Misa-nee - Native's not-so-little Mahou Shoujo (NSFW)

“How do you review a naked figure without sounding like an absolute pervert?” Is the question that I've been struggling with ever since I got this extravagant girl. Up until now the most  risqué figure in my collection has been the Annelote Revoltech, but even she is covered most of the time with, albeit skimpy, armor. And now I bring you the most naked figure I've bought to date: Misa-nee, also known as Sister Misa, by Native, the masters of all figures naked. It goes without saying that this article is NSFW.

Figure Info

Character Name
Suzuhara Misae (Misa-nee)
Mahou Shoujo
13,500 JPY
Where I got her
Tokyo Hunter Sold out - Apparently they were made to order so it might be a bit hard to get a hold of

I have always wanted a Native figure, a certain girl who apparently like strawberries comes to mind. Native’s figures have something that intrigues me; the vibrant expressions, the alluring poses, the ever slight positioning of the fingers, the tug of clothes, these all are common traits that I see with Native that always helps the figures come to life. Or maybe it’s just the bare tits I don’t know.

Misa-nee is another of Raita’s designs. This time the figure is based off of a doujin book series plainly called Mahou Shoujo, which are pretty much ero-books. They feature your typical spineless protagonist which is friends with a group of girls who happen to be turned into magical girls for the sake of fighting “sex-demons” which are created by impure thoughts. Sex demons also excrete some sort of sticky white stuff that makes males lose control of their sexual urges; hilarity ensures. The “sister” bit comes from the main character calling Misae “Onee-chan” since they were kids.

I must say the figure captures Misa-nee very well. The eyes have a certain hesitant look which is common in the story as well as on Raita designs. They are very pretty angular blue eyes, I found myself staring at my pictures of her because of this. Her face is also angular in a very Raita fashion.

Visible rib cage is a common design with Raita that puts off a lot of people. While this may looks sickly in real life, this is 2D so I don’t care one bit. Nevertheless there is no rib cage visible with Misa-nee for all of you out there that dislike that sort of thing. There are other girls from the same series that Native is also creating that do feature this point however. This is actually a post card that came included with the figure.


I should mention that an anime short based on this series has been recently released featuring some big name voice actresses. It shows a snapshot of the daily lives of these beauties, from going to school, to fighting demons, to the very common clothes slipping. While there's plenty of topless scenes there's no real sexual content. I'd recommend checking it out as it's pretty interesting and only 5 minutes long.

I was quite impressed with the production quality of Misa-nee. She is very well sculpted and shaded, and her pose is very unique and interesting. Because of the laying pose she can actually sit in all kinds of places and look good, though it's probably not a good idea to do so heh. What I most like about her is that the cloth, the hair the breasts themselves have a certain fall to them. You can feel the weight of them as gravity affects them and it feels very organic, very natural. This seems to be the trait that distinguishes Native for me, I quite like it and this figure has left me wanting more of it.

One of the features that was not quite clear from the promo photos is just how slim her waist is and how wide her hips are. This exaggerated hourglass figure is tremendously attractive and is faithful to the designs of the original book.

Her midriff is really well defined and alluring. You can even see her belly button through her dress that hugs her body tightly. She also has really nice and plump legs and thighs. Without a doubt Misa-nee has a really sexy body.

Her lips are a bit glossy which give her a certain sexy look,  however depending form the angle you see her they can seem angry, hesitant, or bored; all quite sexy though.

Looking at her hair from the back makes it seem a bit plain. Then again I'm a bit spoiled by another figure also based on Raita's designs. You'll also notice some holes in the hair, that's where a pair of her wings attaches as they are supposed to sprout from her neck.

The wings are made of a translucent material that is a bit more stiff than the rest. They feel brittle, as if they would break with any sort of excessive flexing. They remind me of the wings of another angel.

Her wings attach via a pair of openings in her back. It's a shame a that there's no other real way to attach them as the cavities ruin the otherwise really sexy back. Though this is hardly something I should complain about.

Her spear is pretty damn huge, it almost feels a little out of  place. Even with all this volume Misa-nee doesn't really take up a lot of space. Her sitting pose really takes off a lot of the bulk of a 1/7th scale.

The point is actually replaceable with an open version of it. The design on the body is reminiscent of Selvaria's valkyria spear.

I think I prefer the open version better though I don't it makes much difference. I wonder if there's a deep significance to it.

Well I think I put it off for long enough and it's time to start talking about the giant tits elephant in the room and to start sounding like a pervert.

One of the reasons I like Raita's designs so much is that whenever breasts are big, they are weighted down, they take a teardrop shape, it feel a but more natural as opposed to say, floating balloon tits. I think Native did a fantastic job emulating this characteristic as you can see her boobs position a bit low, yet her nipples are still quite perky and pointing upwards, pretty hot.

Misa is very much curvy in every respect and this is nicely complimented by the size of her breasts. While some will probably be turned off by this fact, I am quite comfortable with them. One of the biggest reasons boobs this big are ok with me is because they 2D, or well, a 3D representation of a 2D boob. 2D breasts have none of the disadvantages that they would have in the real world so I can imagine all the allure of them fully without any worries.

She has a bit of an imperfection on the breasts, a rather noticeable seam line. I'm not quite sure why it's just there in the middle of the breast instead of the edges. Regardless, you rarely see it because the big size kind of  embraces and surrounds it.

When I ordered her one of my biggest concerns was that they wouldn't get the nipples right. You see this is a very important point for getting great breasts, and in this case very important to being faithful to the character. They had to be inverted nipples. It seems that they came through though. The photos I had seen didn't really focus too much on the nipples and they looked a bit too pointy, however here you can see it clearly has an indentation in the middle of the nipple. Great stuff.

"S-stop staring at them.."

They say the hands are one of the most expressive parts of the human body, second only to the eyes, and it's certainly true here. The way she gently holds her spear with her fingers slightly separated as well as her leaning hand having her pointing finger raised just a little makes her seem a bit hesitant almost embarrassed. I also always had a thing for sleeves that go up to half the palm as if slightly over-sized. This is what they call Moe~

The  print on the base is slightly raised and very cleanly painted. The top of the base rotates and makes a really nice feature when you're taking pictures. If you were crafty you could even fashion some sort of rotating motor on it to make her spin. The base also comes with a clear sheet of plastic that you are supposed to use to protect both he figure and the base. The sheet however was in really bad shape, it doesn't fit the base well and it's scratched in various places, I didn't even want to use it for the photoshoot, it's my biggest complaint about the figure.

Her boots have a nice flowery design that is crisply stamped on. I've always been a fan of boots or socks that reach all the way to the thigh, they accentuate the meatiness of the legs and the heels of the boots give her feet a very attractive curve. The boots only add to the charm of the way she bends her shapely leg in a flirty way.

It's not immediately apparent because she is usually lying down but Misa's legs are actually quite long and deliciously plump.

Her legs aren't the only thing plump, her backside is nice and round as well. You'll also notice that her boots have a very unique design, they are square around the toes.

In the middle of her nice backside, there is a narrow, see-through covering for the important bits. Since this is Native you can probably guess what comes next.

This part is removable. I didn't even know you could remove it, the seam lines to take her apart are very well hidden.

Once removed they reveal some very private parts. Her lower lips don't have much detail and barely any shading. It almost seems as if they just HAD to add this feature because they are Native.

With her crotch piece removed you can better appreciated her curvaceous behind. It almost looks a bit fuller.

"Just what do you think you're looking at?!" Misa is supposed to be the school idol though I don't think she'd be quite tsundere enough to step on someone in anger.

The good

  • Boobs
  • Very cute face
  • Really expressive eyes, and hands, long sleeves
  • Cloth, hair and flesh have weight and feel natural
  • Sexy body, great midriff and bellybutton curvy hips, legs and butt
  • Interesting, rotating base
  • Boobs

The bad

  • Clear plastic accesory included for base is very bad quality
  • Big seam line on the boobs
  • Lower cast off seems a but pointless
  • Expensive

Who should buy this?

Anyone that's a fan of either Native or Raita would be happy to own this figure. Even those just fans of curvaceous, big breasted girls would be very happy to own Misa-nee.


Overall I'm very happy with Misa and now I'm lusting craving for more Native figures. I was a bit put off by the upcoming figure of this same series but after reading the books I came to see that she is also very well adapted, and now I really want her and the other two girls that will come after. We'll see what happens later on haha.


Due to various circumstances It's been a while since I posted and it's probably gonna be big stretches between my posts for some time, so Miette will have to pick up the slack haha. I still have a couple of post ideas I want to do so I'm not planning on disappearing just yet.  So whenever it may be:


See you next time~