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Kirino looking angry in different places...

Hey guys, what's up? I just came back from a nice little family vacation and I'm feeling quite refreshed. Me being a nice good figure owning person, who happens to like taking photos of said figures, took one along for the ride and took pictures of it.

We went to the beach, and you know what was crossing through my head at the time? Regret. Once we got there I really wish I had brought the lovely Gift 1/4th loli Nanoha, what better place to take pictures of a swimsuit figure than the beach right?

Sigh... oh well, may be next time... because I sure don't go to the beach to go play in the sea with family or friends I go to take pictures of giant loli figures. Sometimes I question myself a little.

It was a nice change of pace for me, was feeling pretty darn blue for a lot of reasons. Which bugs me since not feeling happy sure makes it hard for me to pump out the figure pictures.

Now though, I'm feeling much better and was actually looking to come back home because...

... I received this very pretty scaled figure than I been looking forward to for months. Plus I got a nice idea for the setup I wanna use, which is keeping with my new self imposed decree to only do scaled shoots when I get a nice idea for the figure.

Thinking about it, part of my excitement is that this will be the first scaled figure I gotten this year, the rest has been figmas. Thanks to Alter and GSC's silly factory sharing business everything got super majorly delayed. Since I apparently only have Alter figures on order besides the one I mentioned for the first quarter I have gotten nothing up until now.

In fact for Maid Laura and Jubei there isn't a release date anymore, MFC lists just 2013 and AmiAmi still has the vague Spring 2013. I suppose it worked out for me, not need to cancel them since the delays will allow me to work on improving my financial situation.

So, the more delays the better for me. Yay!

I wasn't actually gonna use the pictures I took while on my vacation for anything but they got positive feedback on Flickr. Way more attention than usual, I got like comments and favorites and stuff! That rarely happens!

So I figured, why not, should go post something on the blog anyways since it has been a while.

Looking back on these photos I'm very jealous, I so do not have nice bodies of water and pretty green nature stuff all over the place back home.

Anyways, filler post done! Laters!