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Why We Blog - The Art of Attention-Whoring


Lately I've been thinking about why people, including myself, post things on the Internet. Sometimes it's very obvious to me, and I intuitively know why I do it without resorting to explanations. Other time I have a hard time coming up with an answer to that question. In this post I will tell you a little more about why I blog, and hope that you share your own opinions and motivations. Also, if you found the title offensive, it was on purpose. I want to get an emotional response on this subject to encourage you to post a thought or comment.

Screaming for attention is a bad thing

Attention whores are bad right? I don't want to be such a shallow person that I need to scream for the acknowledgment from random people on the Internet. People who are really eager to get my attention don’t sit very well with me for many reasons. I was more than a little unsettled when I came upon the possibility that I have become the very thing I dislike!

Is blogging nothing more than attention-whoring?

In a blog you create content of your choice and then you publish it on the Internet for everyone to see. Now we could clearly produce the content and be done with it. Maybe share it with friends and family,  hope to hear their opinion but we go up to the Internet and show it to the entire world! This leaves me with the feeling that we are seeking attention from as many people as possible. So I came to the conclusion that as bloggers, we want some sort of acknowledgement that we exist! We want people to look at our content, for them to comment, for them to praise us. As a my dear friend Chag put it when I went to him with concerns that I was being nothing more than an attention-whore:

Let me tell you something: blogging IS attention-whoring

Blogging is MORE than attention-whoring

But of course, there's more to it than that! At least I want to believe so if I want to keep a bit of my dignity. After I calmed down a bit I started thinking about all the reasons why I blog and after a lot of deliberation I came up with a simple awnser:

We blog because we love what we're blogging about! I love anime, I love games, I love photography, I love making silly comics.  There's so much love that that is swells up within my chest and I want to scream it with the world! And I want the world to scream back. “I love that too!”.

A more concrete answer

I’m satisfied with my answer. However there’s even more to it than such a fluffy and vague reason. There’s also concrete and tangible reasons that back up that idealistic vision. Here are mine:

Take photos

I like photography. I’ve liked it for a long time now. I started to blog because I wanted to get better at taking photos and I wanted to do something with the photos I shot. I really wasn’t thinking of any other reasons to blog. I just wanted to take more photos and figures made the perfect subjects since I like the origins of them to begin with.

Share your opinions and hear other's

I want to hear what people say about something I like or something or dislike. I want to find people that agree and disagree with what I have to say. I don’t know why I want this, it’s probably some sort of human nature thing I don’t really get. I know that when I go to the Internet I seek this sort of thing, and with a blog I get to meet a lot of people that have something to say about the things I’m interested in. Which leads directly to...

Meet new people with similar interests

When I fist started blogging I wanted to force myself to talk to people. It’s not that I’m not good at making friends but I tend to just not bother. I wanted to remedy this but I found it hard to find people that I could relate to. Even among those people who watch anime I find it hard to relate. Maybe it’s the differences in opinions, tastes or age that make it hard. Whatever the reason, I found it hard to meet people who I could talk to about the things I like. While blogging I found people that I tend to like more often than not. Even now I keep meeting new people that are interesting. In a way, blogging opened the doors to social media for me. I find myself using twitter a lot more nowadays because I want to know more about what’s happening with these people I met.

To spread the word of stuff I like

I like unpopular stuff. No wait let me rephrase that. I like stuff that is really popular in Japan but not so much in the west. Why Precure and Touhou are kinda scarce over here is beyond me. I also like Milky Holmes, which is not as popular in Japan but in comparison the fandom here is nonexistant. I like all sorts of stuff that people don’t watch or read.  I want to let people know just how awesome Precure can be. How stupid and entretaining Milky Holmes is. I want to spread the word of all this stuff I like to hopefully make more people love the stuff I love.


Perhaps I DO want people's attention and want to be Internet famous and have a lot of people worship me. Hell maybe make a million bucks while I'm at it. I think I’ve come to accept that I really do want some sort of attention from people as everyone does. Hell just look at my title, I intentionally made it so that it would get people’s attention. Attention is not a bad thing in itself. I just seem to have had a bad image of it. And can you blame me? There’s some really messed up crap out there on the Internet.

I’m sure there’s a lot of reasons I haven’t touched, but for now I’m happy with what I’ve shared. There’s also a lot of reasons that I don’t have that you might have for blogging and I would love to hear so. And finnaly I hope the tittle didn’t piss you off too much, since I essentially called all bloggers attention-whores hahha.


And you? Why do you blog? I would really like to hear so. Therefore I would like to extend an invitation to all willing bloggers to write an entry sharing a little about why you blog. If an actual post is asking too much a comment will do too! I'm just curious to see what motivates other people to blog.


Since I still want to meet new people and make friends with them. Here’s my twitter. I’m also on My Figure Collection, Deviantart, and Flickr.

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One last thing I’ll ask of you, pop in a comment right bellow here. Even if you’’re new to this site or new commenting, It’s fine I want to meet you!