Kirito and the Black Swordsman




























Alright, I can finally scratch this off my figure photos todo list.

I actually been sitting on this idea for a while but I figured I would wait for the airing Sword Art Online II to capitalize on the interest in these characters again. Although that's moot point when few people actually visit my blog though.

I have to say, Asuna makes a for a very nice figma, it's in my opinion one of the nicer ones. This might have to do with me really liking her Aincrad design. Speaking of which I think I liked her a lot more in that arc when she wasn't useless and actually one of the most capable fighters in the show.

Also, Berserker armor Guts is so darn awesome, I liked my regular Guts figma but this Berserker armor version is even cooler than that.

With this done, I will go away and reevaluate how I spend way too much time doing silly things like this.

Until next time peeps!

Mikuru's close encounter part II

For those few people that wondered what ever happened to Mikuru after her close encounter, here you go.

A continuation from last year's Halloween post.

Soooo, I totally wanted to make this post for Halloween but here we are almost a month later.

Actually would have done this sooner but really wanted the original Giger Aliern revoltech, wanted that facehugger a lot. However, for some reason the price on that revoltech shot up really high, going for as much as $120+ USD, a price that is too much for a single revoltech in my opinion. I wonder why, wonder if it was because Prometheus got released or something. Nevertheless I was able to acquire it second hand from AmiAmi for pretty much retail price, sure makes me happy I lost all those auctions.

I totally did not document the lighting set up I used for the first part I did last year, so I had some mishaps trying to recreate something similar I was happy with. That's why this time I documented right away so I wouldn't forget.  You can go take a look to see my rather unique set up for it.

Also, I broke Kyon's camera holding hand, that makes me very sad.

Well then until next time. 


Otagamers Anniversary #3 - More belated than the past two years combined!

Guess what totally awesome, amazing and unforgettable event happened... approximately six weeks ago?

That's right folks, this lovely blog in its current form has been around for three years on the interwebs!

I sure delayed doing this post for the longest time, first because unlike the past two years I did not want to simply make a scraped together post. Oh no, I want to be a little more than that, when exilehero presented me this idea I was overjoyed. The wonders of having a blogging partner. Finding the time to sit down and take these pictures also caused some more delays. Alas, who cares, come and join us in this celebration.

I am aghast at the idea that I have been seriously at this for so long, with no plans to stop mind you. Neither is exilehero who celebrated his own anniversary earlier this year.

Yup, these are the people who keep making me not simply stop blogging. So thanks to all the readers, lurkers and people who leave comments and keep coming back when there is a new post. If you are a new reader, I like you too and hope you become a returning reader.

Of course special mention goes to all of the different fellow bloggers that come and visit and keep making interesting comments.

Super special gratitude has to go to the self described (I asked!), friendly weirdo, gentle, sensitive and eccentric Wieselhead. If I find it surprising that I been blogging for three years I find it more surprising someone has been continuously visiting for those three years. Come hail or high water by god this man will leave a comment.

As for the actual numbers it has been pretty constant no super big jumps or dips in popularity. The only exception would be when we did the nendo giveaway to celebrate exilehero's anniversary where that month has almost twice as many views as usual. This has taught me one thing,  bribing people is the best way to get more visitors! XP

Although, I will say I'm bit sad we do not enjoy the same success as some our fellow bloggers it is to be expected. We do not necessarily focus in popular figures, franchises, or in depth reviews, we just do what we like. Which is totally fine with me, I would rather keep doing what I like, I blog for fun after all.

The number of people actively commenting, the number of weekly blog posts, the number of new blogs and faces has decreased over the past year from what I seen. For the several people I noticed they took a break from blogging and participating in the community for various reasons. Some have come back others are planning to do so but others I just heard anything from at all.

After discussing the matter with fellow blogger Chag, we wondered if there was a movement towards bigger community sites such as My Figure Collection rather than individual blogs.

That is not to say there hasn't been new faces this past year, on the contrary there has been a handful, just not as many as during previous years.

So, I pose the question, where is the figure community now?

There is one community I would like to mention, Google+.

Over the past few months a weekly event spearheaded by wara zashi using the tag #figurefriday on Google+ has gotten my attention. Every week on friday he extends an invitation to figure lovers to come and post pictures of their beloved figures.  Sometimes there will be theme or a challenge to go along with  but you can just come and post pictures and talk with like minded people.

I think this community with a lower entry point is something to keep in mind, you don't want to blog? you don't want to write reviews? take elaborate pictures? Then this is for you, you just come post your pictures and hang out and meet new people.

This community is more open and light hearted, more welcoming that say MFC or whatever so give it a go. All you need is Google account, I bet everyone probably has one anyways.

The past few months saw a decrease in posts from both me and exilehero.

There have been various reasons but for me at least I got into some figure blues so to speak. Not many of the new releases have caught my fancy and I have become disinterested in the way I would shoot my figures. Although for me at least finally receiving some long awaited figures have given me motivation and the upcoming should take care of themselves.

As for exilehero he has simply been cutting back on figure purchases. Do not worry, this month a very special figure he ordered should be coming in, it will be the first of it's kind for this blog. I hope you look forward to it.

Plus, I been toying with the idea of introducing another person to become another writer to make up for when we both slack off for whatever reason.

Regardless of the happenings during the past year we wanna thank you all for your continued support. So what's next for the upcoming fourth year? For one, is to act on the feedback that we go with the giveaway, I would like to expand our audience a bit and find more people who enjoy this hobby.

Hope you have enjoyed yourself over the past three years and will continue to do so on our fourth and beyond.


If you can name all the figures in this post I will give you a "sexy prize".

How To Pick Up Chicks - Featuring Tony Stark

It's been a while since I made a comic so here you go. This time it seems production values went up! Oh and you might want to play this in a loop while you read: background music.

I don't think that's a standard way of ordering a beer. I usually just ask for names and pick at random.

In truth I wanted to make Tony's lines even more cheesy and inappropriate. But the cheese is not strong with this one.


On the other hand, I think I captured the exact amount of creepiness I wanted in this one.

I really like the faces Kuroneko has, though they are too subtle to use most of the time. She also doesn't have any where she doesn't look like a complete bitch so I tend not to sue her as much.

The hearts are a bit pixelated but I still thought it was a neat effect so I kept it.

What every man wants in a girl: magnificent pauldrons! How did Tony know it was a girl inside that suit? Maybe he doesn't know.

When picking up a lady be sure to bend your knees and keep your back straight to prevent injury.

You don't actually have to scream the name of the ability to sue it, but I wanted to use an action bubble.

I always find it disturbing when someone asks to be hurt more in a fight.

Tony got beat up and thrown out of the building, not sure if I expressed that well enough in the comic. Not shown: Annelotte's sexy fan service shot.

A chick was picked up in this comic so you can't blame me for false advertisement! Hope you liked it.


Till Next Time~

figma Uesugi Kenshin - Moe Samurai

Uesugi Kenshin was one of the most powerful lords of the Sengoku period. Chiefly remembered for his prowess on the battlefield, now Uesugi is a figma based on the game Race Quest, but also appeared in Sengoku Rance.

Uesugi Kenshin was also a Woman.

Kenshin’s abilities were no match for the many assassins sent to end her life from all over JAPAN.

For some reason she wears some stupid looking hat into battle.

No one can hope stand up to the might of the Uesugi!

Uesugi is invincible!...

Uesugi is a maiden at heart however...

The jelly donuts onigiri she makes are 3 times larger than normal because she eats a lot.