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Queen's Blade and Tentacle Monsters

Hey everyone. This is a short story of Annelotte from Queen's Blade Rebellion. Technically no actual tentacle rape occurs but this is still probably NSFW.

So I've been wanting an Annelotte for the longest time now. Ever since I saw some of her pictures on My Figure Collection I wanted one for the whole purpose of putting her in fun situations.

One of the best things about Annelotte is the wide variety of tease faces she has. Not only does she have beautiful eyes and lips, but they're really fitting for awkward situations such as this. Also, this has to be the lewdest thing I've ever photographed. One more thing, if you put that on your sword you can beat the Maneaters more easily!

I also recently got Guts Figma from Berserk! It's really detailed!

Not sure if you guys are familiar with Berserk, but this is what Guts usually does, he sweeps in to save people. That or he's being horribly treated by the universe.

I'm not sure what a tentacle monster sounds like when it's agonizing in pain. I took my best guess.

Gut's cape is a pain to work with, it keeps getting in the way and won't do the woosh woosh that I want. Oh and even though Guts mentions it, don't pay any attention to the disappearing forest.

What could possibly go wrong?

Of course it wouldn't be Queen's Blade without clothes damage!

Incidentally, Annelotte's default hands are pretty disapointing, they look like she has boneitis or something. However in this pic you can see, if you take a moment to look away form the breasts, that regular Figma hands work quite well with her. Though most my Figmas are midgets with smaller hands so I coudn't use those..

All in all Annelotte is very cute, sexy and exploitable and Guts is awesome.