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Alter's Takamachi Nanoha Summer Holiday ver. - I love me some swimsuit white devil!!!

Don't you love it? When a character you love gets a figure wearing something you really like and in an appealing pose?

I sure do, that's why I was thrilled to bits when Alter showcased the unpainted version of this beauty at a figure event. I mean, my favorite character, from my favorite manufacturer is always a welcomed surprise.

This figure is based on an illustration featuring the happy Takamachi household enjoying a nice summer holiday thus the name of the figure. Alter has shown off the accompanying Fate, although with a different pose and will probably also release Vivio to complete the set.

A bit glad Exilehero is taking care of buying Fate and we'll see what happens if there is a Vivio figure. Yup, more money to throw at Alter for Nanoha figures.

I shouldn't be surprised since Alter sure loves milking the hell out of the Nanoha series.

Well, in my opinion that's a really good thing, after all Nanoha is the one character I love to bits so more of her is always welcomed.

As such I own more than one Nanoha figure, I own five scaled figures of her, two figmas and a dollfie.

Sadly, I been really bad at doing photo shoots for them. You wouldn't really know I'm into Nanoha so much from looking at this blog. So far I done GSC's Instructor Uniform ver. and Alter's School Uniform ver. leaving Alter's Exceed Mode and Stan By Ready Nanoha without being photographed.

At the very least I used the loli Nanoha figma for an idea I felt really happy with and I did snap a few things with her dollfie version.

I never did shoot those two Nanohas because of their size, at 1/7th they were too big for my little studio. In addition to that, Exceed Nanoha's Bits and Stand By Ready's Nanoha base made them too large to keep in frame properly.

I'm not so sure about Exceed Nanoha since she is a bit damaged but I do want to take pictures of the Stand By version for sure. After all now that I suffer little embarrassment when taking pictures outside in public that could solve the aforementioned problems.

While I love Nanoha, I don't really go about buying every single figure ever by any manufacturer. I am selective, after all I want only the best renditions that can be offered so just getting every figure is no good.

This is one reason Alter is at the top of my list of manufactures, they make a lot of Nanoha figures and so far I have zero complaints about any of them.  I think now it comes down to almost blindingly buying Alter Nanoha figures.

As for the rest of the manufacturers, I have to think about it for a bit even more so when I have yet to get anything from them.

Later this year I will go give Gift my second go when they release their giant 1/4th loli Nanoha swimsuit figure. I'm also waiting to see a colored version of FREEing's Nanoha featuring in her Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force manga iteration.

There is one other figure that I been keeping my eye on. The awesomely and fittingly named Zenryoku Zenkai version from Kotobukiya. I just love that name, best Nanoha phrase ever, plus I love how her barrier jacket is all torn and scorched. Heck, I went crazy when I saw even the hair ribbons included show battle damage.

Reminds me a lot of how Nanoha looked all beaten up, bloodied and tattered in the rendition of her battle with Fate in the manga adaptation of the movie.

Koto's Nanoha in reminds me so much of the idea of her white devil persona that arose from the fandom.

I must say I love the idea of a nice mild mannered magical girl beating people into submission so she they will listen to her and allow her to help. A much appreciated far cry from my experiences with magical girls up until the point I watched the first series.

Up until then all the magical girl shows I seen came down to using the power of love and friendship to solve all discords, to become friends, to save the world and beat the bad guys.

This is why Nanoha struck me as interesting. She uses force to solve things, stubborn people who don't want to listen? Let's see if they will have a word after they been blasted to oblivion with a Divine Buster. Don't want her help to solve your problems dark magical girl? Oh didn't notice too busy going for a TKO with a Starlight Breaker.

After all, Nanoha is the one who gave a special meaning to word befriend.

Another thing that I found interesting was how Nanoha was not infallible. She got taken out by Fate the first time they first met with little trouble and I will never forget how she was overwhelmed by Vita at the start of A's.

It's nice how she gets payback, let's see how well you fare taking the finishing move head on Fate. You think you are a at a safe distance Vita? Sorry not far enough. Nanoha sure comes back with a vengeance.

Now, enough ranting about Nanoha. Let's get to the meat of the matter here, I want to talk about why I like this figure.

Adult Nanoha has something that I find a bit rare, a nice curvy but modest body. I really like her bosom, it's not ridiculously big which is a turn off for me, but a nice size that falls in the middle. This swimsuit makes a nice showcase of that, I like the nice cleavage it gives her while still being reasonable.

Take a look at her hip, do you see how the swimsuit digs into them? It's not a, this swimsuit is a few sizes too small, digging in either. It's a nice natural showcase of how a normal girl has a bit of fat here and there even if they have a slim body. I really like nice details like that.

Ditto for her thighs, they have a nice volume to them. A little plumpness is nice here and there after all, at least for me it is.

Nanoha sure has nice long legs. I'm pretty sure everyone likes nice slim legs on a girl right?

Oddly enough, Nanoha always keeps them covered since she wears long dresses as part of her barrier jacket. Although StrikerS does give you a nice look at them with the mini skirt uniforms and zettai ryouki she wears.

I'm quite happy with the sculpting of this figure, it makes Nanoha justice in all her attractiveness.

There is one issue though, I was bothered so much by it that I did not even considered taking a picture.

Yup, it's the nice flat butt that Alter made so Nanoha could sit nicely in her base. So bothersome since their resent Selvaria takes the opposite approach, the base conforms to her behind not the other way around.

I like the changes that were done to Nanoha's pose, I think adds a bit more dynamism to the figure. The way she holds her arm against her hair really does a lot for me, I can definitely imagine the sea side breeze.

Painting is for all intents perfect.

I don't think I ever had any issues at all with any Alter figures even though I own so many of them. Just for being mass produce goods there should be something off here and there, if only everyone was as good with their quality control as Alter.

I think this might just be my favorite swimsuit figure in my collection. Mind you, I don't particularly have a lot of them in my collection.

This statement makes me a bit uneasy though. For the longest time I personally claimed Alter's swimsuit Kos-Mos as my favorite figure but if I like this more as a swimsuit figure than my favorite where does this leave me?

This figure makes me happy, lately Alter has really been tickling my fancy with their figures.

I think that this Nanoha and their earlier Aigis are my favorite scaled figures so far this year. Then again I don't buy that many figures from the other manufacturers besides figmas from Max Factory.

Anyways, this figure is great, buy it if you like swimsuits, Nanoha or Alter.

I didn't see many people talk about this figure, only seen a few pictures on MFC and one review which is quite a shame. Good thing I went and rectified that by taking these pictures and making this post. :)


One last thing I want to mention. Right now there is a giveaway taking place where the prizes are nendos, if you are into that take a look at the giveaway post, you got until July 13th to participate.