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It gets pretty cold when it snows! - A year in review

Heya guys, how were your holidays? Did everyone had a good time during the winter break?

I sure did, although my plans to get lots of gaming and picture taking done got skewed in the end. At the very least thanks to getting my one snow day of the year I was able to snap some nice pictures of the always awesome looking Ryougi Shiki from Good Smile.

That aside I wanted to share some tidbits from last year, a light year in review if you will.

According to the nice WordPress year in review email, it seem like 2012 was a good year for Otagamers. Views and visits where up from last year, higher overall monthly averages, except for the few months where we slacked off a bit.  Apparently the top three countries visitors came from where the United States, Philippines and Canada. Numbers of comments have also been good, specially from the regulars. Love you guys!

One last thing to mention, I was very surprised the actual keyword "Otagamer(s)" was on the top most used keywords.

Anyways, that aside I would like to talk a bit about the figures and their posts themselves.

The most popular scaled figure posts would be Exilehero's lovely and sexy Muramasa, with good reason that figure is amazing. In fact, keywords related to the character are among the most used to arrive at this blog.

For my part it would be the super cool looking Aigis ART WORKS ver, out of all the figures I took pictures of last year this one is my definite favorite. It's just so good, fellow blogger Chag sure went out and gave a nice compelling argument for it quite recently too.

I bet next year's most popular post is probably gonna be Misa-nee, just a bouncy hunch.

When I did the giveaway and asked for feedback, people said they liked our original content like our figure comics, made me very happy to read that.

On the figure comic side it would be Exilehero's Queen's Blade and tentacle monsters. If search terms are any indication people sure love their Queen's Blade and their tentacle raping action.

On my side of things it goes on to Madoka showing her love to Homura. Yup magical girl befriending action at its best.

These two posts sure tell me people are pervs, they like their tentacles and their yuri.


I'll leave you with a simple video I made, an idea I been entertaining for a while now. This video shows the slide images I used to use for the homepage slider, I always thought since I had one for every post it would make for a nice trip down the memory lane.

Here is every post made in the last year on this blog in order of publication with titles.

I'm curious to know, what were some of your favorites if any?


Alright fellas, we'll see you around, let's have a great 2013 together!