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Yotsuba & wait... that's not Cthulhu!

So this is my attempt on butchering parodying Lovecraft. I take some nice lines from the text itself. Just a warning though, it's kinda long.  It's supposed to be quirky so don't take it too seriously. Oh and Miette helped with the SFXs, thanks Miette!

The most merciful thing in the world, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. For if we would be able to do so, we would go mad form the revelation, or flee into darkness.

My knowledge of the thing began last summer. My late uncle left behind a record of events that I would not believe if I had not verified myself. Along with the files there was a small idol which strange unintelligible carvings.

Ultimately his diary lead him in search of an unmapped island, south of Australia.

 However in the end his efforts proved fruitless. "The stars were not right" he wrote.

Perhaps it was stubbornness, or an over glorified sense of adventure that lead me to retrace the steps of my late uncle.

After a week at sea a storm engulfed our vessel without warning. Weather forecasts proved useless.

The storm took half the crew with it and left the ship to the sea's mercy. We drifted for a week before the ship's engineer got the engine back and running. Just as we were losing hope one of the crewmembers spotted a small piece of land. We headed there, unknowing of the horrors that awaited us.

The coastline was covered with mud, ooze and weedy ruins.

There was no sign of life except for the otherworldly architecture of the ruins in the center of the island. The ruins had no definite structure or building. They were made from some quaint material that I had never come across before.

In the middle of the ruins laid a huge door with some strange carvings. I was determined to open it. I wedged a stick all around the massive structure until it was free.

The old god appeared.

The thing cannot be described - there is no langue for such abysm of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force and cosmic order.

Of the remaining crew some fell victims of her before anyone could react.

I ran. I ran enduring the blood curdling wails and screams of the crew being massacred. I reached the vessel and engaged the propellers to maximum power. Even on open sea she still perused.

She appeared in front of the ship, and rather than turn away I decided to fight straight on. I aimed for her center and braced for impact.

She had been wounded, however...

She began to form back again.

After seeing the futility of fighting I fled to the bowels of the ship. I held the idol tight and after a while I lost consciousness.

I apparently drifted for a week before anyone knew anything of me. I don't recall anything after meeting her. I was the only survivor. I do not think my life will be long. As my uncle went, and the crew went, I know too much and she still lives.