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FREEing Makoto Nanaya Figure - Stripperiffic and Squirrelicious

Hey all, this time I took photos of Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue. Incidentally, Google suggested "squirrelicious" when I was searching for squirrel related puns. I think it works quite well. I'm a big fan of BlazBlue (BB) from where she's from. I really wanted a BB figure but I didn't like Rachel's angry expression that much. Even if I like Rachel better overall. I'd almost say I got her so I could talk about BB. Also she's from FREEing, which is the same as my other figure and it's absolute coincidence I swear. For some reason FREEing tend to do characters I like. They have good taste.


Here's a little video of her in the game. She plays quite fast and a little mocking, it fits her character. BB was made by Ark System Works. Same people who made Guilty Gear among other things. BB is very flashy and smooth. It has really nice and Hi-res 2D sprites which is pretty different from all the newer fighting games, except the upcoming KOF13. Well enough about BlazBlue and how awesome it is. (Go play it)

As you can see she's quite curvy. I like the arc in the back that can be seen nicely in this shot. Also her tail is supposed to be very soft, but in the figure it's hard plastic...  I guess you can't have everything.

For this photo shoot I wanted to experiment a little more with the lighting. I took a lot a photos but I wasn't completely happy with any. And after a looking at videos online and looking at pictures at myfigurecollection.net I ended up with something like the first two shots which I was happy with... Except for the DUST! Damn you dirty boxes I used to set up the lamps!

So I never really frequented MFC.net that much until I started to do some research for the lighting. I discovered it's pretty neat, never used many of the features there. So I promptly created an Account so I could turn off the NSFW filter.

Absolute Territory!

The painting on this part of the figure is a little rough, and apparently you can force cast her off and she's anatomically correct. Though I don't think I'll be stripping her.

One of the tonfas or whatever the hell they are that she fights with. The shape is reminiscent of a cross because she's a soldier from "The Church" in the story. You can take them off.

Overall Makoto is very nicely sculpted. The only downside of her is that the painting is a bit lacking.

She has quite an outfit. See how many fetishes you can find. I can count at least 4.

Boots. She just thinks it's more practical to fight in something that is easy to move. If she was going for sexy she'd have high-heels on or something. Not that I'm complaining.

I read an excerpt of the BlazBlue manga where she had supposedly lost her panties. She said that because of her tail they become loose and she doesn't notice when they fall off. But it was not the case with this figure apparently.

Miette liked this one so I included it. "Yes I know I'm busty, look at them!" Her head can turn left to right and even a little up and down. Gives her a little more personality.


And that's it boys and girls. I really enjoyed playing with a curvy figure like this. I really wanted to experiment with different types of lighting to emphasize the her shapeliness but I ended up with a lot of other types of photos. I would like to try shooting another sexy figure, we'll see what happened. Also, BlazBlue is awesome!


Next time... More Iroman and Danbo!