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Tiger & Bunny - the movie the 1st

This city has a cancer, the cancer is crime. For years a single sentinel has stood against it.

Heroes! Champions of justice that protect the innocent and weak!!! Champions of sponsors big and small!!!

This summer, an unlikely combination...

... a hot blooded veteran hero, a rookie hero with a cynical view on life...

... will be forced to put aside their differences...

... and become the greatest hero combination of all time!

Faced with different views, their sense of justice will be tested!

BUT THEN! An unexpected twist! A murder of a high ranking official! The prime suspect...

... a hero, in the wrong place at the wrong time. An innocent man, framed for a murder he did not commit.

Forced to battle against his former crime fighting comrades.

The bond between partners stretched and tested to the limits.

So, recently I listened to a podcast about Tiger & Bunny and I thought, hey this sounds interesting. So after getting over the yaoi bait stuff and my extreme weariness of anything western mainstream anime fans like, I watched the show. I liked it, quite a bit, I loved how it plays with the usual super heroes tropes both in how they are applied and subverted. My only complaints are the two hanging plots that were Lunatic and ouroboros.  I hope the movie and other stuff takes care of that.

Then, I bought the Tiger & Bunny figuarts and this idea happened.

One last thing, to the person who complained that I hadn't done a silly thing like this in a while, I hope you are happy now.