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Rorona by MegaHouse - Did you use alchemy to make your breasts bigger?

Hey all, for today's entry we'll be looking at Arland's most clumsy talented loved well-known Alchemist.

Figure Info

Character Name
Rororina Fryxell (Rorona for short)
Rorolina Fryxell (I've seen it spelled both ways)
Atelier Rorona (PS3 game)
Kishida Mel (Artist)
6,200 JPY
Where I got her

Rorona is the apprentice of a great alchemist that is suddenly found fighting for her right to keep her alchemy shop thanks to the kingdom's internal politics and a lazy master. However, as great as her teacher is she never actually taught Rorona any alchemy so she is left to fend for herself and try to not get shut down.

Rorona's character is that of a very clumsy, cheery girl who people can't help to bully have fun with. However as time passes she starts to become a bit more like her master, a bit perverted, but it's ok because they're all girls!

Rorona's also a bit dense, many times has she hurt others by calling townsfolk old or bald with no evil intentions at all.

The people in Rorona's world dress rather normally, perhaps a bit formal. Rorona's way of dress is actually a bit extravagant by those standards. Why does she wear such ridiculous dress? Why that's how all alchemist dress of course! Or so her master told her. Also Kishida Mel is the main character designer of the game so you get a very fluffy-fluffy feeling from the designs. I've yet to see a figure emulate the feel of his designs, I hope to someday get one.

Hats off! Though Rorona doesn't die if hatless, she does lose a lot of Identity without it. I present thee brown-hair, blue-eyed girl A.

You can take off her cape to reveal a lot of her neckline. Personally I think she looks a but more sophisticated this way, like a more mature and refined Rorona.

And of course you can take it all off, but I like her more with hats on.

Details on her are all pretty good. The translucent orb things she carries are particularly well made.

I don't remember this bag from the game. It has some scratches and bruises apparently, since I didn't notice them as I was taking the photos.

Detail on the boots is pretty nice, specifically the folds give the feeling of softness. Her hat has a mechanical feather or something on it, must be an alchemy thing. The base is actually pretty nice and simple, clear plastic with a simple pattern on it.

Alchemy Staff, the first staff you get in the game. I'm not sure what the flask are supposed to do. Knowing the Atelier universe you just stir the alchemy pot with it and the flask are just decoration.

One of the things that really surprised me about this figure is that she has tremendous legs! Meaty, plump, soft-looking legs. In the games she's supposed to be somewhat young, but this figure makes her look a bit older, curvy and womanly. This clashes a bit Rorona's character, but I like to imagine that this is just 20-something year old Rorona cosplaying her old cutesy self trying to feel young again, only to look erotic by her overflowing sexiness. By the way here's what she looks like as older Rorona, I quite like her longer hair.

Her thighs are particularly plump, this coupled with the dimples on the back of her knees, give her a very healthy look.

Her buttocks actually have great detail in the sculpting so i had to take a pic to show the splendor. Unlike many other figures, it's not all that easy to get a panty-shot from Rorona.

To accompany her great legs comes a great bust. She's also much more modest sized in the game and designs, which contributes to my whole old-maid Rorona image. I'm not complaining, looks very good on her. The pendant she has just servers to put emphasis on her great rack. The pendant is pretty rough with a very noticeable seam lime in the middle, and there's some overflowing of glue on the strap. This is my biggest complain of the figure, probably because it detracts form an otherwise perfect bosom.

Because of the translucent materials I just had to take a photo like this.

The good

  • Great sculpt with very sexy legs and bosom
  • Good detail and overall pretty clean figure
  • Costume is pure fetish fuel
  • Various cast off options that don't look unnatural

The bad

  • Though overall clean, big mess on her chest pendant
  • Her design is not quite as happy and fluffy as Kishida Mel's
  • Her head is tilted downwards which gives her a somewhat sad feel

The extra

  • She's actually somewhat big for a 1/8th scale figure.

Who should buy this?

I'd say she's a pretty safe bet if anyone is thinking of buying her. She's not the most impressive figure but she delivers in quality and sex appeal. If you're a fan of Rorona or if you just think she's cute I'd recommend on getting her. There were still some left on Amiami at the time of writing this too!


Till next time~