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A loli with a gun - Good Smile Company's Henrietta

Alright, people keep arriving to the blog by searching for loli so here you go.

Today we'll take a look at one of my grail figures, Good Smile Company's Henrietta from Gunslingir Girl.

This Henrietta is a re-release that GSC graciously did last year in late September. The figure originally was released all the way back in 2006.

Henrietta comes from the anime and manga Gunslinger Girl.

You can catch a bit of it on YouTube courtesy of Funimation. The show is readily available on streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix and ridicolously cheap to obtain on Blu Ray and DVD. At the very least this applies to the US, can't speak for other countries.

Gunslinger Girl was one the shows that I watched after I started to actively seek out anime when I entered college. As such it made a big impact with it's rather serious portrayal of lolis, the relationships with their handlers, each other and their emotional development.

A far cry from the usual anime and manga nowadays isn't it?

I mentioned Henrietta was one of my grail figures.

She is part of a group made up of GSC's Instructor Nanoha, Max Factory's Flame Haze Shana and Sawatori Makoto and Alter's Kos-Mos V4. Kos-Mos is rather easy to acquire if I'm willing to drop the money but Makoto is another story, any one willing to part with theirs?

It is for that reason though that GSC simply doing a re-release of Henrietta makes me so happy, so much easier than dealing with second hand markets.

As an older figure Henrietta is rather simple nothing like the marvels we see today. Even then she is filled with nice details here and there such as her handgun or the violin case she carries containing the popular P90.

Henrietta has rather stubby proportions making her appear very child like. I think that this only makes her look really adorable.

It's been so long since I wanted this figure that I do not particularly remember why I wanted it in the first place. I end up thinking the same of my other grail figures for that matter.

I can say though, every time I look at her I get this feeling telling me: yes, I really like her.

I totally neglected to take more pictures of the base so this is all you get. Rather simple with three pegs, although worrisome I had to forcibly bend her right leg so it could go into the peg.

I think the face the looks the part, so I'm happy with the looks, although the style of the figure is a bit different from the anime.

Quite saddened I got some paint chipping going on with Henrietta's head on her fringe and hair band. Not entirely sure if it came like that or it was me who caused it, can't remember.

GSC also recently released a figure of Triela from Gunslinger Girl, I wonder if that had anything to do with the re-release of Henrietta. If it does makes me quite happy it let to this release.

Nothing much to say other than, I'm so happy to have Henrietta in my possession.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention.

Taking pictures outside is tiring, concrete is hard, and you can scare family members by randomly sprawling in front of your house to take said pictures.

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