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Griffon Marisa Kirisame - My god, it's made of stars!

WAHAHA Ze~ Today we'll be looking at an ordinary magician - Marisa Kirisame, by Griffon. Marisa is form Touhou which is some anime or something.


Here's some music for you to listen to while reading the post! It's an arangement of Magus Night, Marisa's latest boss theme.

She's a pretty old figure but I got the December re-release. She's from Griffon, of which I haven't heard many good things. I wanted to see for myself how they were though, since they do a lot of other Touhou figures that I might be interested in getting.

I really like how her face came out. She has a really cute expression with her beautiful eyes and cheerful smile. She also has a bit of blush on her but it's a little hard to distinguish. Very very cute, I started to fall in love as I reviewed the photos ahaha. You could say she stole my heart.

She comes with a broom which is essential for a magician.

The hat is removable. But you shouldn't do that, if you take away the hat from a Touhou she will die. She's also hard to recognize without her hat. The hair is literally a little rough around the edges but nothing major for me. Also, the braid is on the wrong side!

Her hair has many strands which is pretty. There there's a seam line on the  left in the middle of the hair, nothing too bad.

Bow and left arm detail.

There's something off about the white parts of the whole figure It's like it's a little dirty, it has like a light shade on it or something. That's probably my main complaint. Maybe they were trying to go for a more textured look but it just looks dirty to me. You can see it here in the braid's bow. But it's fine since the rest of the figure looks great to me. Especially her face.

Shoes! Miette was disappointed that she wasn't wearing "Mary Janes", whatever that is. Some sort of pot shoe?

The base has a little plaque which is a bitch to photograph without it being glary.

Like any good Touhou girl Marisa comes with bloomers for underwear. Bloomer-shots are a bit less appealing than panty-shots I'm afraid, just the tiniest bit though.

You can take off the broom.

Which leaves a hole in her right hand.

Marisa has a rather large hat.

"You feeling lucky, Ze~?"

I dub this one "Unlimited Stellar Works". Shrine maiden, do you have enough spell cards?! Ze~

"Argh, too many stars now!" It's not nice to boast.

I wanted to experiment a little with "Bokeh" so I bought some Christmas lights.

Made a little start shaped filter. It covers most of the image but I like how the lights get morphed.

Marisa is very cute. The end Ze~!