Kuroneko looking smug at different places

If you took a look at this post you might be wondering “what could possibly have Kirino so angry even while on vacation?” It is a known fact that that girl is not a calm being, believe me I know very well, but there exists a specific and tangible reason for this. What’s that? No, the powers bestowed upon me by the Dark Vortex have nothing to do with it, nor have I cast a curse on her miserable existence. It’s simply that in all my magnificence...

I got to go to Japan and she didn’t! Ohohohoho~

Here's me enjoying a flower viewing in a park in Tokyo. You will notice that no Kirino is in sight.

The cherry trees were simply marvelous at full bloom.

Here's me at some famous building without Kirino.

Here I am at some robot, no Kirino to be found.

For some reason a stranger's hand came out in this picture.

Here's some other places Kirino didn't visit.

This store has an amusing name.

No spiriting away was involved.

And that's it from my trip to Tokyo. I hope that next time that light haired idiot will come along to make things more interesting.


Till next time,