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BRB going to Canada

So right now, we are in Japanada Canada.

Last weekend we made a trip to Canada for serious business.

We get to spend a lovely amount of time here in Canada. There is still another seven weeks or so left of our stay.

On the top of mine and exilehero's agenda was meeting up with local celebrity Chag.

Here you can see his arm in the background.

Chag is a fun person, I found it highly amusing when he visibly looked uncomfortable when we took out the figures and starting snapping pictures.

Chag does have some issues with outside figure photography after all.

We had a quick bite to eat at a place called the Loose Moose before heading to our main attraction.

Our destination was the main attraction in Toronto the CN tower.

Once more were me and exilehero amused by Chag's behavior. He might not have voiced it but I'm pretty sure he was thinking something along the lines of:

I can't believe these people are taking pictures of figures out in the open.

When we got to the top it was already dark, we did get a nice view of Toronto illuminated by the city lights and traffic.

The CN tower is not too bad for the price, other big city attractions elsewhere are way more expensive for less.

It was a fun hanging out with Chag, it felt like we had known him forever and were just meeting up.

Fun memories of our trip to Canada, such a this picture of Chag's defeat by DDR will forever stay with us.

I look forward to meeting up with Chag again in the upcoming seven weeks as well as anyone else that pops out and wants to hang out.