Dammit Hollywood! Stop getting in the way of my blog!

Among other things including friends, movies, dust storms, and people calling me late at night.

It's been a while since I done one of these vaguely related pictures of figmas posts. Last one was back in March when I took out Azunyan.

One of our friends wanted to try out our cameras so we hung out at this place for a while snapping pictures away. In the end using Nikon DSLR's convinced him enough to dump his Canon camera and go for the Nikon D800.

Good choice, everyone knows Nikon DSLR's are better right? :P

Since taking pictures stimulates the stomach we went to eat out before heading to our main event for the evening.

I sure miss carrying figmas every where and taking pictures, ah the good ol' college days.

We went to watch Prometheus the much anticipated Alien "prequel" from Ridley Scott.

As a fan of the Alien franchise I was satisfied, it gave a few nods here and there to Alien which was all I really wanted from it. While me and my friend liked it for exilehero it was a snorefest apparently.

Did anyone watch it? How did you like it?

I was actually planning to do a photo shoot of Alter's loli Nanoha in her school uniform for last week's post. Since I am just not happy with the photos I took before, it's been really nagging me for months now.

Alas my plans to do so where crashed by sudden dust storm out of no where that prevented me to do the shots that I wanted outside.

To make matters worse, I was constantly kept up late at night by people calling my cell phone number thanks to some idiot who either gave the wrong number to people or lied to them and gave them mine by chance.

A sleep deprived, grumpy Miette does not lead to anything remotely considered decent pictures. All I ended up doing was messing around with using my diffuser box as a back lit background.

Going of from my fooling around I tried to do a photo shoot involving the back lit background but I ended badly messing the exposure. So I ended with a bunch of crappy under exposed pictures that I decided to give up on for a post.

Fast forward to this weekend and this time it included a failed try at doing a photo shoot for Alter's lovely and sexy recent swim suit Nanoha.

Alas, my idea for the set didn't quite work out and had to scrap the shoot since I ran out of sun and no longer had the lighting I had in mind.

Which leads to this Saturday where I spent all day giving a thorough cleaning to a good chunk of my figmas and reposing them. I been very lazy about cleaning my figmas, since I have so many of them now it makes it seem like such a chore and end up procrastinating.

Although I must say I find it strangely relaxing to clean my figures.

That was followed by hanging out with my friends again, going out for some dinner and then watching Men in Black 3. The end result was these pictures of Mirai.



There you have it, a lazy post with lazy pictures. I should really stop using my Lumix LX5 on auto and actually take proper pictures when I go out now that I look at these pictures.

I'm wondering now, do you people even care for posts like this?

Well, whatever, next week exilehero will have a nice proper post for you lovely readers.

A certain thundere Biri Biri goes out! - Good Smile Company's Misaka Mikoto

"Thundere" I love it, to whoever came up with that I must say, nice job!

Anyways, I was not feeling motivated at all when taking pictures, I was pretty much in a slump. So I decided a change in scenery will suffice to fix that.

However, I rarely take pictures outside under the sun and I never done so for a regular scaled PVC figure. Add the fact that I did this on a whim without much thinking and things didn't work out too well for me.

I ended going out on a windy day, windy days are not fun for taking pictures outside. While the wind wasn't too big of a problem a side effect was.

Because of the wind the clouds were moving in the sky quite fast, continuously covering and uncovering the sun, continuously changing my lighting conditions.

I also totally forgot to use my lovely reflector so I didn't bounce enough light to illuminate Biri Biri.

Speaking of illumination, totally slipped my mind that I would have a hard time looking at my camera's screen outside. I wasn't able to see how pictures really looked after I took them.

Since I did this on a whim and had not planed on shooting Biri Biri, I didn't think at all of what angles I wanted to shoot. Nor did I think on what scenery would be most appropriate for her.

Given that situation I can't help but feel the pictures I took are pretty boring and nothing special or creative.

Going off in tangent for a bit but I was wondering are loose socks still popular in with Japanese girls. I must say I'm a big fan of them so Biri Biri is right up my alley in that regard.

Coming back to the topic at hand.

Even though I did not have the results I would have liked I think of this as a nice learning experience for me.

Plus I was able to reassert that I really don't feel embarrassment or anything when I happily take pictures. If anything I wanted to hurry and finish because I found it quite tiring kneeling on concrete and what not to take the pictures.

I will probably try this again. Once more I will go out and this time find a suitable location and conditions and take pictures of Biri Biri. Next time too I will try to think of better shots to take as well.

I will mention one last thing, everyone is such a pervert. Whenever I upload my pictures to flickr it's always the up-skirt pictures that get most views right away or any views at all.


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