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Fate T. Harlaown - Summer Holiday Bikini Babe

Hey all. Although summer has been over for a couple of days now, it's still pretty damn hot here so to me it's still summer. So that means more swimsuits! I get the feeling I have way too many swimsuit figures now... I mean sure sexy bodies in skimpy outfits are nice but I kinda miss the flair of, you know, clothes.

Figure Info

Character Name
Fate T. Harlaown (Feito-chan)
Fate Testarossa Harlaown (Adult Fate is usually referred to this way)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
7,000 JPY
Where I got her
Amiami Sold out at the moment

I've been wanting a figure of Fate when she's all grown up for a while, but I had not been happy with anything I saw. For a while I considered getting Good Smile's bikini Fate but I think her face there is kinda goofy. For some reason everyone seems to portray Fate as either pissed off or shying away in a corner, and that's just not how my image of her is.

This figure portrays fate as being more confident than many of the ones I've seen. The hand on the hip, the sunglasses and the smile make her come close to how I imagine her personality to be.

I was still not completely satisfied with her look, she looked kind of plain compared to her Nanoha figure counterpart. However, I have a good opinion of Alter and their Fate reproductions, loli Fate is probably still my favorite figure, so I went ahead and ordered this Fate.

I had low expectations to tell you the truth, it's probably because of this that I got blown away from my first impression with her.

In person she looks a lot better, you can appreciate all the curves and little dimples. I don't think the promo shots do it justice. Sadly, after the initial shock, I came to see some of the flaws in her. It seems I have really high expectations from Alter haha.

I have a couple of complaints about the hair. She has a couple of little extensions or something that seem to be kinda just be stuck on. It seems like they could have a better job to seamlessly integrate them. There's also a big seam line between her fringe and the rest of the hair which is a bit unsightly. And finally, she has a piece of hair on the right side of her bangs that is separated from the rest, this is very delicate, I almost tore the poor thing off.

Shading and sculpting on the hair is great however. It flows down and to the side with really nice movement. Alter figures usually have really nice hair and I can see where they were going with Fate, it just seems like they could have done a better job.

Her back has a really nice amount of detail.  you can see the grooves left by the muscles along all of her back aswell as the butt-cheek one,s peeking out slightly out of the top of the bikini. You'll also notice how the swimsuit slightly digs into her at both the bikini  top's string and the bottom's. You rarely get to see her back because of all the hair, but both are really nice.

This shot reminds me that in the original Illustration these figures are based off, fate was supposed to be bending down on a wall with her butt up in the air. I guess that pose would be a bit awkward for a figure. This photo and the one bellow were edited by Chag from Hobby Hovel.

This is the first time I shoot in RAW format, in direct sunlight and using a flash to do fill lighting. It was a big learning experience since I'm usually in a more controlled environment haha. First time I use editing software to tweak my pics as well, it works out much better with the RAW file! Jeez, Fate has great legs.

Her base is pretty simple but I think it works very well. No issues getting her on and off the base.

Those look kind of uncomfortable for the beach. Who cares! They're sexy and stylish!

This picture was taken by a friend I was with, this post seems to have a lot of collaboration heh. Anyway You can see the meticulous paint work along with some dust, I don't think you're meant to go this close.

A bit of the detail in the side ties.

She comes with the jacket from the illustration in one hand. I just noticed it's sleeveless.

Picture by my friend. Her stomach is not completely flat, she has a but of curves there as well I think is very nice and gives her a more womanly feel. You can see how the swimsuit floats a bit between her abs and her pelvic bones, and how it digs a bit into her, great moe points! You can also see how her left hand is actually fused with her hip, I don't really like that.

Navel fan service. Oh and the sunglasses are transparent.

Pic by my friend and if it seems like I picked the most perverted shots to borrow from him, you'd be right. You can see some really nice curves of the bust in this one, as well as a bit of her perkiness.

I took this shot for 2 purposes. To show that her boobs kind of overflow from the cups of the top (from both sides), and to pander to the armpit fetishist.

The top straps are slightly thicker than I would expect. Also nice cleavage in this one.

The good

  • Sculpt and shading are top-notch
  • Expression of face and body is great
  • Lots of fetish points
  • The big scale helps to appreciated the sculpting of the sexy body

The bad

  • Assembly quality a bit shoddy, especially because of a big seam line on her hair and extensions
  • Swimsuit is overpainted in some areas but it's almost negligible
  • I would have liked if her eyes were a bit more vivid

Who should buy this?

I'd recommend her to Fate fans for sure. She gives off an  aesthetic demeanor so if you're into that you'd probably like her. If you're a fan of blondes she's great if you can ignore the flaws.


Overall I'm pretty satisfied with Fate. I get the feeling that Alter was slacking off with her but the end product is pretty good but not perfect and she's probably my favorite rendition of grown-up fate.

Till next time~