Gives her a little more personality.


And that's it boys and girls. I really enjoyed playing with a curvy figure like this. I really wanted to experiment with different types of lighting to emphasize the her shapeliness but I ended up with a lot of other types of photos. I would like to try shooting another sexy figure, we'll see what happened. Also, BlazBlue is awesome!


Next time... More Iroman and Danbo!

I sure played a lot of games last year...

... and you know what? I don't think it was enough. That's the stack of games I finished last year.

Several things to mention, Halo and Perfect Dark are missing as I played the Xbox 360 digital versions of those games. While the Metroid Prime Trilogy is in the picture I only finished Metroid Prime but not 2 or 3. Peace Walker has an extra chapter to play through after the credits roll so your mileage may vary whether I finished that game or not.

In total, I finished 27 games last year, my personal best. Usually I finish about half or a little less than that number.

However, most of those games I bought this year but that's not all of the games I bought. Just take a look a my loot posts and see how many games I bought last year.

Plus, I have literally hundreds of games in my backlog. My backlog spans at least three generations, both consoles, handhelds and PC. The games spread across seven different consoles and three different handhelds.

That's why I said even though I never played as many games in one year before it was not nearly enough.

I seriously own and buy too many games. I wonder though, how much more would I buy if I didn't buy figures as well.

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I wont even bother complaining anymore!!!

Instead I will just happily talk about my latest loot.

First up the figures, pretty light this time around with only two figmas.

I'm happy to say my After School Teatime band is complete with the arrival of Azusa. Even if Mio and Yui kinda made me angry at their sudden sale at the beginning of the year.

I don't particularly like BRS but I did enjoy the OVA and was pleased to see it included with the figma. Now why did I buy BRS? Simple, you can't have Black Rock Shooter without Dead Master and vice versa.

Technically I only got one book this time the third volume of Otacool since I had Spicy Wolf volume 1 for a while. Just kept forgetting to include it in the pictures.

As far as Otacool 3 I liked this theme, workspaces around the world is pretty cool. Plus I got featured this time since unlike Otacool 1 and 2 I was able to participate.

I didn't wanna buy Spicy Wolf at first because of that cover fiasco and what not. I ended picking up the second volume on a whim so I decided to buy the first too. Rightsuf had the dust jacket with the original artwork so I bought it in the end.

I kinda wish it had been like the Haruhi novels, one version with the original cover and one with whatever the publisher wanted. I suppose the dust jacket approach is fine too.

I do however, wish there had been consistency. First volume has the original artwork on the jacket and not the novel itself. For the second volume it was reversed, dust jacket with western cover and original artwork on the novel itself.

I recently played through the story mode on BlazeBlue: Calamity Trigger and after becoming invested on all the characters and the cliffhanger ending I needed to play more. So, I went and bought Continuum Shift to continue the story.

The sequel added gameplay tweaks, stages, modes, characters and a continuation of the story. I played it through and look forward to the next game as well as the new DLC characters.

As far as Resonance of Fate I wanted to buy it since it was released but that month saw me buy Final Fantasy 13 and Yakuza 3 among other things making it not feasible at the time.

When Amazon had it for half price I jumped the gun and bought myself a copy.

On the Xbox side I picked up three games.

I been hearing many good things about Lost Odyssey lately so I got it used for a nice $10. Game is pretty much new so not bad when I see it for $30.

Battle Fantasia is a fighting game by Arc System Works, the developers behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Although available on PSN I wanted a physical copy plus it was originally made for the Xbox 360 in the first place.

Ah, updates are nice, Jet Set Radio Future and Sega GT play just fine in my 360 unlike the one I tried them on before.

Should pick up an original Xbox one of these days.

For the PS2 I picked up Nightshade a spin off the well regarded Shinobi series from the Mega Drive/Genesis days.

Disaster Report is this interesting game where you make your way through a city wide disaster as several characters. Interestingly enough the actions of one character affects the ones that come after them. This game has a sequel in the form of Raw Danger on the PS2 and an announced third game on the PSP.

For the PSP I bought Valkyria Chronicles 2, sequel to the Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3. Just buy both games.

The PSP version has all the well designed gameplay of the original plus several new additions.

Yggdra Union originally released on the GBA and was ported to the PSP. Tactical RPG goodness on the go. If you buy Knights in the Nightmare for PSP you can get Yggdra Union as a free PSN download.

Finally, Sega Tennis 2k2. I see this pop up on worthwhile Dremacast games to play lists so I got it. For a buck, sealed.

It's tennis on the Dreamcast, nothing else I can say.

That's it for now anyways.

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